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Layered to perfection

Post December1

Colder temperature calls for more things to put on- although less really is more.


On a typical five-level Likert scale, I’m the one that sits on the “strongly agree” dot when the question is, “You consider the time spent putting on clothes one of the most unproductive daily activities.”

Having spent longer than necessary number of years in LA doesn’t help either, where layering is reserved for true fashionistas.

But as with many things that have changed over the years… Seoul has done it again, with the arrival of the dreaded winter. Yeah, you.


After about three winters of feeling like a lost cat, I’m finally feeling a bit more confident about going out without a padding jacket, one with which I reluctantly maintained a love and hate relationship for the longest time.

So it turns out it’s all in layering, and the material: wool and cashmere are going to be my best friends this season, let me tell you that much.

Just letting you know, these shots were taken before we got our first snow here, and it was feeling more like autumn then, hence the pants. Probably going to have to rely on baggy sweats and ugliest leggings for the next four months, and you probably won’t see me for a while here unless you are interested in seeing me in hibernation mode which isn’t the prettiest version of me.

Black coat, Grey vest, Cashmere sweater by Post December, Kareem Hi sneakers by Adidas, Socks by Cres. E DIM, Faux leather pants by Work Custom Jeans, Ray-ban aviators, Scarf by Sisley.

Photography by Hugo Lee

New York Fashion Week Fall 2014: Dennis Basso


Ever wonder what the wealthiest look like on an ordinary day? Well, I think it’s quite safe to say that this is basically what happens when you have all the riches of the world- introducing Dennis Basso F/W ’14.


While the rest of us hustle and jostle trying to figure out what will be hot and appealing in the coming season, Basso isn’t one to be swayed a bit, as he is known to masterfully remain faithful to his aesthetic values while staying away from anything outdated. Inspired by contemporary art, his latest collection is everything a girl with an exquisite taste has ever wanted, complete with fur and leather appearing in a facade only thought possible in imagination.

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New York Fashion Week Fall 2014: Reem Acra

1Known among celebrities and those discerning as the go-to designer for all things bridal and red carpet, Reem Acra epitomizes the glamour and luxury of a modern-day woman. This theme carried onto her new collection, which featured sumptuous, sometimes exotic materials adorned with lustrous embellishments and sequins. As with her previous collections, and predictably so, her strongest pieces were evening gowns, some of which were entirely covetable, stand-alone pieces. Ones that stood out however, were the ones shown during the finale featuring delicate baroque lace over iridescent inner layer which is sure to capture the heart of those seeking attention whether in private or public settings.

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Survival Recipe: just add a dash of Milano

It’s been a week since I’ve been in Seoul.

As if being lost in this city wasn’t bad enough, having to live out of a suitcase for over a month is actually quite painful. While it provides an opportunity to exercise creativity (and there probably is a room for further improvement which I voluntarily and gladly choose to ignore at this moment), my patience is wearing thin which is not a good sign when I’ve still got another two weeks until my shipment arrives from the states.

In the meantime, these new babies recently adopted from Italy shall keep me entertained (who, by the way, are not so new anymore, and if anything, they are more likely to “help me survive” at this point).

  • Suede Leather Fringed Clutch in my absolute favorite shade, Violet: Emilio Pucci
  • Tall Flat Leather Boots from a random boot shop in Milan that I exchanged with my five year old Converse who I actually ended up leaving in Rome
  • Husband’s thin, long-sleeved black cashmere sweater also from Milan (yes, we went a little crazy in this city known as “shopping heaven”, but to be honest, there wasn’t too much to do besides that anyway)
  • Black/White Leopard print dress: Miss Sixty (bought years ago in California)
  • Topshop over-the-knee-socks (aka OTK) which turned out to be unnecessary (every single item I put on tends to have a purpose, I rarely wear something just because it looks good). Because I walk so much here, I don’t get as cold as I think I would. Definitely wearing much less clothes starting tomorrow, not that I have much to choose from. *sad face*
  • Gray chunky almost-formless cardigan: Terranova in Milan (while I love the “Milano” feel this piece gives off, it makes life a bit more complicated by getting in the way of my performing daily routines such as fixing my hair and taking care of business. As you can see, it’s one piece, meaning all the body parts covered by it better be moving in perfect coordination, if you know what I mean.
  • And my good ol’ Ray-bans who have been my BFF for over five weeks or longer or whatever. When you wear something every single day for almost 5o days, no matter how wonderful it is, you sort of wish it disappeared… quietly… and permanently, so you can go, “Oops, I can’t find it anymore, time for a new one!” just kidding. What would I do without you, Ray? I would have 20 more wrinkles, 15 tiny little or huge freckles, and a blind eye (trying to brainwash myself) if you really did disappear.

Hoping I don’t go crazy over the next couple days. Really, truly missing my things. Please take care of your stuff while you can, will ya? I’m learning it the hard way!

Perhaps appropriate

for my injured foot

a good alternative to Uggs?

Where art thou, my Dr. Martens from the 90′s?! *cries*

Into a Fantasy

Son Dambi returns in incredibly cute outfits:

I think I know where the inspiration came from. ;)

Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection by late Alexander McQueen

Often seen as “unconventional”, he was a true artist who wasn’t afraid to express his creativity through fashion.

See the resemblance?

Is it only a coincidence that Dambi’s title song is called “Queen”, or were they trying to convey a subliminal message, i.e. paying tribute to the designer? Well, whatever the case, I love the use of delicate ornaments and embroidery. A lovely, youthful look with a hint of goth.