Seoul Fashion Week Fall 2013: CRES. E DIM. by Kim Hong Bum

Just before the show started, a new friend and I were chatting about some of these Korean brands with names that are impossible to pronounce or read, even. It’s different when it’s a Korean name, but when it’s a mix of French or Italian and English, it gets kind of tricky… but it turns out, Cres. E Dim is actually a mix of two terms frequently used in music: Crescendo and Diminuendo, which means gradually longer and gradually softer, respectively, which is Kim’s philosophy behind the brand:

“To create a shape and split it up, place a color on the broken shape, then let it naturally flow like a running river.”


This interesting philosophy can be seen throughout the collection in which a silhouette is sliced into fragments to become something new and different, breathing life into the entire dressing process to eventually be used as a mechanism to communicate with the world.


Using both practical and unfamiliar materials, Kim successfully delivered the theme and inspiration behind this collection, “The Second Nature.” Inspired by the world-renowned Japanese artist, Tokujin Yoshioka” who is known for his knack of seamlessly combining technology and nature in his works and Helmut Newton, famous for his black-and-white fashion photography, Kim pursues perpetual experimentation of the female body with a touch of outer space whimsy and a reference to Star Wars (This, by the way, is purely my opinion. I just couldn’t help but picture Darth Vader in some of these pieces which is actually a really, really cool thing.)


Darth Vader, anyone? In a super awesome way, that is!


My favorite look at the show- Not only do I love how feminine the silhouette is but the look is both futuristic and trendy at the same time while embracing the monochromatic trend. And those layered skirts are totally major.


Pleats are here to stay. Do not touch those grandma maxis… just yet. ;)


and here’s Darth Vader again. So cool.

CED28 Digging the maxi skirt +long overcoat look for F/W. Spring just got here and I’m already ready to shop for Fall. Fashion Week makes my life so difficult. ;P

Check out Cres. E Dim.

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