Dear Seoul: Zara Flagship Opening Party


It’s like the flu that’s extremely contagious. Any “hot” international brand will land in Seoul and as soon as it’s “hotness” is certified by the few, it will immediately take off- and I mean take off. As much as “Korean Fashion” seems to have gained serious popularity around the globe, Koreans will always have a soft spot for multinational brands, and for Zara, it’s been quite a fun ride. It’s been so fun that they decided to open a flagship store (sadly not the first but a second one in Asia) none other than in Myeongdong, known as the most expensive real estate in Korea. While doubt was among the first to fill my head initially, it soon subsided after realizing that’s where Uniqlo’s Asian Flagship is located as well. Yes, Myeongdong is indeed the place to be.


So these modelesque ladies are ones who helped us get into the party after our identity was “verified” by putting these special bracelets around our wrists… which made us feel kind of special especially after seeing many getting turned down at the door. Actually felt pretty bad for them, but well, that’s life… I guess..?

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Many models showed up, including familiar faces from Seoul Fashion Week.


and then, there were a whole bunch of foreigners. I had never seen so many of them in one place, so naturally, I couldn’t stop wondering where they were from, etc. What a sight it was… I later found out that most of them were students.. hmm..?


Lovely Joyce of Mango Plate, a new social networking app developer for food lovers in Seoul which should greatly assist many in deciding where and what to eat, which is often the toughest point at issue.


Sarah Kate of Urbanwit looking beautiful as always.

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in Asos shorts that totally looks like it belongs in a spaceship, completely see through button down by Mag N Mag, Juicy Couture denim jacket which is the only Juicy thing I own, Fringed clutch by Pucci, and Jeffrey Campbell Deetz sandals that I’ve been abusing for the past few weeks.

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Models… who made me feel like a dwarf next to them.


Choi Seung Jeom, photographer of popular Korean street style website being a pro that he is. Always courteous, always hard working.

So tired my eyes are about to pop out.

Good night or Good morning depending on where  you are! xo

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