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Spring is in the air

I have recently been into vintages, or thrifted items in a more mundane term. For the longest time, I was freaked out at the thought of buying something that used to belong to someone else. As funny as it sounds, I do have a mild case of OCD and I just didn’t quite understand the concept of the whole thrifting thing… until I came across this skirt. A few weeks ago, I had some time to kill and thought I’d stop by a thrift shop near church. Walking into the store, it initially was quite awkward and intimidating in a strange way, but as soon as I saw the sign that said, “Everything 50% off”, I ran to the skirt section and.. the rest is history. haha. I came across a number of treasures including this beautiful floral skirt perfect for Spring, as well as a few other skirts and a pair of Levi’s for a DIY project. What made it even more awesome is that they were all less than $3 each. Yes, three dollars! What a deal! Try beating that! Seriously, I had been looking for long skirts with a pretty print like this one for months yet I wasn’t able to find one that fit my budget (note that my budget wasn’t even that low). It seems that it’s getting harder and harder to find the stuff I want these days at the price that I’m willing to pay, which is exactly why vintage works perfectly for me. After this pleasant surprise, I’ve been on a quest for beautiful vintage pieces and just last week, was able to score some amazing pieces at a nearby thrift shop that is actually a charity organization. Too bad they don’t offer half off deals, but I’ve learned that each store offers something different depending on the types of people who live in the area which makes the hunt even more interesting and satisfying. While I will continue to invest on versatile pieces (stuff that can be worn with everything and in different ways such as this Urban Outfitters Hat and the Prada Boots), I’ve definitely converted to a vintage lover when it comes to skirts, dresses, and blouses. I have so many unique pieces to showcase I just can’t wait to share photos with you! Hopefully this gives you some styling ideas as well as motivates you to visit a thrift store near you. Who knows, you may find something that’s so unexpected and valuable you will stop spending hundreds on clothes that you are never going to wear again! Save money, be stylish! xoxo

V-neck Sweater by Club Monaco
ASOS Silk Boyfriend Jacket
Vintage Floral Maxi Skirt
Topshop Satchel
Urban Outfitters Wool Hat
Love Quotes Scarf
Tom Ford Shades
Target Gray Knee-high Socks
Prada Ankle Boots

Love is all you need.

As some of you know, tomorrow is the day! My friends and I are holding a charity event in Korea Town tomorrow at the Madang Courtyard at CGV Cinema starting at 11AM. A percentage of proceeds from the sale of the Tomimito products will go to Rainbow Family Women and Children Shelter in Pasadena, which is a 12-month residential rehabilitation program providing restoration for abused women and children. There will be a raffle drawing, tacos by my favorite taco truck, a free makeup session by ROSEinthePARK, a live DJ along with a live singing performance, but more importantly, a shopping extravaganza featuring handmade jewelry, vintage clothing, and leopard print stuff and more by Tomimito! Have fun while doing good!

If you haven’t heard, we were in today’s paper:

Ok, I know I look hideous but it’s the thought that counts, or the cause that counts, not the way I look, ok? haha

Thankfully, I did have a privately hired photographer on site that day. For those wondering, yes, I do pay him from time to time… depending on my mood. ;)

Of course, everyone is on Korean time, but I don’t mind because I got Facebook, aka BFF. (note sarcasm)


“무조건 깔아”

Looks like I might be starting a new job- as Rose’s stylist.

We are pros-

thus we monitor.

Introducing a new girl group-


yeah, I wish.

The jewelry designer. Check out her handmade jewelry here

The makeup artist. Check her out here

Donate your stuff to Lina

See you all there! Muah*

Roll Call

Callin’ all the cute lace-up booties in the house

Elizabeth & James

For those mile long legs-

Diane von Furstenberg

Definitely two thumbs up. If I could sport heels right now, these would be it.

Thread Sence

While I’m reluctant about its faux leather status, I’m digging the nude hue and the “foldover” option.

Anarchy Street

I had this posted on Facebook weeks ago but I just can’t get over how cute and affordable these are ($52 does the trick). Too bad the only size available is 10. If you are a size 10, snag them now before they are gone!


Never been a fan of Aldo but I’m liking its feminine silhouette. The shearling detail reminds me of an aviator or a trapper hat.


I wasn’t sure about the chunky design initially but the more I stare at it the deeper I fall in love with its architectural shape. Would look super cute with tights and a short, flowy, feminine skirt.

Exit Strategy

Melrose can present quite a mysterious, if not strange shopping experience. Not only will you find unusually provocative outfits or boutique owners dressed in Halloween costumes in the middle of summer, you immediately become a target the minute you walk into a store. You are basically trapped unless you come up with a strategic plan to escape. Such was the case for me at a shoe store that I decided to stop by on a whim. The guy wouldn’t leave me alone even for a minute. He kept asking questions and following me around. I eventually had to tell him that I was looking for a specific design that they didn’t carry but he still wouldn’t stop. *sigh* By the time I walked out, he seemed upset and didn’t even say the usual “thank you” or “bye”… I just don’t understand how people expect to do business without a good customer service. When a customer doesn’t feel comfortable walking into a store and spending time there, how do they expect to sell anything? It’s mind boggling. Novices beware.

I actually like this store, “Slow”. They carry super cute vintage boots though I have yet to make my first purchase. No matter how cute they are, there is just something iffy about shoes that someone else used to sweat in. :P

One of the pairs I liked… Hubby said that they were probably donated by Santa Claus. :T

Tunic & Tights from Tomimito Shop
Boots from mom’s closet :)

After-Christmas Shopping Spree

To celebrate my birthday, Christmas, and to take advantage of after-Christmas sales, I went a little crazy and went on a mini shopping spree at one of my top shopping spots, Miss Sixty:


and got a few things including:

Miss-Sixty-Red Dress

This picture doesn’t do the dress justice at all. Will be posting a photo of my very own shortly. It’s simply the hottest red dress I’ve ever seen in my life!

I’m absolutely in love with every single I item I purchased at this Italian boutique. Their clothes fit me so well unlike ones at American stores. Guess my body shape’s closer to that of European than American (note that I’m actually Asian, ha!).

Then, headed over to Ted Baker to pick up this lovely military coat which I completely adore:

Ted Baker Crevale

Fit is amazing, material is unbelievably soft, details are awesome… It’s just overall a very well-made coat. I have no doubt that it’s a great investment, especially at 25% off.

misssixtytedbaker2 misssixtytedbaker3 misssixtytedbaker1

and… yesterday, picked up this cute beanie for $7:

red beanie

For those of you still in “shopping mode”, happy shopping! I was at the mall yesterday and the sales were still on, so get over there now if you haven’t had a chance before it’s too late!


I’ve been looking for a perfect pair of booties for about six months now and it looks like my journey went full circle- back to square one, folks, which means it’s Louboutin time!!

I worked hard this week so I deserve a dose of Louboutin tonight. I’mma go all out- and nobody ain’t stoppin’ me. Excuse me, I just spent two hours at Target from where I walked out empty handed after transporting hundred different things to foreign locations only to be repeatedly disillusioned by a true definition of value. I deserve a pat on the back and some more because I resisted spending money on hundred useless things that I would otherwise have regretted for the next two weeks.

* Disclosure: I have yet to purchase any of the items discussed below, despite how beautiful, flawless, amazing, and charming they are. When I say “I deserve a dose of Louboutin”, I’m referring to actively, frantically, and passionately thinking/writing about them. Perhaps one day, if I get really lucky, a day will come when I’ll be reunited with those Fuschia C’est Moi Boots at 1/4 the original price (pls continue reading).

CL_Lowcut patent

Low-cut Patent Boots

These would definitely do. The “Void of Booties” would definitely be filled with these, though I try to stay away from platforms. I’m often commented on my height especially when I wear heels so I’d probably be majorly chastised if I was ever caught in these- I may be wrong, but I find that many girls have this mysterious/strange thing against girls who are taller than them.

leopard bootie

Leopard Bootie

I’ve written about these already in a previous post, yet I just can’t get over its beauty. It’s design executed to perfection. They remind me of a black and white photo of a pretty lady with a fedora for some reason.

CL_Chain Embellished

Chain Embellishment Espadrille

I know, I know. First of all, this isn’t a bootie (but that’s ok, it’s Louboutin!), and it’s like 15 degrees in New York so what crazy girl wears sandals? We do, Cali girls do. LOL. Although I’m not a fan of platforms, especially the ones with the thick stuff going all the way from the soles to heels, these are mighty cute. My eyes were affixed on them for quite some time the first time I saw them in Bazaar.


Slingback Pump

That’s what I call “Classic” (again, this ain’t no booties, yet still super sexy). A pair of these sexy slingbacks will take you everywhere from hip lounges to the office, from your 20′s to 50′s or until Osteoporosis hits you. These are a great investment.

And now, be prepared for a grand entrance of my most favorite booties in the whole world:


C’est Moi Boots (It’s me!)

Very me, indeed. Can I tell you a story that causes me indigestion every time I talk, or even think about it?

My first encounter with these beauties was neither at the boutique nor the internet, nor at Saks nor Neiman. It was at Off Saks that I first laid my eyes on these, and you know what? They were the only pair of Louboutins they had, and most important, they were $280. TWO-EIGHTY!!!! If you are familiar with what they usually run for, you know why I’m pulling my hair out even after ten months since our initial encounter. They were a half size too big, but who cares about that when they are Louboutins! Yes, there was a random blood stain inside the shoe but why is that an issue when they are Louboutins! Hot pink is a bit tricky to wear as shoes, but why does that matter when they are Louboutins! Was I crazy not to snatch them the minute I saw them? Yes. Do I still regret though TEN months have passed? Sadly, yes. What will I do if I get really lucky again and see another pair of Louboutins at 1/4 the original price? I run like there’s no tomorrow, snatch those babies, and run straight back to the cashier.


So now that I’ve let it out a bit, I’m feeling much better. I think it’s safe to go to sleep now. G-nite! :)

Haute Fashion for the Stylish Ordinary

So apparently, and as expected, throngs of fashionistas on a budget crowded H&Ms all over the world to get their hands on precious Jimmy Choos of their dreams, yet many had to walk out empty-handed. Thanks to the internet, it wasn’t the end of the world for them, as eBay opened another door of opportunity, except that it would cost them twice as more.


Image source: nydaily.com

Read about it here

When the news hit couple months ago, I vowed to run over to the local H&M and snatch that sucker as well, even thinking of missing work… however, as deadline approached, my interest faded away, which is probably a good thing. I mean, Jimmy Choos are fabulous, but I’d rather go for the REAL THING (not to discount the value of H&M Choos, but I suspect they aren’t at the same level of quality)… As for me, Louboutins on a sale would be much more preferred.

It seems almost like a cool trend these days for high-end designers to launch their lines at low-end stores, or more approachable retailers: I was just informed that Rodarte will be doing an affordable line at Target shortly- available December 20 through February 6, 2010 at Target stores nationwide and on target.com. I personally think that it’s a great marketing strategy to increase awareness of the brand by reaching those who otherwise would never even hear of the brand. It’s also a great excuse for the stylish females who would rather spend on more important elements of life than a piece of Haute Couture clothing that costs an arm and a leg. So if you happen to be at Target, be sure to check out the Women’s Clothing section b/c Rodarte is a not-to-be-missed-kinda stuff for fashionistas like us! :D

Rodarte fall2009-1

rodarte fall2009-2

Rodarte Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear

Rodarte Sp2009Rodarte 2009 Sp1

Rodarte Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear

I was captivated by their creative use of mixed materials and beautiful colors of their Spring 2009 collection at an initial encounter. Personally liked the Spring collection more than the current.

Bargain Hunter


Got some nice organic sheets for 1/3 the original price- :)

Uhh.. For some reason, that bag is in every picture I post here. lol- I’m not going to lie, I do use it everyday- #1, because I don’t have time to switch bags in the morning; #2, I love this bag; and #3, I just don’t feel the need to switch because I like it so much (so pretty much #1 & 2 combined). Nevertheless, I think it’s time that I stop neglecting my LV and Chloe friends- stay tuned!

Bag: Bally (an After-Christmas-Sale purchase- one of the greatest purchases ever!)

Plaid Shirt: Zara <33 (Unfortunately, had to pay a full price b/c it was “a love at first sight”, but I knew it was a successful purchase b/c a random girl asked me where I had gotten it from the very first time I put it on.)

Skinny Jeans: Diesel (All the way from Seattle, bought out of a “need” rather than a “want”-had no idea how cold it gets up there; on sale for less than $100)

Red Flats: Miss Sixty (Bought also on sale)

Get Your Swagger On

Accessories can really transform a look.  While there are plenty options, I especially enjoy shopping for sunglasses,  bracelets, and gloves for their practicality and styling potentials. When I was a broke college student living in a tiny apartment where rent was bigger than my paycheck, I would starve myself just so I could get the shiny Chanel specs over which I had been excited for months. Then couple years ago when I thought the only specs designed by the ‘Haute Couture’ designers (Dior, Chanel, etc.) were worth a look, I met Oliver-

op1OOP sabina

Oliver Peoples‘ Sabina

After ten different pairs and twenty visits, I realized that my true love was indeed my first- Sabina. Offered in three different colors: Blue, Purple, and Black, they are vintage yet modern, trendy yet timeless- just the way I like it.

Then just as Sabina and I decided we weren’t meant to be, I met Deacon-

op deacon

Preppy, or a “Nerdy, yet Cool” look is absolutely stylish these days, so I just could not walk past these without trying them on. Unlike their counterparts or relatives, these are one pair of impeccably crafted glasses. They made me feel and look  like a millionaire for the ten seconds they were sitting on my nose. These have a great potential for upgrading any outfit.

Now, get your swagger on with a pair of Oliver Peoples!