This is the very first post of the “Lovely Finds” series in which I share what’s in my shopping cart, which in reality is more like a wish list. Do feel free to grab them if you have the money to spend (I envy you!).

I’m all about finding high quality designer items on a good deal which isn’t always possible if I’m looking at items that were just released but I think the Alexander McQueen clutch is unique and artsy enough to snatch though it has been around. Its siblings still retail for over $2,000, which makes this e-Bay deal even more awesome. It’s a super cool 4-set ring and a clutch in one which makes it extra, extra special.

As for the YSL Arty Ring series, no words are even needed to describe them, their Arty series were (and still are) such a hit they are not only sold out everywhere (obviously because they are now on every blogger and celebrity’s fingers) but are now being sold at a premium online. This is my first time seeing the crystal one though, which is just as gorgeous. I’m especially in love with the colors of the stones both of which happen to be my top two favorite colors.

Moving onto the Vanessa Arizaga Tuleh Charm Bracelet, as you may have noticed, I’ve recently joined the “arm party” bandwagon due to my growing love for anything fancy and dangly for the wrist, and this charm bracelet is an eye candy, reminiscent of Tim Burton.

Where to purchase these goodies:
Alexander McQueen Stingray Knuckle Ring Clutch Bag
Yves Saint Laurent Arty Too Swavroski Crystal Ring
Vanessa Arizaga Tuleh Charm Bracelet

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