Finding signature style

Hi 2018!

I think I never truly understood the idea of having my own, unique signature style until recently when I actually started feeling like I may indeed have achieved it myself. It is the look you feel most comfortable yet good in both beauty (hair and makeup) and fashion, and it’s so awesome that you’d rock it day after day and not feel tired of it or bad about it. It’s the stuff you keep buying over and over again but there’s that constant in the style of the things you find yourself collecting, whether it’s that specific red lipstick or the certain smokey eyeshadow palette, or those shoes you can’t stop buying although they all look the same. Being in my 30′s has taught me that achieving this signature look can be considered an achievement despite how trivial it may seem. It definitely makes shopping and dressing easier, not to mention significantly lowering the possibility of an outfit failure. You waste less time on everything basically, while looking impeccable every single time unless you go crazy one day and decide to do something out of the ordinary. FAIL*



(Ann Demeulemeester SS 18 via Vogue)

I never thought that I would be that kinda girl, but I’m finding myself drawn more and more towards menswear, more specifically, things that are black, long, and stringy. There was a time when I absolutely loathed the idea of skinny denim pants, but look at me in 2018, I’m here collecting the skinniest jeans ever to have existed. My style has evolved a lot the past few years which probably had a lot to do with the life changes. I rarely wear color now, and when I do, it’s a very special occasion… although I can barely recall when the last time was. I got rid of most of the things I owned, and have adapted to a minimalist lifestyle ever since moving to NYC. and things don’t seem to be changing now that I’m back in LA as I continue to strive for a tighter (smaller in quantity yet impactful & meaningful) wardrobe while focusing on the quality and productivity. I realized however, in order to live a truly minimalist lifestyle, a lot of research is required- since you’ll be using only a minimal amount of everything, it only makes sense that you acquire the things that are of better quality so that they are reliable and long lasting. The best scenario of course is to find products that are great in quality and style with an excellent price tag, which is most likely why the discount stores are flourishing as of late. I’m still in the process of reorganizing my wardrobe but just wanted to share a few great things I’ve come across lately in case you are looking for something similar.

For the face, I go back and forth between a cushion compact and BB/CC cream, but as of late, I began seeing some signs of aging so had been looking for a new cushion to replace my Sulhwasoo one. During my research, I came across this well-priced compact produced by a company I had never heard of, yet it’s been receiving rave reviews by the Korean beauty blogger community, so I thought I’d give it a try. Perhaps I’ll do a review once I receive the product if anyone’s interested. Here is the link to the product: [VT COSMETICS] Essence Skin Foundation Pact SPF 50 PA+++ 12g (21)

I also bought this brow pencil since my Anastasia one keeps breaking and it’s just so expensive.. Also, American brands apparently aren’t able to produce the dark grey color that a lot of Koreans use, so we’ll see how this one turns out.. Etude House Drawing Eye Brow 4 dark grey

As for fashion, I’ve been really into this whole baggy and loose on top, and super skinny and elongated legs look, and over the years have learned that the two top denim brands that make the most stylish yet comfortable jeans are J Brand and Paige Denim. (I hate uncomfortable jeans!!) While at Nordstrom over the holidays, I came across this brand called Trouve that makes some of the best valued loose, baggy sweaters. Now i just need to find ankle boots to replace my Alexander Wangs that are about to fall apart. I’m so sad to have learned that the price has gone up even more over the past few years… How does that happen with shoes, and these are not even made in Italy! Ugh. Can’t beat the design tho!!

Well, here are the links to items that are similar to my recent purchases:

Trouve Asymmetrical Hem Sweater Womens Knit Pullover

Paige Denim Women’s Skyline Ankle Peg Jeans Lane 25

J Brand Jeans Women’s 811 Mid Rise Skinny Jeans, Ink, 27

My pullover is grey, the Paige jean is white, and the J Brand is the same style but with distressed body. The best jeans ever, guys.


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