New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 Day 2 Outfit


nyfw7-1 So this was Day 2 of New York Fashion Week and I pretty much walked out of our Upper West Side apartment in my most frequented black bra and not much else. nyfw75 If you follow me on Instagram, remember the post I made a few days before leaving for New York? About my anxiety towards things that could go wrong during Fashion Week? Guess what. It happened!

Funny thing is, it wasn’t one of the zillion things that crossed my mind- and of course, even with a wardrobe malfunction, Tomimito got to be creative! Thankfully however, it happened after we had left the venue… you know the one where gazillion photographers camp out.

nyfw75-2 Can you guess what? Yeah, the unthinkable, the unmentionable, the unimaginable happened… the zipper on my skirt broke. hahaha. Thank God for the clutch. Should have walked instead but you know, the heel situation. It’s fashion week after all though, when anything is possible and even the most ridiculous accidents are forgiven. Fashion… must… go on.

More outfit shots here in which I forgot to suck it in. Oops- but then again, there is a reason why I never succeeded in becoming a professional model, remember?

Both in JKOO from their S/S ’14 collection. See them here.

Her “Scandal” heels by Jeffrey Campbell, His creepers by 1-900. Her sunglasses by Celine. His by Warby Parker.

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