Versatility is a Virtue



I had been looking for a scarf that is large enough and square enough to be worn. Yes, not to be tied around the neck or worn on head as a turban as I have in the past but worn like a top… or a dress, even. Despite the countless number of Youtube videos (which is almost looking excessive at this point) on “Scarf how to’s,” I’ve found it rather difficult to come across one that’s not long and rectangle, or one that barely covers my chest… What I needed was one that’s kindly ginormous… and gorgeous.


and when I was about to give up, on that fateful spring day,

we met,



While undoubtedly among the most luxurious and unique pieces, leather pants can add “weight” to an outfit so I wanted the upper part of the look to give off a lighter (or even floaty) vibe, both physically and aesthetically, hence the scarf.

But even so, it took a while to come up with this particular way to wear it, as halter seemed to be the most logical option to balance out the look by showing some skin (lole) to offset the “heaviness” created by the material and delicate details of the pants.



The challenge was to find a way to make the center piece (which is also two layers of scarf corners) stay in place, and that’s when my necklace (that had sadly been neglected for almost little too long) came in handy.


Voila, there, I had my halter top to go perfectly with the army green leather pants.


I must say that while the sun in Seoul is nowhere close to the one in LA, the rays are still powerful enough for both minor and serious skin damage (which is why you see so many ladies aka ajummas in those RoboCop visors and arm protectors on the streets) but fortunately, this button down came to my rescue which was also soft and roomy to let some air in on this unusually warm spring day.

Just a side note: stopped by E-Mart (equivalent to Target in the States) today to pick up a pair of arm protectors… now on the lookout for RoboCop visors… hmm.. Thinking of doing an outfit post once the complete look is achieved… What do you think? haha


Leather pants, Graphic Print Scarf (worn as a top), Khaki Button-down Shirt with leather details, and Skeleton Clutch by Cres. E Dim. Hologram “Don’t Care” Heels by Jeffrey Campbell. Ray-Ban Aviators. Necklace from KM Play on Garosugil, Seoul.

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