Seoul Fashion Week Spring 2014: Push Button


As one of the most anticipated shows at Seoul Fashion Week, Push Button once again offered a collection that is just about everything: creative, desirable, inspirational, and fun.


As soon as the show began, top models strutted down the runway fuming 80′s vibe consisting of bright silk, linen, mesh, organza, and taffeta who as usual, spewed out charisma and a strong aura like none other.


But don’t be fooled by all that intimidating snazziness, designer Seung Gun Park actually takes an unexpectedly but awesomely light approach to fashion, and guess what, it’s all about ‘Moon Crystal Power.’ And yes, you heard me right, you know when Sailor Moon shouts it and begins that lengthy but absolutely fascinating transformation process.

taringa.net1 and the result is this phantasmagorical outfit that’s something in between a Navy and Sailor uniform consisting of the colors: red, white, and blue which you will also find in Push Button’s S/S 14 collection as you scroll down this page.

(Sailor Moon images via


This ‘Crystal Moon Power’ theme wasn’t actually new to me, as I had first seen it on Nayoung Kim’s t-shirt during Paris Fashion Week and wondered what in the world it signified. While on that topic, I want to briefly talk about Nayoung Kim, aka Korea’s Fashion Icon. So I recently learned about her blog which is surprisingly personal (think every single nits and bits about her outfit preparation process) and apparently, despite her being called a Fashion Icon, none of her outfits seem to be styled or even put-together on her own but every single detail is actually done by Seung Gun Park, the Designer of Push Button which sort of came as a shock because for me, Fashion Icon means being able to dress oneself in a manner that is stylish and inspiring on another level (meaning above and beyond what the average can imagine) by having an excellent understanding of one’s strength and weakness, using art as a basic platform. It also includes being able to turn any kind of style or item into one that’s desirable, covetable, copy-worthy. So in that sense, for me at least, Na Young is more of a muse than a Fashion Icon, because really, Seung Gun should receive at least 80% of the credit for her outfits. This is not to discount Na Young’s amazing confidence and awesomeness, of course, this is about giving credit where it’s due, that’s all. Guess this confirms how fantastic Push Button really is. On that note, Go, Push Button!

NaYoung Kim

Image by YoungJun Koo at I’m Koo via The Cut


Now back to the topic of ‘Moon Crystal Power’… As all the typical inquisitive minds do, I looked it up… and so it turns out to be none other than the famous Sailor Moon. I actually had a friend in High School who was completely obsessed with Sailor Moon, so I wouldn’t consider myself completely uninformed but definitely not an expert at it; however this transformation thing is something that never fails to make my heart race, skip a beat, or whatever you can think of, since I was five… Think of it, this is partly what TOMI:MITO was born out of, as it represents a girl who lives a typical, average life with a 9-5 office job (and no, this ain’t no Fashion Job… Let’s call her Tomi) but always and secretly dreams of living a celebrity life in extravagant outfits complete with lots of color, glitter, and glamorous attitude and all, which is only possible with nothing but a complete transformation… which is who Mito is, the mirror image of Tomi, her alter ego, dream, fantasy. and those of you who have been following this blog for a while know this is nobody else’s but my very own story, who once was that geeky girl in thick glasses (not that I’m no longer one, in fact I’m actually wearing the same glasses right now) in the same ol’ head-to-toe grey business casual outfit doing the 9-5 job like a robot with no passion, but a whole lot of not-so-happy moments and wearing this same ol’ inexpressive “work face”… but on the weekends and evenings after work, the same girl would become a different person, with full make up and funky outfits… it was a strange yet a powerful thing what those two things could do, hence the birth of TOMIMITO. Now that it’s taken a life of its own, it has somewhat become a story of a dream coming true, and we hope that this gives people around the globe a hope, a motivation, or maybe an inspiration to those who are feeling lost and hopeless, those who are seeking meaning and passion in life. With confidence, we can transform ourselves into something bigger and stronger, whether it is a career or a personal goal both small and large, short-term or long-term, if we persistently seek and strongly pursue it, we will attain it. So never give up. That’s what I did… If anything, Sailor Moon is there for you. Moon Crystal Power!


Let’s talk about the collection… it’s about time, right? Well, it would have been much easier for me to write if they had reserved a front row seat for me because at this point, all these outfits are looking completely new to me, I’m having to relearn the entire collection. Thanks to management, I had to find my own seat at the show and there was just no way I was going to fight for a seat… and this is in no way about grabbing a front row seat ‘just because (you know that usual ‘I-get-to-sit-in-the-front-because-I’m-a-VIP’ attitude)’ but trust me, it does make a world of a difference when you are sitting in front row compared to second… or third… I don’t know about others, but at least for me, it doesn’t even feel like I’m watching the show in person unless I’m in front row. I’m lucky if I’m not falling asleep.. and it doesn’t matter how “HOT” the designer or collection or models are, I just don’t have the motivation to take notes or pictures because it’s going to turn out crappy anyway… after all, if I can barely see, what’s the point? And of course, who get to sit in the front row at the end of the day? Those who begin by standing way in the back who probably have little or none to do with the show at all. I’m not complaining, it’s just that now I’m trying to write about this collection, despite there being over 70 shots (thanks to our Photographer Justin for amazing shots, btw) It’s as if this is the first time I’m seeing the collection which is strange because trust me, I was there. I’m truly hoping that the organizers will be better next time, there have been instances in which I only dragged myself (and my bloody feet) to walk over to the venue only because of multiple invitations and confirmations that I received from the designers personally but ended up being seated way in the back (behind everybody, I have no idea who they are, many front seats both front row and second actually ended up empty) or without a seat at all (still contemplating whether I should write about this particular designer. still very upset about this). Well, enough about the logistics… let’s get to the fun part, shall we?

7 8

We all know what Push Button is known for: the fun side of fashion.


After all, why should fashion be so serious? This is not to say that it shouldn’t, but it doesn’t hurt to have fun with it here and there, and this is exactly what Push Button is about.


Popsicle… yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

11 12

On a hot, sticky Korean summer day, this outfit is all I need, really.

13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

While the pieces may not consist of delicate embroidery or shockingly new shapes, they are totally fun, witty, and absolutely wearable, which makes Push Button one of the most desired Korean brands of the moment.

23 24 25 26 27 28

That lingerie looking midi-skirt. I die.

29 30 32 33 34 35 36 37

Totally obsessing over this look. Oh. My. and somebody, please get me a pair of those sunnies, they have my name on them.

38 39 40 41 42 43

44 45 46


47 48 49

You want ‘swag’? You got it.


More culottes. Hot dang.


I don’t know… they are not leggings, are they? You know me and men in leggings… uhhh

52 53

Minty fresh.

55 56 57 59

Have you noticed? It’s all about brown now. The show started with red, changed to white, then blue, now it’s brown. Now, look at the popsicle print the designer used in the top below: red, white, blue, and brown for the stick (or the handle thingy)! Is this genius or what! Or could it be that Justin and I are being overly analytical as usual? Maybe it wasn’t intended? Whichever the case, we find this flow of the presentation totally mind-bogglingly clever.

60 61 62 63 64 66 68 69 70 71 72 77 There it is again, Moon Crystal Power!!! (totally gets out of bed and transforms into a human being)

Just a side note: this isn’t the first time we are covering Push Button. Two seasons before was actually our first time covering the collection which sort of went sour (totally unplanned) because I was turned off by certain words the team at Push Button used to describe the brand. Now that I know more about the designer (not yet on a personal level) and what the brand stands for (it has grown quite bit both as a brand and organization), I have a better understanding of what they were really trying to say. But still kind of wish they would revise/edit that particular sentence in the introduction because it’s still there (!). Please feel free to contact me, if you are reading- happy to offer help (and no, I’m absolutely serious and there is no sarcasm here in any way).

In other words, we love you, Push Button, though you sometimes push the wrong ones albeit unintentionally (come on, 70 looks in one show? lol I think everyone is now aware of how crazy creative and hard working Mr. Park is.)!

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