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Layered to perfection

Post December1

Colder temperature calls for more things to put on- although less really is more.


On a typical five-level Likert scale, I’m the one that sits on the “strongly agree” dot when the question is, “You consider the time spent putting on clothes one of the most unproductive daily activities.”

Having spent longer than necessary number of years in LA doesn’t help either, where layering is reserved for true fashionistas.

But as with many things that have changed over the years… Seoul has done it again, with the arrival of the dreaded winter. Yeah, you.


After about three winters of feeling like a lost cat, I’m finally feeling a bit more confident about going out without a padding jacket, one with which I reluctantly maintained a love and hate relationship for the longest time.

So it turns out it’s all in layering, and the material: wool and cashmere are going to be my best friends this season, let me tell you that much.

Just letting you know, these shots were taken before we got our first snow here, and it was feeling more like autumn then, hence the pants. Probably going to have to rely on baggy sweats and ugliest leggings for the next four months, and you probably won’t see me for a while here unless you are interested in seeing me in hibernation mode which isn’t the prettiest version of me.

Black coat, Grey vest, Cashmere sweater by Post December, Kareem Hi sneakers by Adidas, Socks by Cres. E DIM, Faux leather pants by Work Custom Jeans, Ray-ban aviators, Scarf by Sisley.

Photography by Hugo Lee

Dear Seoul: Zara Flagship Opening Party


It’s like the flu that’s extremely contagious. Any “hot” international brand will land in Seoul and as soon as it’s “hotness” is certified by the few, it will immediately take off- and I mean take off. As much as “Korean Fashion” seems to have gained serious popularity around the globe, Koreans will always have a soft spot for multinational brands, and for Zara, it’s been quite a fun ride. It’s been so fun that they decided to open a flagship store (sadly not the first but a second one in Asia) none other than in Myeongdong, known as the most expensive real estate in Korea. While doubt was among the first to fill my head initially, it soon subsided after realizing that’s where Uniqlo’s Asian Flagship is located as well. Yes, Myeongdong is indeed the place to be.


So these modelesque ladies are ones who helped us get into the party after our identity was “verified” by putting these special bracelets around our wrists… which made us feel kind of special especially after seeing many getting turned down at the door. Actually felt pretty bad for them, but well, that’s life… I guess..?


Many models showed up, including familiar faces from Seoul Fashion Week.


and then, there were a whole bunch of foreigners. I had never seen so many of them in one place, so naturally, I couldn’t stop wondering where they were from, etc. What a sight it was… I later found out that most of them were students.. hmm..?


Lovely Joyce of Mango Plate, a new social networking app developer for food lovers in Seoul which should greatly assist many in deciding where and what to eat, which is often the toughest point at issue.


Sarah Kate of Urbanwit looking beautiful as always.

6 7

in Asos shorts that totally looks like it belongs in a spaceship, completely see through button down by Mag N Mag, Juicy Couture denim jacket which is the only Juicy thing I own, Fringed clutch by Pucci, and Jeffrey Campbell Deetz sandals that I’ve been abusing for the past few weeks.


Models… who made me feel like a dwarf next to them.


Choi Seung Jeom, photographer of popular Korean street style website Streetper.co.kr being a pro that he is. Always courteous, always hard working.

So tired my eyes are about to pop out.

Good night or Good morning depending on where  you are! xo

Sparkly winter


Was in Seoul for two days before leaving for Milan… My excuse was that a friend was getting married that weekend.


While contemplating what to wear (wedding outfit has to be the most difficult to put together) I thought I’d be nice and wear something feminine hence the bodycon dress… but toughen it up with a pair of gold skinny jeans that I scored at Wasteland when I was in LA for cheap (!).. (Eh hem, J Brand…)

0302-5 Or was it the other way around… maybe I wanted to rock these beautiful jeans.. but with a twist, hence the body con  dress over them. Whichever was the case, I had fun with the outfit, it’s one of those that which by wearing it, you feel ‘creative’.


I would have skipped the sweater because first of all, I had worn it a bit too many times already since purchase. Secondly, sort of wanted to show off the awesome foil details of the dress, but the weather in Seoul was not permitting nearing the 0 degrees, and I had a flight to catch the next morning, so yeah.


By the way, this faux fur snood has turned out to be another successful purchase from Club Monaco, it seems that every time I’m back in LA I score some really good stuff from their sales- which included the sweater and this snood this time. So fluffy, soft, and warm- my kind of winter accessory.


Kind of glad to be away from the cold at the moment, though Spain isn’t necessarily warm enough for me to go out for a tan or something but nice enough for me to skip the winter coats and stuff. Not sure if I will be able to do outfit posts from here because I made a huge mistake of bringing a luggage full of ugly clothes (or maybe I’m just sick of them after wearing the same thing for the past entire week)… so unless a miracle happens and I score some bueno Spanish garments when I get to Barcelona, outfit posts are very unlikely to happen. Well, I hear that Spring may be arriving in Seoul anyway. I’ll make sure to bring you much excitement when I’m back. ;P

0302-1Asos body con dress, Club Monaco sweater and snood, Justin’s beanie that’s at least ten years old, My one and only Chanel purse (I’ve promised myself to keep myself away from luxury bags from now on), J Brand gold metallic jeans that I scored for 1/3 of the usual retail price at Wasteland LA, Burnt orange coat from Club Monaco outlet in Korea which is a bit tight on me, Jeffrey Campbell heels

Until we meet again

Inspiration comes from everywhere.

but nothing comes even close to nature.

Autumn came.

and went.

but it’s still vividly alive in my head.

Korea, where the footprints of ancestors proudly coexist.

‘Will you please stay a while?’ I asked-

no, I begged.

She wouldn’t.


Then she left, without a word.

And the yellow leaves turned red, and from red to brown.

Then they left too.

but I don’t worry.

Time will bring us together again.

Because a goodbye means a hello too.

Carpe Diem.

Life is most beautiful when each moment is cherished.

Getting excited for the winter wonderland that Seoul is about to turn into.

Photography by Justin S.

Seoul Fashion Week Spring 2013 Streetstyle

Taking a break from the Seoul Fashion Week coverage. Street fashion is a major source of inspiration for many, and because Seoul street fashion always presents something different and unique, I insisted on covering the streets as well even though I know my photographer already has more than enough on his plate.
What a lovely combination. Need more of her in Seoul.

He walked into one of the shows and many heads turned. Because I don’t dress in all black too often, I’m always amazed at how creative people get with dressing head to toe in black.
Dangerous trio. Two men on the right instantly earned my respect after their show today which I’ll be covering shortly. It was one incredible collection.
Mr. Jeong, Du Young, Creative Director of the brand VanHart di Albazar.
Could his paneled jacket be any more appropriate (it’s such a hot trend right now, not because I wore a paneled item today, too)? This man’s outfit is perfection. Admire that he’s recognizable even from afar due to his signature style, something I hope to develop soon as well.
Italian celebrity designer Lino Ieluzzi head designer of VanHart di Albazar
Oh, how he rocks those shades like none other. His beautiful smile is what really completes the look though. Pastel yellow and violet is such a neat combination. Hoping to see more colors in Seoul fashion scene.

Spotted: patterned sunglass frames on a girl we shot before at the last SFW.
Layers that work

Black is not so simple anymore when strategically layered.
Two masters of layering: Designer Lie Sang Bong on the left who is possibly the best internationally known Korean fashion designer at the moment. Chatted with man on the right during the VanHart show and found out that he’s from Paris. Major envy.
Didn’t know how good red hair looked on a guy until today.
He has to be one of the most stylish men in Seoul at the moment, and this is not the first time we are featuring him on this blog.


Autumn Shower

It’s definitely gotten chilly yet I’m enjoying every bit of it. Thinking Autumn is probably the best time to visit Korea because everything about it seems to be just about perfect, especially the leaves that are slowly but surely turning yellow and red. This being the first Autumn that I’m spending in Seoul, it’s that much more special and exciting. Can’t help being mesmerized by all the beauty of nature that I’m surrounded by.
Unexpectedly came across this awesomely colorful sweater at a vintage shop in Hongdae the other day which by the way, turns out to be my very first vintage item purchased in Korea- woohoo! I don’t usually enjoy wearing color from top to bottom but the stripes and color mix makes this  sweater work when paired with a white button down and matching bright blue slacks and red heels.

Seoul Fashion Week starts tomorrow. Stay tuned for major, and I mean MAJOR updates this week!

Vintage Yves Saint Laurent Striped Sweater, Blue Zara Trousers, H&M White Button Down, Jeffrey Campbell Wright Platforms, Hand-me-down Trench Coat, Shades by Tom Ford

“Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.”

Took a trip to N Seoul Tower today to unwind a bit. Didn’t know what to expect because last time we were there, we didn’t get to stay long as it had rained a lot. Plus, it’s a whole different story when you get there by car.. this time, we were completely dependent on public transportation while not fully knowing how to get there. As much as it doesn’t make sense, we tend to do such a thing quite often as my body tends to be more proactive than my mind. Trust me, that’s what makes life fun, give it a try.

The bus took us to a performing arts theatre situated at the foot of the mountain. As soon as we got off, we were exhilarated to find out that there were transferable buses that take you all the way up to the tower. So yeah, while I can’t guarantee that it will work 100% of the time, doing things the spontaneous way brings much more joy when it does work out. I guess that’s what makes adventures addictive. But then again, perhaps such is exclusive to Seoul- a city that is all about convenience.

After dreading for weeks, my Fall clothes are finally out and Spring/Summer clothes are back in the storage which is actually a new thing for me as it’s my first Autumn in Seoul. While I thought it was a hassle at first, I learned that it was actually making me creative, as I get to go through every single piece, and in the process, I found myself naturally planning outfits. Did a ton of outfit arranging last night while taking pictures of each (which makes life so much easier when it comes to getting dressed every morning)- this particular one I wore today wasn’t one of them but it’s a spin-off of sort.

On another note, hadn’t worn this pleated skirt for years because I thought it was just so.. hmm.. girly? short? I dunno, just wasn’t feeling it. Good thing I decided not to throw it away when I was packing last year because pleats are cool again. From now on, every time I’m tempted to dump something, I’m going to remind myself, ‘Fashion trends repeat itself.’

Nam-San (where the Tower is located) is awesome. Think I’ll be visiting again soon. Did a whole bunch of postings on my Instagram (feed in the side bar!) today because I just couldn’t get over the beauty of it all.

Grey pleated skirt and black t-shirt from H&M, Black tights from Uniqlo, Vintage red flannels from American Rags in Melrose, Silver metallic clutch by Calvin Klein, Black knee high boots from Milan, Italy, Borrowed snapback hat, and oh yeah, my black sunglasses that I picked up on Garosugil broke.. it literally like fell apart right after I took a photo of it and posted it on my Instagram earlier today… ugh never buying cheapos again..

That thing you do

I know I can be bipolar sometimes but I’m mostly happy these days with generally positive feelings towards Seoul. This fall weather just couldn’t be more perfect, it’s even better than the California weather which I used to call ‘heavenly.’ I just love the way the wind brushes against my cheeks, how the leaves are slowly getting ready to turn red, how it gets just chilly enough to layer in the evening which makes it ideal for a walk around the city… I just want to breathe everything in- everything about the city right now.

The city is even more beautiful at night, full of energy.

Terranova pants, Gray Kain v-neck shirt, Red braided faux leather belt from H&M, Chambray shirt from Gangnam Station, Red beanie from a street vendor in Seoul, Kanken backpack in Putty, Red Jeffrey Campbell Crown-2 Flats

FNO Seoul

Fashion’s Night Out is so much more fun when you can actually do boutique-hopping without having to worry about your car. I spent the last two FNOs in Los Angeles and neither quite met my expectations. For those unfamiliar, FNO is a global fashion event sponsored by Vogue which began in 2009 in an attempt to revive the fashion industry. Some retailers host parties, some offer discounts, and some both.   Was so glad that the weather was nice enough to finally wear my snake print maxi dress from last year especially now that it fits better (I’ve lost about five pounds since the last time I wore it).Thinking of getting eyelash extensions… but afraid that they are going to make my real lashes fall out thus it probably won’t happen.
Neon tube top from ASOS, Necklace from KM Play on Garosugil, HM snake print maxi dress, Army green anorak from Dongdaemun, Jeffrey Campbell Crown-2 in red, Kanken Backpack in Putty

I won a free waffle at Theory! Kind of weird to be eating a waffle at 8 at night but it was actually quite good…
DJ doing his thing at Zara
There was this random dude “attempting” to sing… but sorry to say, he was absolutely horrible… wasn’t sure why people were watching guess they found him somewhat entertaining? Whatever the case, I do admire his courage.

Remember what I wrote about Garosugil last time? I wasn’t disappointed this time either- came across a new store that had just opened that same morning, Around The Corner, a concept shop.