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New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 Day 6 Outfit

NYFW SS 2015: Day 7

A little behind but only if you knew how many runway pictures are yet to be revealed… trying our hardest to get caught up though, I promise. This was the last day of NYFW after Ralph Lauren in Meatpacking which has quickly become a new favorite. The last time I was there (prior to this trip)…

Finding comfort in my own skin


Isn’t it funny where life takes you? Sometimes, the most unexpected happens, and we don’t even realize how miraculous it is that it actually happened because we are so caught up in the moment where the little things, the forgettables reside. For me, this blog is one of those miracles, and I’m forever grateful for…

Lie Sang Bong: Passion, Dream, and Korea


Only a few hours before our scheduled meeting, I found out that my mom was among Lie’s first customers when he had his first boutique in Myeongdong in the 80′s. When I mentioned this to the designer, he cheerfully replied, “Your mom must had been extremely stylish to have worn my clothes back then. There…