I can hear the wind whisper in my ear



It’s been a while. I can go on and on about the reasons why I haven’t been on here, such that it’s been way too cold this LA girl to even leave the house, or the bedroom for that matter which also affected the way I dressed for the entire winter months and so on but all that rambling set aside, my roots are showing and I realize that’s where the priority belongs at the moment. Was dangerously close to playing with hair dyes again (you know the sort of abnormal kind) but thankfully my manager aka photographer/husband was persuasive enough.


Some complain on my apparent obsession with colors and after much observation, I’ve realized that it’s a anomaly that occurs or exacerbates on colder days as a result of interaction between the sea of people wearing head to toe black in Seoul and the gloomy weather that makes you want to never leave the bed. It seems that my mind likes to wander off and daydream in such an environment in an attempt to rebel against all the “darkness” that it’s surrounded by, and by seeking color in colder days, it finds peace… think of it as the mind going on vacation to a paradise island, say Bora Bora… yeah.


Tripping? Not really. One of my psychology professors back in grad school was surprised to find out how much I knew about myself- as in knowing what my strengths were, weaknesses were, and just being able to almost accurately analyze my physical and mental state in general. Perhaps that’s what drew me to Psychology in first place.. to analyze my own psychological and behaviors which makes me a life-long research subject of my own study and a patient of my own. Kind of awesome because after all, knowledge of oneself is a prerequisite for self-improvement- one of the reasons why I’m not completely dismissing the doctoral degree idea.


Now onto the real stuff- the outfit. Fashion hasn’t honestly been the most important part of life lately because it’s been more about survival than anything. It’s been said that this winter has been the coldest in 27 years in Korea, and it was also my first time seeing the Han River (한강) frozen. I’m not much of a science person but I was told that it’s not typical for a river to freeze as it consists of flowing water…

011513-6 Although we haven’t gotten that much snow, the experience has been something like walking into a refrigerator every time.. in fact, our washing machine which is sitting in the balcony broke down because it was frozen (another first-time-in-life-moment).

So back to the outfit- considering all the circumstantial factors taken into account, please excuse me when I say this again (think I’ve said this more than a few times since I started living in Korea including last Summer and Winter) every time I get dressed, my focus is more on the functional aspect than anything else- and I’ve learned the hard way that the key to winter dressing is none other than layering. In these photos, I’m wearing underwear, innerwear,, what are those things called, thermal undies (I’m so used to calling them naebok 내복)? ones that you wear underneath clothes to maintain body heat which has been a staple in winter dressing at least for me (I realize many Koreans actually don’t wear them which I find completely amazing- how do they do it?). So that’s where I start, which makes it kind of difficult to dress nicely as your options immediately become quite limited. Then my mission becomes dressing warm yet not looking like I gained 10 pounds (even if that is the case), hence the tights. I’ve realized through personal experiences that wool tights are a girl’s best friend in winter. They not only keep your legs warm, but are much more comfortable than wearing jeans over the thermals while helping you show off them legs. I mean, fashion is all about proportions, right? At least if you have the legs showing, you can go as puffy as you want on the top, hence the three layer combo (4 if you count the thermal), many of which are items I’ve had forever. For example, the gray wool dress I’ve had since 2008 or something… I have no idea why I liked it so much (I bought two, one in black as well) as it makes me look 4 months pregnant but it sure is warm… and underneath it, I wore the jewel print Talbots button down shirt that I picked up for less than $10 at a thrift store that I used to frequent when I lived in Irvine- think this was the second time I wore it though I’ve had it for years… to top it off, I put on the big mustard sweater that I got last winter from G-Market after this freakishly chilly weather caught me off guard. I honestly didn’t expect much from this sweater because it was quite inexpensive but I can assure you- it will literally make you sweat when you are indoors. The earmuffs- pretty sure they are faux fur. I picked them up right away as soon as I saw them on sale at Club Monaco when I went back to LA last spring. Wasn’t sure how useful they would be at first but they’ve come in quite handy this winter- good purchase (major post-purchase rationalization moment). Oh, and those red gloves… so funny… because… the brand is called “UCLA”…. yeah you heard me right, I mean you read correctly, the school. They were actually gifted by my mom who lived in Korea at the time. Don’t get me wrong, the quality, design, the color, everything is fantastic. It’s just that I’m a bit taken aback about the brand name because I feel like it reflects Korea’s sad obsession with education, especially the top universities in the US… Anyhow, the tag isn’t there anymore at least, I ripped it off as soon as I could read the alphabets.


Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Teramo Spike sneakers, Socks: Target, Purse: Chanel, Book: The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell (It wasn’t a prop- just happened to be carrying it for the photographer who could barely move his fingers in the cold. Highly recommended book nonetheless, if you haven’t read it- I know half the population has read it by now, or at least have heard of it… I love what a easy read it is. Weather you agree with his point or not, his talent in writing makes it a definite read-worthy.)


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  1. nehwoen
    January 24, 2013 at 6:03 am

    I love your analysis for wearing your bright colors. Great way to add a punch of color to winter!

  2. February 4, 2013 at 6:31 am

    I think you look wonderfully stylish in your warm outfit. I feel the same right now with winter outfits, it’s all about practicalities for me at the moment which means layered everything! I love your phone case by the way, it’s the sweetest thing!

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