Seoul Fashion Week Fall 2013: How and What


Survival of the Sexiest: While the exact theme for the collection has yet to be identified, what is certain is that this was indeed the sexiest show of the week, with loads of thigh-high boots, ruffles, fringe, sky-high heels, plenty of pleather, and bold accessories paired with black, white, and sometimes shiny hot numbers, which seemed overindulgent at times but entertaining for sure.


Maybe a bit off topic and kind of strange, but really digging her bob cut… This too shall pass though, it must be that time of the year (you know, when you are dangerously tempted to cut your hair, whether it’s the bangs or changing the entire style, etc.).


Yes, peplum is here to stay… and those boots that looked like a bandage added a barely-there effect adding an edge to the look.


Louis Vuitton really hit it big this time, because the checkerboard has not only hit the streets of Seoul but the runways too… hard.


Stephanie Lee, in her petite frame, mile-high-legs, and a elegant yet sexy facial features that scream “Korea,” she rocks anything and everything with class and charm.


Aside from all the sexy gothic goodness, what got me crushing was the rings… the ornamented nail rings, that is. How clever are they especially for someone who just doesn’t have time to sit in a nail salon or just can’t deal with long nails in general?


Didn’t expect to see Kang So Young looking so good as a blond, I honestly couldn’t focus on the clothes when she walked past me. She’s got charisma that exudes from confidence and experience that it’s almost hypnotizing.


Fringe is back and in a whole new way. How cool is this zip on/off fringe that turns a peacoat into a maxi dress at night?

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