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When the time is right

jord_2 Can you believe that it’s already December? I can’t believe how quickly time passes. Perhaps it’s the age, but it’s definitely a time when all kinds of emotions collide, some of which are positive, and some not; however it’s important to focus on the fact that there’s always something to be learned even from experiences that may seem not so pleasant on the surface. On that note, I’m excited to be approaching the end of the year and welcoming the new year. And you know what that means! It’s the holiday season and I know many of you struggle trying to find that perfect gift for loved ones. I was introduced to these unique watches a few weeks ago and I just can’t get enough of my new watch. I mean, it couldn’t come at a better time because my 10+ years old Baume et Mercier has been giving me issues yet again. jord3 Made with real wood in St. Louise, the watch is light, smells and feels natural, and most importantly does the job perfectly while adding a fun stylish element to any outfit. My pick is the Fieldcrest in Zebrawood & Maple, and I just love the combination of the tan and light brown stripes that give it this unique appearance without being overpowering. I think they’d make a perfect holiday gift for both women and men, and to make holiday shopping easier for you, I’ve teamed up with JORD Wood Watches to offer you a giveaway via this link: https://www.woodwatches.com/g/tomimito Every person who enters the giveaway will be instantly emailed a $25 e-gift code to use on the site, so hurry over to the site to get yours! The giveaway closes 12/25/16 at 11:59pm, but the e-gift code won’t expire until 2/28/17. Merry early Christmas, guys, and best wishes!

This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches

Unique Watch

The World in My Hands

Leather bracelets from street vendors in Venice, Italy; Ribbon pastel rings & Question mark & wave rings from A Land after A Land in Hongdae, Korea; Champion ring from KT & G Sangsangmadang in Korea; Silver bracelet by Tiffany & Co.; Green bracelet from Target; Gold watch by Nixon


This is the very first post of the “Lovely Finds” series in which I share what’s in my shopping cart, which in reality is more like a wish list. Do feel free to grab them if you have the money to spend (I envy you!).

I’m all about finding high quality designer items on a good deal which isn’t always possible if I’m looking at items that were just released but I think the Alexander McQueen clutch is unique and artsy enough to snatch though it has been around. Its siblings still retail for over $2,000, which makes this e-Bay deal even more awesome. It’s a super cool 4-set ring and a clutch in one which makes it extra, extra special.

As for the YSL Arty Ring series, no words are even needed to describe them, their Arty series were (and still are) such a hit they are not only sold out everywhere (obviously because they are now on every blogger and celebrity’s fingers) but are now being sold at a premium online. This is my first time seeing the crystal one though, which is just as gorgeous. I’m especially in love with the colors of the stones both of which happen to be my top two favorite colors.

Moving onto the Vanessa Arizaga Tuleh Charm Bracelet, as you may have noticed, I’ve recently joined the “arm party” bandwagon due to my growing love for anything fancy and dangly for the wrist, and this charm bracelet is an eye candy, reminiscent of Tim Burton.

Where to purchase these goodies:
Alexander McQueen Stingray Knuckle Ring Clutch Bag
Yves Saint Laurent Arty Too Swavroski Crystal Ring
Vanessa Arizaga Tuleh Charm Bracelet

Image credit: ebay & Net-a-porter

gloomy days

My absolute favorite thing to do: blogging at a cafe with my bffs (aka macbook & hot tea)

Armani Exchange dress worn as a skirt, H&M T-shirt from a clearance rack for $5, Jacket from Melrose

After-Christmas Shopping Spree

To celebrate my birthday, Christmas, and to take advantage of after-Christmas sales, I went a little crazy and went on a mini shopping spree at one of my top shopping spots, Miss Sixty:


and got a few things including:

Miss-Sixty-Red Dress

This picture doesn’t do the dress justice at all. Will be posting a photo of my very own shortly. It’s simply the hottest red dress I’ve ever seen in my life!

I’m absolutely in love with every single I item I purchased at this Italian boutique. Their clothes fit me so well unlike ones at American stores. Guess my body shape’s closer to that of European than American (note that I’m actually Asian, ha!).

Then, headed over to Ted Baker to pick up this lovely military coat which I completely adore:

Ted Baker Crevale

Fit is amazing, material is unbelievably soft, details are awesome… It’s just overall a very well-made coat. I have no doubt that it’s a great investment, especially at 25% off.

misssixtytedbaker2 misssixtytedbaker3 misssixtytedbaker1

and… yesterday, picked up this cute beanie for $7:

red beanie

For those of you still in “shopping mode”, happy shopping! I was at the mall yesterday and the sales were still on, so get over there now if you haven’t had a chance before it’s too late!

Treasure Hunt

Went treasure hunting while in Manhattan and I’m quite happy with such unexpectedly beautiful discoveries:


So feminine and flowy; definitely a favorite.



Aww these are so cute! they remind me of the little flowers on sidewalks!


A bit of vintage & modernism- and they are purple!


Elegance is what comes to mind- would nicely complement a little black dress.

Stay tuned- more posts to come from my East Coast road trip!

a Peek into my Closet

Since one of my loyal readers was wondering what else was hiding in my closet, I’ve decided to introduce a few of my favorite items:

IMG_0041 IMG_0044

Mohair & Wool Sweater, Miss Sixty @ Beverly Center; Appx. $250

A bit pricey, but definitely worth the investment. I get a ton of compliments everytime I wear it. Doesn’t it look more like a piece of art than a sweater?! I think so.

IMG_0053 IMG_0051

Double-breasted Vest, Club Monaco @ South Coast Plaza; Appx. $100

One of handful of items that I paid full price for, yet no regrets whatsoever. It’s versatile (I like things that are versatile, if you haven’t noticed already)- I wear it with a plain white T, a button down shirt with a ribbon, a tank top, skinnies, a skirt, etc. I wore it to a mall a few weeks ago where I was asked by a number of strangers on where it’s from. Girls were literally following me around looking for a right moment to ask. But honestly, I’ve had this vest for almost a year now and worn it more than I should have, yet it’s so high-quality that it remains on top of my fav. list even after a year. Friends, it’s all about quality, after all.

IMG_0082 IMG_0081 IMG_0080

Yellow Leather Gloves, Club Monaco @ 3rd Street Promenade; $29

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have a thing for accessories. Whether it’s sunglasses, gloves, earrings, or a bracelet, accessories can upgrade any look. You are probably saying at this point, “But YELLOW GLOVES?!” Yeah, yeah, I know. They may not be very practical, especially in sunny California, but do I care? Apparently, not. The truth is, I got them because they were on sale for $29. What a deal!! Leather’s very soft, and as with other Club Monaco products, they are very well-made, and my small hands fit perfectly in them!

IMG_0077 IMG_0078

Leather Bracelet, Kitson on Robertson; $79

I love going to Kitson because there’s just so much to see, but everything’s so overpriced that it makes me puke. Then, one day, I met this hottie. Ugh, I’m such a softy when it comes to bracelets, and it’s very rare that I actually get to find something I like. So this was it- and there was just no way that I was going to leave it hanging when it was apparent that we were meant to be.

IMG_0057 IMG_0114 Events - 1059

Oliver Peoples, $50 (Originally around $300), Loehmann’s

If you read my previous post on hot shades, you know I’m a big fan of Oliver Peoples. Their glasses/sunglasses just fit so nicely on me for some reason- the only downside is that they cost an arm and a leg. So you can imagine how stoked I was when I found these babies for 1/6 of the retail price. I wear these like everyday, as you can see from my photos in previous posts (but these are not the only pair I own; siblings to be introduced at another occasion). Great quality, and very, very stylish.

IMG_0084 IMG_0088

Long Black Leather Gloves; Club Monaco @ South Coast Plaza; $39 or 29- can’t remember

I didn’t think that I would end up introducing so many of my CM friends when I first started writing this post… It might as well be called “Club Monaco Special”… but in all seriousness, I shop at other places as well- I actually don’t own THAT many items from CM, I promise. Anyways, these are another pair of gloves that I got on sale last year. I saw how they had them on every mannequin in the store and thought it was interesting that all of them had a sleeveless top on. An average person thinks gloves are worn with winter clothes, you know (well, myself included)? I thought the styling was very refreshing, which was made even better with a touch of sparkles on a bracelet worn on top, which I also picked up for $5 (it was originally about $20). Such may not be feasible in other areas, but in California, anything goes. :)

Btw, please bear with the mess while I set up a decent studio in my bedroom.