Seoul Fashion Week Fall 2013: Lie Sang Bong

It’s not easy to get to the top, but it’s even more difficult to stay there. As  the most prominent fashion designer in Korea, Lie Sang Bong’s show always ranks among the best, if not the best. Not only this man an unbelievably talented artist, he’s among the most approachable, kindest fashion designers I’ve ever come across.


Inspired by vintage Korean window frames, Lie’s F/W collection has been convincing enough to make us believe that it is indeed possible for a non-big-name Italian or French designer house to create something completely new that’s both inspiring and intriguing. (Just another proof that you don’t have to be Marc Jacobs or Olivier Rousteing to “create”.)


What’s most Korean is the most global, and this seems to be something Lie also believes in- not strategically planned but more so intrinsically, which is why his collections are always most captivating for me, as a Korean American who holds Korea dear to heart.


While I always appreciate the designer’s consideration of placing a copy of press release on top of the seat before the show, this seemed exceptionally critical for this show as the experience wouldn’t have been the same had I not informed of the designer’s inspiration and theme for the collection which became prevalent more so towards the climax.


While many may suggest more “wearable” pieces, I actually like that Lie leans towards “artistic” side of it all- after all, what does “wearable” mean anyway? To me, these pieces are not only wearable, but are amazing statement pieces that I would pair with anything and everything.


Lie’s own reinterpretation and appreciation of the 50′s retro style, this window frame pattern is not only graphically displayed, but even reflected throughout on the silhouette of dresses and coats that possess both drama, emotion, and modernity.


Again- blue is the color of the season. (I must have said this at least 10 times already here. lol Just means it’s about time we consider adding it to our wardrobe.)


This trench coat… is love. <3


I’d feel so proud to rock this outfit in another country. I’d feel like I’m carrying a piece of Korean tradition and culture with me and showcasing it to the world, like a human billboard of some sort… but in all seriousness, I would definitely make some friends wearing this out. So awesome.


This… should have been my wedding dress. Only if I had been in Korea at the time.. hmm.

Well, who says I can’t marry again? To the same person? ;)


See Lie Sang Bong S/S 2013

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