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It’s good to be back- this post and the several following won’t align what I’ve done previously, but that’s because Hee Hyun is away in Korea for the summer. Let me update you: It’s been five months and I’ve yet to pick up an agency in NY- I’m also no longer with Wilhelmina LA – the details of which stem from my passionate pursuit to model in this city. I’ve also cut my hair – actually, 30 minutes before this shoot, Dana cut my hair on set, but that’s not the cut I’m referring to – I’ve CUT my hair; I’ll show you how it looks later posts.

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I came to the Bonobos studio on Sunday, April 13th excited to shoot an editorial - although these images never got published, I’m able to use them for my book; bone structure and a striped tee can accentuate any black & white photo.

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Late April, I picked up two part time jobs. I cater waiter for events in the city and I became a sales associate at a jewelry boutique called Miansai in Soho. Both are new experiences for me; in fact, I’ve never held any job only because I was never allowed to work legally- hence, when the opportunity came, I decided to approach agencies instead of HR. But here in NY, it’s a different story- the path to success isn’t born out of entitlement; it’s established in halt of desires and momentum of hard work.


When I first started these jobs, I was working around 40 hours a week; cater waitering is seasonal – Summer is lemonade compared to Spring & Fall. I work retail Wednesday, Friday, and Saturdays or I can plan any schedule I want but it’s worked out so far.

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When I’m not working, I’m either posing for pictures or lifting weights or playing basketball. I’m also involved with settling down at a new church community as well as meeting new friends.

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Life is tough, but I’d have it no other way. Life has many beliefs, but I’ll only stand for the truth. Life is good, so be great. I’m working at it.

Special thanks to Kerri & Andrew for styling mostly with Bonobos, Dana for hair, Matt for photo assisting, and of course Ryan for shooting.

Thank you for following and supporting the Sage! 

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