In Progress: Acculturation


You know… I’ve been meaning to write about this… like forever. It’s not that it bothers me, I’m totally indifferent but just have to get it off my chest so that I stop ruminating… about now.


I’m absolutely obsessed over my gym at the moment and ever since I got my membership there, I’ve been training myself to take a shower afterwards… because after 30 minutes of Spinning (Korean style which has many aerobics elements incorporated) and 60 minutes of weight training, there is no way I’m walking out of that place without having washed myself… because I not only become completely soaked wet but I actually look like I just went swimming.


Now I am not a big sauna person and the main reason why I have always been sort of against the idea of public shower is that I just can’t convince myself to be naked in front of others. Is that weird?


But these Korean ladies… they not only are bold with getting naked but they walk around the locker room like it’s their living room…with nothing on which actually makes ME uncomfortable.


And then when it comes to wearing bikinis, these same women are the most conservative, I mean, you’d rarely see Korean women in bikinis at a swimming pool without a cover-up. When a K-Pop girl group wear a cropped top or short shorts, they immediately get bashed  for being “scandalous,” “disgraceful,” etc. Just consider what 2NE1′s CL had to endure recently, people calling her shorts “underwear,” and such.


I don’t know, I guess being naked around other women is a norm here but showing too much skin to men or in public (besides public showers)… is considered a crime?


Oh well, that was just me brain farting… It’s definitely fun being a Korean American in Seoul. I feel like a Caucasian woman living in a Korean body.

Top from J KOO 2013 S/S Collection, Leather skirt from Old Navy, Justin’s Boston Red Socks Snapback, Jeffrey Campbell Devandra wedges.

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