Cheong Dam Dong

After grabbing a homestyle Korean lunch in Yeok Sam Dong, we headed to a lounge called T6 in Cheong Dam Dong where Foreus Collection was having a sample show.

Besides the ladies who were excited to finally get their hands on the premium American brands that they were only able to meet online previously, a few of the familiar faces showed up including the actresses Shin Hye Hwang, Yeh Ryun Cha, and makeup artist, Kyung Min Lee whom I mistakenly called Cheong, Sam Mul. Oops.

Corso Como, which is like a hybrid of Museum of Modern Art in New York and Barneys Co-op. This is the type of place that naturally facilitates innovation and creativity. Totally cool.

At Boon the Shop which was located across the street from the lounge where the sample show was being held. I hear it’s a popular shop among the upper class in the neighborhood as it carries top designer brands from Europe and such including Emilio Pucci and Christian Louboutin.

didn’t get to do many outfit shots that day as we were moving around so much. eek.

On me: Black Studded Blouse from Korea, Joe’s Jeans, H&M Brown Leather Belt, Nixon Watch, YSL Ring, and Prada Ankle Boots


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