Seoul Fashion Week Fall 2013: Kiok


Inspired by her own workspace, Kiok continues to wow the crowd with her wit and creativity displayed through her trendy yet totally wearable collection and show production. Really, her show has got to be one of the most entertaining ever, with a live beat boxer incessantly (and passionately) performing in the background to replace the usual runway tracks and all. Definitely one of the shows I wish you were there to see and feel it all, even more so than her last one.

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Apparently, 212 is no longer just for yuppies in Manhattan.

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Brick prints. Yes, please.

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That over-sized pink blazer needs to enter my closet already, looking even cuter paired with a white mini trumpet hem dress.


Super model Choi Sora rocking the runway in an amazing pink & white ensemble that seems to possess both femininity (slightly peplum waist & bell bottom /pleated slacks) and masculinity (sharp shoulders & wide straight sleeves).

k27 K28

As much as I used to loathe padding jackets, fortunately or unfortunately, they have grown on me and I’m actually starting to like them.. like, a lot, especially when paired with feminine pieces. On that note, white seems very intriguing at the moment.

K29 K30

Following the unusual brick print came wood print. and the crowd was pleased.


Hyoni Kang, a national fave in Kiok’s beautifully pleated wide-legged pants. <3

K35 Check out Kiok S/S 2013

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