Seoul Fashion Week Spring 2015 Day 2 Outfit

SFW SS 2015: Day 2

I’m all about versatility when it comes to dressing… and it doesn’t get any cooler than being able to share pieces with men- although, I must make it clear that such doesn’t necessarily work out all the time.

SFW SS 2015: Day 2

But when I do come across a brand that is able to offer things that are one-size-fits-all and unisex that are beautiful both on men and women, that’s when I know I’ve just found a soulmate.

SFW SS 2015: Day 2

Mr. Chang Kwang Hyo is not only famous for having paved the way for Korean menswear, but his eye for finding talent is like none other in the industry. Many of the top actors in Korea made their debut at his show in the early days of their modeling career, and you can be assured when I say that I learned a thing or two by sitting next to him during a model casting. It’s all about the turn, guys, turn. You know when models walk towards the camera and make a turn? It’s that very moment that he considers most important. He says there needs to be a certain kind of attitude when a model turns his face away from the camera. That’s one of the main qualifications he seeks in a new model. Taking notes yet?

SFW SS 2015: Day 2 SFW SS 2015: Day 2 SFW SS 2015: Day 2 SFW SS 2015: Day 2

I had the honor of participating in his S/S ’15 collection by assisting with the pamphlet content in which I basically rewrote the English version when I was asked to edit (You know, I’m “that” type: the overachiever ;P). My focus was on delivering the message as he had intended in the Korean version which he wrote himself, without sounding forced or awkward. I can’t wait to share the piece with you. Coming soon to TOMIMITO.COM along with the collection coverage!

SFW SS 2015: Day 2 SFW SS 2015: Day 2

Double-breasted blazer specially made for TOMIMITO by CARUSO by Changkwanghyo, Men’s open-back sleeveless shirtdress & Tuxedo Bib by CARUSO by Changkwanghyo, Bowtie by Club Monaco, Stan Smith by Adidas sneakers, Sunglasses by Celine, PS1 backpack by Proenza Schouler, Fedora by Eric Javits

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