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Seoul Fashion Week Spring 2015 Day 3 Outfit

SFW SS 2015: Day 3

This is what a true father-son enterprise looks like in real life: Blue button down blouse by Lie Sang Bong, and wide leather pants by Chung Chung Lie who successfully launched his own label last season.

SFW SS 2015: Day 3

You know, being an introvert has many perks as well as disadvantages. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t always enjoy being photographed. My anxiety level goes through the roof sometimes hence the reason why I look so stiff in shots photographed by street photographers. If practice helps, I should be collaborating with photographers more often to get it under control. These are times when I’m kind of glad that I never made it as a model. Although, I kind of do wish sometimes that I had received professional training besides the ones that came with beauty pageants- you know, the kind that teaches you to be the happiest, most feminine woman on the planet.

SFW SS 2015: Day 3

Wide-leg trousers are… life. Try them once, and you’ll be hooked. Bye, Bye skinnies…

SFW SS 2015: Day 3SFW SS 2015: Day 3

So I was asked for an autograph for the third time for the record. Maybe it’s time that I came up with one that doesn’t resemble one on my birth certificate, because you know, identity theft. J/K- I love it when you show love, I just don’t know what the heck to do with myself, that’s all.

SFW SS 2015: Day 3SFW SS 2015: Day 3

Shirt by Lie Sang Bong, Leather pants by LIE, Shearling “Dulce” pumps by Jeffrey Campbell, White leather hat from Amazon, Blue reflective sunglasses by Illesteva, White leather PS1 backpack by Proenza Schouler, Rings by Tomtom Jewelry, Watch: Rolex.

Seoul Fashion Week Fall 2014: LIE

1When Korean pop group Spica opened the show, I didn’t know what to think, or expect. Honestly, I was afraid that they (along with other pop stars) would walk the entire show.

2Known as a brand that specializes in “approachable” daily wear, it came as a huge surprise when the ambience suddenly changed after the last member of the girl group left the runway.

3 45That’s when I realized that the girls were simply meant to serve as a prelude to what’s to come- the show hadn’t even started yet.

6Now we are talking. “Urban sporty chic; feminine yet mannish” was the concept for the new season, which is a completely different route compared to where LIE had been before.

7Present were tailored outerwear with sporty details finished with unique cutting techniques and delicate mix-match of materials. Using his Menswear experience to advantage, Lie was able to successfully transform the brand into one that’s much more exciting with more of “him” in it: one that focuses on skillful tailoring and exceptional materials.

8 9Lie says he finally feels safe to take the brand to another level, by doing what he truly enjoys doing. Cheers to that.

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Photos by Justin Shin, fashion photographer Seoul Korea