From the Bucket List: Rock Climbing

I almost forgot how to use this thing, like how to upload image and stuff, hahaha i’m such a noob now. It’ll take time but I’ll eventually get the hang of it.

Just to start things off- a few things I’ve been doing recently now that I’ve been in NYC for some time now-

I went Rock Climbing for the first time!

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset I’m such a noob obviously – who wears yoga clothes to rock climbing?!?!??!?! lol

i honestly thought that’s what everyone wears, okay? Like, how do you wear shorts and not expect your butt to be displayed all over the place. A girl needs proper climbing attire. Those shoes were gross though. they were such sweaty smelly mess. If given a choice, I would’ve easily gone barefoot.

Location: Manhattan Plaza Health Club

Verdict: I liked that there was an instructor although she was only like 60% helpful. She was not the most friendly person and being the chicken that I am, (I legit am afraid of heights) I expected more help than to just have her tell me to put that rope thing on and start climbing. I thought I was in military. I was praying that I wouldn’t slip and fall cause man, that would’ve been embarrassing especially when it was so obvious that I was only there for pictures. I look like I’m smiling in the pic but really, I’m crying. But yeah, definitely worth a try if it’s on your bucket list like it was on mine. Got mine on none other than Groupon. By the way, I like how my butt looks so round here. Been working hard on it.

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