Seoul Fashion Week Spring 2015 Day 5 Outfit

SFW SS 2015: Day 5 You know, I’ve finally learned to use the flat iron that came with a blow dryer that I got almost three years ago at Costco in Seoul. Yeah, it only took that long. Just another story of my technologically/mechanically challenged life. I didn’t realize what awesome results it can actually bring about, even with my severely damaged triple-bleached hair. You’ve just got yourself a new loyal customer here, Mr. Flat Iron.

SFW SS 2015: Day 5 And yeah, I think I was going for this “I just woke up” look which really is contradicting with my flat-ironed hair but you know, it was for fashion week.

SFW SS 2015: Day 5

Designer Imseonoc has her unique way of making even pajama-inspired pieces look remarkably stylish. I mean, just look at the way these dropped-crotch pants fit. How about the shirt? While it’s clear that they are more utility-focused, it’s undeniable that they are the most fashion forward garments you may come across these days. And we all know she only uses one type of fabric which is high-quality neoprene and that her philosophy is to minimize waste, hence making her brand more desirable. If one is able to achieve such success without having to tap into the world of luxurious materials or even any other besides her usual neoprene, it certainly gives hope to those who seek to build their own brand using limited resources.

SFW SS 2015: Day 5 SFW SS 2015: Day 5 SFW SS 2015: Day 5 SFW SS 2015: Day 5

Because sometimes you are tired of wearing the same outfit all day.

SFW SS 2015: Day 5

Grid pattern pieces all by PartspARTs by Imseonoc, Aloyna sneakers & Muskrat ankle boots by Jeffrey Campbell, Round “Frieda” reflective sunglasses by Illesteva

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