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Layered to perfection

Post December1

Colder temperature calls for more things to put on- although less really is more.


On a typical five-level Likert scale, I’m the one that sits on the “strongly agree” dot when the question is, “You consider the time spent putting on clothes one of the most unproductive daily activities.”

Having spent longer than necessary number of years in LA doesn’t help either, where layering is reserved for true fashionistas.

But as with many things that have changed over the years… Seoul has done it again, with the arrival of the dreaded winter. Yeah, you.


After about three winters of feeling like a lost cat, I’m finally feeling a bit more confident about going out without a padding jacket, one with which I reluctantly maintained a love and hate relationship for the longest time.

So it turns out it’s all in layering, and the material: wool and cashmere are going to be my best friends this season, let me tell you that much.

Just letting you know, these shots were taken before we got our first snow here, and it was feeling more like autumn then, hence the pants. Probably going to have to rely on baggy sweats and ugliest leggings for the next four months, and you probably won’t see me for a while here unless you are interested in seeing me in hibernation mode which isn’t the prettiest version of me.

Black coat, Grey vest, Cashmere sweater by Post December, Kareem Hi sneakers by Adidas, Socks by Cres. E DIM, Faux leather pants by Work Custom Jeans, Ray-ban aviators, Scarf by Sisley.

Photography by Hugo Lee

Until we meet again

Inspiration comes from everywhere.

but nothing comes even close to nature.

Autumn came.

and went.

but it’s still vividly alive in my head.

Korea, where the footprints of ancestors proudly coexist.

‘Will you please stay a while?’ I asked-

no, I begged.

She wouldn’t.


Then she left, without a word.

And the yellow leaves turned red, and from red to brown.

Then they left too.

but I don’t worry.

Time will bring us together again.

Because a goodbye means a hello too.

Carpe Diem.

Life is most beautiful when each moment is cherished.

Getting excited for the winter wonderland that Seoul is about to turn into.

Photography by Justin S.

With Love, from Korea

A huge autumn post because you deserve it. I mean, how can I NOT share these?!

The other day I was getting interviewed and I totally lied which I didn’t even realize until now. I do dress inappropriately at times. I do. I don’t always dress appropriately for the occasion because I have officially gone hiking not once but twice in these loafers- and this time, it wasn’t just the shoes that were inappropriate but the entire outfit. Come on, who goes hiking in a leather skirt and a tiger print blazer? well, unless you are trying to befriend the wild animals, that is. Not that neither case was planned but the truth is, that I often do crazy things and I admit it, please don’t hate me too much if you ever see me saying something along the lines of… “I dress according to the occasion..” It’s just one of those “Oops” moments.

My excuse for this outfit is that this happened during Fashion Week and I was actually wearing heels before but aside from that, more important, is that I didn’t know that we’d be climbing mountains. All I knew was that we were going to be seeing some Autumn leaves, that’s it. And you know that, I had no problem walking up the hills in my Jeffrey Campbells and my sturdy leather skirt! Perhaps this will be a new trend for hikers. Ajummas, do you hear me? (Hike fashion is a hot topic around older Korean ladies because there are so many nice hiking trails in Korea)

Changed into real cool stuff courtesy of A Boy Named Sue styled by this super talented fashion person

Cigarette pants by THU THU, the warmest and most comfortable thing ever.

Totally into the round specs trend though these are not mine. I actually almost bought a pair of vintage shades in Paris last year but Justin had this ‘Are you crazy?’ look on his face so yeah… Man, I would have been a trendsetter only if… Hmm think I say ‘only if’ a lot lately so I think I’m going to just go with it from now on. Do it Do it

Didn’t know that this beanie had a particular shape until I was editing this photo. How funny. Think it looks like a winding key on a clockwork doll.

Behind the scenes… Miss Sam doing her artist thing while I’m doing my mad awkward thing.

Sweatshirt by Groceries

Leather jacket by Miss Sixty, Neon orange beanie from Tokyo, Elegant loafers by Jeffrey Campbell

Switzerland: where autumn and winter coexist

As soon as we said “good-bye” to the winter snow, autumn leaves in their signature shades of green, yellow, orange, and brown greeted us.

Since we had a little over an hour to kill at the Montreux station, we decided to cross the street to explore the neighborhood a bit. We had no idea where we were, all we knew was that we were walking towards the water. It turns out that we were at the famous Lake Geneva, one of the largest lakes in Western Europe where Charlie Chaplin spent his final years.

Extremely peaceful and beautiful, the town reminded us of La Jolla in San Diego.