Week in Photos: Seoul

Gwang Hwa Mun where King Se-jong and General Yi Sun-Sin proudly stand.

It’s become a norm to spot tourists in Seoul nowadays which wasn’t the case back in the days.

Pretty sure these are chrysanthemums used for tea. So pretty.
Cheonggyecheon (청계천). Last time I was here it was snowing so much I could barely see. It’s covered with colorful flowers and greens right now.
Having four distinct seasons is a beautiful thing.

While I’m a fan of spicy red food, I also love my clear soup and this one we had in Itaewon was one of the best I’ve had: Bean Sprout & Clam Soup (served for free before main dish as an appetizer).

LA people know that we have School Food in Ktown as well but the one in Korea is on a different level. oh wow.
Typical snacking dish (?) not sure what else to call it. It’s called Boon Shik (분식) in Korean which consists of spicy rice cake (one above came with mozzarella cheese), deep fried dumpling (Chinese-Korean style), and Soondae (won’t get into details for your safety). Maybe it’s more of a comfort food since its function is more similar to that of fried chicken and pizza in the states, if you know what I mean.
I’m seeing this type of interior more and more here in Seoul; it definitely adds character and I guess credibility (as all the biz cards and memos leave an impression that it’s a popular place).
I had dduk bok ki (spicy rice cake) almost every day of the week last week and this one has to be the best one by far. Loved how long and soft the rice cake was and that they added huge clams, shrimps and such. Beautiful.
Some egg rolls to balance out the spiciness.
at some random concept shop in Apgujung Rodeo, actually it’s called Boy+. Thanks to the rude sales rep, I’m never going back there.
Burger called “Ambulance” at some burger joint in Itaewon. Almost had to call one indeed, just look at all the cholesterol and oil..
Another great thing about Seoul: you can find these waffle desserts practically everywhere! so yummy

As much as I’m not a fan of sit-and-eat-on-floor-type restaurants, this one was actually quite nice, reminiscent of the historical dramas airing on TV.
In an emergency room waiting for our Canon 5D Mark III. So glad it’s back!

The best smelling thing I’ve ever come across: Scents by Creed. My first encounter with them was back in New York at Bergdorf Goodman many years ago. Despite being a favorite, I still cannot convince myself to shell out hundreds of dollars just for one tiny bottle of something that instantly disappears into the air.
Steamed chicken. So good although the only thing I eat is the noodles.

When I was still on a hunt for the best shaved ice in Seoul. This one wasn’t so bad. Miss Lee Cafe in Dae Hak Ro.

Can’t remember if it was apple or pear but very unique cheesecake at FIKA Swedish Coffee Break in Apgujung. It was so rich it almost tasted like goat cheese. Delicious.

An-Dong style noodles. You eat it with side dishes that are served along with it.

Tarte at cafe Avec Nous in Hong Dae which is famous for their tarte (obviously).
Muk Shi Don Na Dduk Bok Ki (Spicy Rice Cake, again, I know). This one’s a little different in that you get to cook it on the table. Another really good one.

Lots of dduk bok ki (popular spicy rice cake dish) and sweets. That pretty much sums up my week in this dynamic city that I’ve fallen in love with.

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  1. June 7, 2012 at 10:32 am

    Ahhh Karen you have made me really hungry right now. All this food looks incredible! I so wish there was good Korean food where I live. I love the shot of the stream, love how it’s been incorporated into the city’s architecture…it’s so pretty!

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