The Urban Outfitter

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From the changing room to the flagship retail floor, I became the Urban Outfitter.

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Shoppers were spectating. “Urban Outfitters creates their look books with models in-stores.” Every discovery is “Brilliant!” – the two then clink their Guinness beers.

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From books to bags to a comfy spring outfit, I’m acing my modeling midterms.

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Finding a girl’s Adidas top from upstairs coupled with the men’s Koto shorts from downstairs, we have a pretty neat look.

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An urban outfitter shops at his playground.

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 P.S if anyone bought these shorts, can you return my headphones? Haha, I left it in the right pocket. Please and Thanks!

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Use what’s given. If it’s not meant to be there, it shouldn’t be there.

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Canned food was never a fresh idea- Urban, never has a rural idea.

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There are little pockets in this store which no man is allowed. I’m glad we got these shots off quickly.

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‘Wuthering Heights’ – an urban classic.

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Simple white tees flock to my eyes sooner than some complex tops. No need to be too dramatic when paired with leather shorts.

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Sometimes, I’m “too many mind”. Each block in life is the devil’s way of saying I’m not good enough, not worth anything – a failure and disappointment. When the ship is sinking evacuate from those thoughts and make them your building blocks.


Pink Skargorn girl’s #61 shirt, Moss colored Koto fleece sweatpants, Grey Herschel’s backpack

White Adidas girl’s top, Blue Motif Koto fleece shorts, Green Herschel’s backpack, Vans

Someone-track-that-hat, Camo Herschel’s backpack

Damaged Goods’ leather cut-off, Zanerobe vintage denim joggers

Guatemala made white shirt, Damaged Goods’ leather shorts, Vans

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Photography by Heehyun Oh

© 2014, Sejin. All rights reserved.

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