Seoul Fashion Week Fall 2013: Steve J & Yoni P

As one of Korea’s most celebrated designers, Steve J & Yoni P delivered yet again- what the audience wanted, what the customers want; sometimes with a political message this time around which was surprising at times.


Lots of punk-inspired pieces including plaid, black, sheer fabrics, cut-outs, leather (or faux), their signature printed patterns, and denim were present, mostly casual and wearable as usual with an exception of totally unexpected use of Swarovski crystals and gold foil printing reminiscent of one used on traditional Korean dresses.


“Classic meets Punk” was the theme of the collection, with adjectives such as “scowling”, “brooding”, “stomping”, “strutting” to start the conversation. But what really helped in understanding the collection was the following sentence from their press release: This nouveau anti-conformist pairs leather with feminine floaties and nicks the herringbone and check, the oh-so typically blue-blood wear it while I hunt foxes at my weekend retreat fabric of choice.


The idea of pairing a big goose down over a mesh blouse is absolutely brilliant, just what a girl needs for a lovely evening in Seoul.


Embroidery on a sheer maxi skirt? Yes, please.


Night gowns have always been a fantasy of mine. SY take it to another level.


Just when I thought leggings weren’t cool anymore… cutouts give them another chance, a strong one.


Finally got to meet Tash, the duo’s beloved cat and the mascot of the brand this past week (hence the huge “T” on the sweater). And man, he/she is one tough cookie, being an impressive watchdog (or watch cat) and all.


This double breasted jacket was a cute one, though I’m still trying to figure out what the message entails. Thinking it would’ve looked better on a taller model. After seeing a zillion models walk down the runway, I now understand why taller models are favored.

SY10 SY11

Definitely worth a try-  a deep slitted maxi over cutout leggings.


Yay, oversized cardigan for boys! I’m all for it.


I’ve said this before, but while leggings alone on a man may be a prelude to a fashion disaster, shorts over leggings will instantly upgrade your status to a true Fah-pee (aka Fashion People as Koreans call it).


We all know cropped everything is trending these days. But if a cropped top is too much for you, go for mesh! Subtle is beautiful.

SY16 SY17 SY18

One silhouette I’m madly in love with is this long, almost mermaid hemline created with a long sweater/jacket and a feminine, flowy skirt/dress. You know what to expect to see me in this Fall.

SY19 SY20

Herringbone is the new houndstooth.

SY21 SY22

What Lee Hyori wore to the show- I’ve come across more than enough photos of her in this ensemble but no, I didn’t know those were skulls in crowns.


Yes, guys, more layers please! and a beanie is always a plus.


As usual, the stylist does an excellent job of making every piece work when paired with another, sometimes better than when they are on their own, almost breathing a new life into each.

SY25 SY26

What a great inspiration for denim DIY.


Metallic foil print work was the highlight of the show, any Korean element mixed with something extraordinarily trendy and cool is always welcome.


As much as I don’t like using the word, I don’t know how else to describe this look: so badass.


And just like that, it happened… the return of fringe. or is it that it just never left. Whatever the case, do it, do it!

SY30 See Steve J & Yoni P S/S 2013

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