Just me and my fanny pack

e1f09dbe1b8dc175da44bc76af09013e Being the gym addict that I am, I cannot help but be extremely frustrated when any of my gym essentials stop functioning the way they should. I go to the gym almost every day rain or shine or snow or whatever, because I’m afraid that if I don’t, I’ll have a mental breakdown and be the biggest grumpy old woman that ever lived. My gym essentials list is very compact though, it’s just my training gloves to protect my hands from developing calluses from heavy lifting (which haven’t been all that helpful lately apparently according to the little bumps on my palms, ugh), my ever-so-trusty Lululemon pants and bras (I know they are pricey but nothing stays on like them when you are running and doing all kinds of weird things with your body when it’s sweaty and slippery), Apple earphones (used to be the Sony running earphones that had the holders for the ears until Apple decided to get rid of the jack: Sony Premium Splashproof Extra Bass Sports In-Ear Noise-Canceling Headphones (White)), and finally the fanny pack!! Yeah, tacky but where else are you going to store your super important things like your credit cards, cash, keys, and your phone?! Don’t even tell me that you put them in the locker, because it’s never safe to leave them in the locker room, and I don’t even care how much you paid for that lock. Some people would do anything to break into your locker. So yeah, I remember walking into Best Buy in Midtown soon after signing up for a gym membership in Manhattan a few years ago. I’m actually not sure what I was there for as I never go to Best Buy. haha. Seriously, I’m not much of a tech person and only use the things I use, like my phone, laptop, iMac, a low tech DSLR which I still have yet to master how to use after having owned it for a few years.. sigh* Well yeah, so I was there, and for some reason I had a gift card with me.. and I remember coming across this waist pack thing which I was told was for the gym. I thought that was the most brilliant thing ever. As much as visually sensitive I’ve become over the years working in fashion and art, it really comes down to functionality when I’m working out. So this waist bag, Belkin Fitness Belt for iPhone 6 / 6s, iPhone 6 Plus / 6s Plus and Other Smartphones- Retail Packaging – Black is literally the best thing ever for those who become quite anxious when your things are literally not attached on your body (like me), and I like that it’s made of expandable fabric that also seems to be somewhat waterproof and washable. I just wish there was a small hole for the earphone wire so that it’s more secure when moving around. Sadly, after years of having spent countless days and nights running and lifting, the zippers died on me, and I’ve been researching the web for possibly better options. I came across one by Nike: Nike Lean Waistpack (One Size Fits Most, Black) which is probably the best in terms of design but lacks extra space for anything besides the phone. If you don’t need that extra space however, it’s highly recommended.

For those who want extra space, there’s this one: UShake Running Belt, Ultra Light Bounce Free Waist Pouch Fitness Workout Belt Sport Waist Pack Exercise Waist Bag for Apple iPhone 8 X 7 6+ 5s Samsung in Running Gym Marathon Cycling Sports (Black) which I think is awesome for running, cycling, etc. I just don’t know how comfortable it will be to have that chunky clasp on my leg days when I have to lie down both on my back and stomach to work on my hamstrings. My current Belkin one is already annoying enough even without the clasp as you can hurt your form by having these little things get in the way when you are working with weights. I always make sure to turn it so that my back can lie completely flat when I’m doing leg presses, and likewise when I do leg curls.

Here’s another one that’s somewhat similar to the Belkin in design but more advanced with separate pockets and a hole for the earphones: Dimok Running Belt Waist Pack – Water Resistant Runners Belt Fanny Pack for Hiking Fitness – Adjustable Running Pouch for All Kinds of Phones iPhone Android Windows

I haven’t decided which one to go with yet- I’m just really sad that my very first fanny pack is not so functional anymore.. I wish there was a way to fix the zippers since nothing else is really wrong with it. We’ll see what I end up buying!I hope you find this post helpful! This is a reminder- please do not ever put your valuables in the locker! and oh yeah, if you are struggling to make fitness a routine, listening to good music is immeasurably helpful especially when you are running! Here’s my latest favorite playlist as of late: From Then On by my all time favorite DJ, Paul Van Dyk. And don’t stress out about losing weight, just take baby steps. Make it your goal to get to the gym today, start with some stretches, get on the treadmill, turn the music on, and start walking. Then speed up a little by little only when your body feels comfortable, then increase speed to 4.5 (which is where I start when I transition to running from walking). I’ve learned that it’s more about sustainability than getting to point B in less time. It’s just like life- some things just take more time and patience. You don’t want to burn yourself out and end up hating it tomorrow, you know. Just keep at it and you will be surprised to see that you are able to run more, farther, and lift heavier, which in turn will mean that you are stronger and healthier. Happy running!

71omwLYsuSL._UX522_ Okay, this was just for fun but if this is more your style, you can purchase it here: DadBag Fanny Pack-3D Print Fake Belly Packs Waist Zipper Belt bags (Muscle Belly)

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