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Inspired by Japanese artist and designer Tokujin Yoshioka‘s 2008 exhibition titled “Second Nature” (which was a work based on his theory of applying natural laws into his designs), along with expressive cues taken from Helmut Newton’s works from the 60′s (in particular one in which women are portrayed as men), Cres. E Dim by Kim Hong Bum’s 2013 F/W collection is more than what is commonly expected of clothes, one that which is both surprising and uniquely impressive.


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With architecture being one of his interests besides fashion (among many other subjects including photography and graphic design), it is not surprising that one can easily notice architectural elements in his designs, such as symmetrical balance, mixture of various shapes and forms in coexistence, and synthesis of materials aptly incorporated.

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Now, it should be noted that “Second Nature” has a completely different meaning here in contrast to how it’s used in the English language (usually used to describe a type of behavior so ingrained through habit or practice that it seems natural, automatic, or without a basis in conscious thought); in Tokujin’s definition, the term describes another face of “nature” as in a characteristic that we never knew existed, a side that isn’t usually or easily revealed, one that which can only be discovered through a study that is both extensive and intense.


Such is the case with Kim’s F/W collection, in which his passion for design, research & observation, along with dedication to meticulousness is evident.


This philosophy, shared with Tokujin, is what frames the collection, while Newton’s work is the artistic inspiration behind it which is displayed through a careful marriage of design elements that are feminine yet masculine, or vice versa.


Kim confesses that practicality seemed more important in the beginning when his brand was first launched in 2009, therefore, casual seemed to be the right direction at the time; however, as the brand grew, he started feeling more comfortable with experimenting, specifically with his own interpretation of pieces that possess all the main elements such as aesthetics and comfort all the while carrying brand’s unique identity which is represented through architectural elements and a bit of mannishness.



Kim reminds us that while a simple silhouette may be key, details are just as important, which is one of his strengths.

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 details. cuts. patterns. shapes.

Every little component strategically and purposely planned and placed, Cres. E Dim is where art meets functionalism, reminiscent of the creative process involved in architectural design.


Neon graphic sleeveless top & leather vest from Cres. E Dim 13 S/S collection. Skirt & black maxi dress with embossed leather detail from 13 F/W collection. Transparent acrylic & leather combo bracelet by Cres. E Dim. Hologram ‘Don’t Care’ heels and black cut out ‘Devandra’ heels by Jeffrey Campbell

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