Seoul Fashion Week Spring 2013 Streetstyle

Taking a break from the Seoul Fashion Week coverage. Street fashion is a major source of inspiration for many, and because Seoul street fashion always presents something different and unique, I insisted on covering the streets as well even though I know my photographer already has more than enough on his plate.
What a lovely combination. Need more of her in Seoul.

He walked into one of the shows and many heads turned. Because I don’t dress in all black too often, I’m always amazed at how creative people get with dressing head to toe in black.
Dangerous trio. Two men on the right instantly earned my respect after their show today which I’ll be covering shortly. It was one incredible collection.
Mr. Jeong, Du Young, Creative Director of the brand VanHart di Albazar.
Could his paneled jacket be any more appropriate (it’s such a hot trend right now, not because I wore a paneled item today, too)? This man’s outfit is perfection. Admire that he’s recognizable even from afar due to his signature style, something I hope to develop soon as well.
Italian celebrity designer Lino Ieluzzi head designer of VanHart di Albazar
Oh, how he rocks those shades like none other. His beautiful smile is what really completes the look though. Pastel yellow and violet is such a neat combination. Hoping to see more colors in Seoul fashion scene.

Spotted: patterned sunglass frames on a girl we shot before at the last SFW.
Layers that work

Black is not so simple anymore when strategically layered.
Two masters of layering: Designer Lie Sang Bong on the left who is possibly the best internationally known Korean fashion designer at the moment. Chatted with man on the right during the VanHart show and found out that he’s from Paris. Major envy.
Didn’t know how good red hair looked on a guy until today.
He has to be one of the most stylish men in Seoul at the moment, and this is not the first time we are featuring him on this blog.


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