Tokyo: Cause it’s super Kawaii!

Sorry about rather low quality photos (compared to the “nice” ones taken on our Canon).. just learned last night that we forgot to bring the connector thing to transfer photos from the camera. Bummer, but it is what it is… While I’m planning on doing a huge Tokyo post once I’m back in Seoul, meanwhile, thought I’d share a few photos I took with my iPhone because Tokyo is really that awesome.

Spent the day in Shinjuku and Omotesando today which are known for shopping. Besides the fact that I almost died of heat stroke and my feet stopped being functional towards end of the day, it was a fun filled day doing everything touristy including endless people-watching sitting at Starbucks in Harajuku and all. Japanese surely love wearing hats, the heat doesn’t seem to bother them. And the men sport some sick hair styles here, my purple dip dye doesn’t even get noticed. and it’s really a mystery- I don’t know how the girls here walk in those crazy heels. Really.

The architecture is amazing in Tokyo. Wish I could take some home. Oh yeah, ran into my dream car today aka Prius in mint which obviously got me overly excited. I had never seen one in that color nor have I even heard of Toyota making it in that color so as a devout Prius lover and an ex-owner and mint being my favorite color, it only makes sense that I became all paparazzi on the car. Then the owner runs up to me saying something in Japanese. Caught off guard, I just stood there staring back at him. Then he goes, “Are you from China?” I was like, “I just like your car, and no, I’m from Korea.” I mean, technically, I’m not but I don’t know, it just came out that way because I do live in Korea now. Whatever, so I walked away but with this “dirty feeling,” I think because the way he looked at me and the “Chinese” question just seemed so inappropriate and just off in general. Why does it matter where I’m from? It felt so dirty I immediately removed all the photos of the car from my phone. So yeah, that’s the reason why I just wrote an entire paragraph about something that which I spent a good ten minutes getting excited over, with no pictures to prove that I actually did see it or it actually exists. Man, I’m such an alien.

Japan trip wouldn’t be complete without food, of course. Was craving sushi so walked into this “Standing Sushi” place near our hotel in Ikkebukuro. I had read on the internet that’s where you can find reasonably priced sushi (since there are no seats) and surprisingly, it was really really delicious and cheap! We had our usual including yellow tail, live shrimp, toro, tuna, and so on plus chef’s special summer fish set, as well as miso soup with a live shrimp head in it (I know sounds cruel but that’s how fresh it was) and the total for both of us came out to what we used to pay PER person in the States. The quality was great, oh and can’t forget the do-it-yourself, all-you-can-drink green tea for free. Going to miss this incredibly. Sushi isn’t as easily accessible in Seoul.

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  4 comments for “Tokyo: Cause it’s super Kawaii!

  1. jacqueline
    August 8, 2012 at 2:07 pm

    nice!! i’m going to tokyo in november and your post is making me super excited!!
    please give me some recs when you get back! :)

  2. August 10, 2012 at 12:59 am

    Hi! Hope my latest post helped! Let me know if you have any questions! :)

  3. jacqueline
    August 10, 2012 at 1:14 pm

    yea! the food looks sooooooo good. esp ramen :)
    did you go to specific ramen places or are they all good?

  4. August 11, 2012 at 8:06 pm

    Wish I could give you the name of the restaurant (everything’s in Japanese, you will see when you visit) but I can tell you this: it was just a random place we walked in- we just made sure there were people in it, not tourists but locals. :)

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