Little White Dress

karen to-13 Strangely been intrigued by things that are relatively muted, simple, unostentatious lately- if I may, perhaps this is my own interpretation of ‘normcore’ although it’s probably still considered extravagant to those who embrace the true definition of the term, whatever that may be.
karen to-20 Compared to its long-term rival, black, white seems to signify things that are sweet, lovely and graceful, hmm… if it were a person, it would be someone who is amiable, approachable, and congenial yet incredibly sophisticated and classy… karen to-27 In short, I find white mysterious.

I mean, ‘Is it a color even?’ one might ask. If we are able to give it a name, my guess is that it probably is. karen to-25 And these Air Force 1s.. I don’t even remember when I got them; probably seven years ago. I just started wearing them again early this year and suddenly, I began seeing them everywhere from streets of Seoul to runways. Here’s a quick tip for you- never, ever throw away branded items, especially if they are classics, high-end, limited-edition, Made in Italy or France, etc.. but you knew that.  karen to-35-2 I was so frustrated when my mom told me that she sold her vintage Korean designer clothes at series of garage sales for less than $10… Out of respect, I won’t mention names but yeah… pretty devastating. Thankfully however, she had kept my prom dress which I’m considering wearing to the designer’s show at Lincoln Center this coming Fashion Week. Amazed on multiple levels: it still fits perfectly after all these years- actually it looks better now that my body’s more fit, and secondly, it still looks gorgeous. Lesson two: when possible, always opt for a high quality option rather than buying multiple low-end things. In the end, buying expensive stuff does pay off. karen to-35-4 White cutout halter neck dress by Topshop, Miansai leather bracelet, Qlocktwo watch, Nike Air Force 1

 Photography by Sangtene




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