Street Style, Feeling Confident, and Happiness


Truth is that models can wear a rag and still look awesome, which can initially seem kind of sad because I hate to say but must admit… it has a lot to do with the fact that they tend to be skinny, skinnier than us average folks. So we like to bash on them, immediately jumping to conclusion assuming that they have some kind of an eating disorder and/or mental disease, blah, blah, blah. but what if that really is the way they were born? What if they naturally have small frames and thin skeletal structure? What if they have a super power to digest everything they eat within seconds and the food pretty much evaporates? What if they are just healthy people who maintain a healthy lifestyle? Then those who say not-so-nice-things about them are guilty of spreading false rumors… Remember, curiosity kills a cat… and a rumor kills a human.

But think about it, there really is nothing wrong with being skinny. While I am against the idea of losing weight by starving cold turkey or going on an unhealthy diet (or detox, ahem), doing it the healthy way by being on a healthy diet consisting of necessary nutrients and minerals including daily exercise to rid of trans fat while increasing muscle mass to boost metabolism, which by the way, should probably be the type of diet regime everyone should be on (Anyone else think we are eating too much crap these days? and that’s what’s making us sick?) not only sounds perfectly fine, but looking at the rapidly rising obesity rates, it is almost starting to look like it should be on the constitution.

This actually is something I’ve been obsessing over for the past few weeks (not the obesity rates but the healthy lifestyle) since getting my physical stat checked at the gym by this smart robot called “In Body”… According to it, I am very close to possessing a model-like figure if I can manage to lose some trans fat (actually, not some but A LOT) and replace it with muscles… while my legs are ranked above average (strangely enough), abs are nowhere to be found…. so yeah, it’s obvious that’s where I store all my rice cake, cookies, chocolate, noodles, etc. My trainer says if I can go all out with both a super healthy diet and a carefully & strategically crafted exercise routine, I can possibly get a perfectly fit (healthy) body within two months… wow. but no, I highly doubt that I can restrict my diet to chicken breast and steamed veggies… There is no way I can survive two months without chocolate… and spicy rice cake… and shaved ice… and all that heavenly goodies found on the streets of Seoul… So no, that’s just simply a no… Thank you, but no thank you.


I’ve shared this before but the reason why I gave up modeling was that very reason. I cannot imagine giving up food, period. And a little bit of junk here and there is fine, really. That’s normal, right? Perfectly fit bodies are reserved for people like Choi Sora, and they deserve to be admired and respected for all that determination and motivation to maintain beauty that’s out of this world.


But there are exceptions… we, normal people (referring to those who are not professional models), can look great, too, like these girls. ;)


Though I think she may also be a part-time model…


Ok, maybe I was wrong. Is it possible that every beautiful person on this planet is a model..?


Apparently, the rumor was quickly spreading that Agyness Deyn was in town, when it really was Alex being her stylish self in a platinum blond pixie crop and dark brows.


Lovely Sarah who has the weirdest but awesomest collection of hats, accessories, jumpsuits, and everything else. The most talented stylist of all, who is also beautiful inside and out. So yes, there are exceptions. In fact, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and you knew that.


So… what does beauty really mean, and where does it reside?


Yes, it starts with what’s inside, not outside.

So keep your head up, ladies. We are all beautiful in our own way.


It starts with embracing who we are… where we are in life… and having a hope.


Sometimes it may require picking up a new book, a new wardrobe, or a pair of high heels…


A new hair style, a new friend… but when nothing changes inside, material things don’t mean much…


By the way, please don’t mess with cute girls… you never know what’s on her neck.


So start with loving yourself, and stop comparing yourself to others… Be confident in who you are and start focusing on what makes you happy, and stop paying attention to what others say. You are so much more than what you (falsely) believe, what they say, what you were told. Today, make the decision to reach your highest potential and become happy. Happiest you’ve ever been. :)


Oh, hey (sorry I’m being such a kid at a toy store hopping from aisle to another) been eyeing multicolored shades for a year now but eversince realizing how popular they’ve become the past few months, my heart has decided to move on.


But yeah, this is something I’ve learned lately too- confidence really is what makes a truly beautiful woman. You can be skinny, fat, dark, light, pink, red, whatever and however people like to label and categorize you, yet as long as you’ve got this friend called Confidence with you, you will ALWAYS be beautiful… so smile and go conquer the world!


See, AJ not only knows style, but how gorgeous her curly hair is.


I wish I knew how to embrace and love my hair back in the days when it would become uncontrollably poofy due to mom’s incessant determination to artificially increase volume of it through a chemical treatment called ahjumma (old lady) perm… I gotta give her credit for permanently changing its natural tendency, as it’s now both frizzy and curly which totally makes it look huge without even trying.


So nice how AJ’s is wavy and shiny minus the frizz… though I still love mine… it’s just that it needs a trim.. oops.


It’s always so refreshing to see Korean fashion students because they manage to pull off something awesome and unique without spending a fortune. Now, we know students generally aren’t always financially equipped to afford designer stuff but are usually the ones with lots of ideas, the creative kind. While it’s ideal to be able to afford to rock Proenza or Chanel everything to fashion week, it’s truly fantastic when you can look just as awesome rocking self-made pieces or old/affordable items mix & matched to create a look just as beautiful. After all, that’s what style is about- experimenting and having fun.

This pretty much sums up the Seoul Fashion Week Street Style- yes, finally! Wait, have I said this before..? @.@ Somebody needs her head back.

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  1. May 26, 2013 at 7:48 pm

    Gorgeous photos! Particularly love the close-up of Alex and her amazing hat.

  2. May 27, 2013 at 7:59 pm

    Thank you! glad you enjoyed the pics! ;)

  3. June 7, 2013 at 9:13 pm

    really nice photos and style, I love that hat! I buy a lot of criminal damage clothing and it would go so nicely with my purchase!

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