Fashion as a Creative Outlet

As those of you who follow me on Twitter are aware, my year-long search of a perfect pair of booties ended a few weeks ago when my eyes met these cuties:

Lotus by Ash Italia

Never heard of the brand but apparently it’s quite well-known among fashionistas around the world including Hollywood celebrities. Thought they were very unique and high quality while being super comfortable. The only thing that concerned me was the heel hight which makes me like 6 ft the minute I put them on. but then I thought, ‘Well, they do make my legs look extremely thin and who says being tall is a bad thing?’ I don’t know, for some reason, people (both boys and girls) always make comments about my height whenever I wear heels saying things like, “Omg you are so tall today (not in a good way)”, “Wow, those heels are crazy (again, not in a nice way)”, etc. Well, God made me taller than many Asians and why should I be ashamed for being who I am? It’s not my fault that I’m this way… Why should I sacrifice my desire to be beautiful because of  what people say or think? RIGHT? haha… Well, I don’t know why it bothers you, but please chill, peeps. :P Almost every girl I know wears high heels regularly and I have my right to wear heels as often as I want. Fashion is my creative outlet and nobody can stop me from expressing who I am. :D

Anyhow, here’s happy me with my booties:

I picked up mine at Beverly Center but I just realized that they can also be found here thought the only size available is 38.

btw, long weekend is finally here! YES!!! I so deserve this.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and memorable weekend!

layered up

I started layering up my outfits when I lived in New York for a practical reason (it gets freezing cold on the east coast as you know), but now I just do it because it’s fun… well, and it does get chilly at night in California too. :)

I miss you, Sunday.

Will you bring him back? :(

Jeggings are my new favorite! Contrary to popular belief, they are amazingly easy to style, match, yet comfortable. I love!
Spotty Jeggings- Tomimito
Vneck Shirt- Michael Stars
Gray Cardigan- Zara
Black Poofy Scarf- Tomimito
Black Suede Ankle Boots- Modern Vintage
Sunglasses- Oliver Peoples

My tummy was surely happy:

Homemade Avocado Salsa

Melt-in-your-mouth Marinaded Tri-tip


Ready, Set,


Spider Sweater Tunic- Tomimito
Snakeskin Leggings- Tomimito
Suede Buckle Ankle Boots- Modern Vintage
Bangle- H&M

Bold is Beautiful

Playing with prints.


just be who you are.

because bold is beautiful.

V-neck shirt- Hanes
Leopard Print Leggings- Tomimito
Black Bangle- H&M
Black Scarf- Tomimito
Brown Gladiator Sandals- Zara
Glasses- Oliver Peoples

Animal Lover

To celebrate the return of the beautiful sunshine in SoCal, headed South to explore the city of Costa Mesa. Since my stomach was mad at me for neglecting it for hours (spent 2 hrs at the gym this morning without feeding it, well, it deserved it after all the brownies I inhaled over the week :P), satisfied it with delicious Frutti di Mae, Mac & Cheese (one of the best I’ve had), and Wild Berry Cheesecake at the Old Vine Cafe. Caprese of Mozzarella Buratta was exceptional as well (not pictured) which was served with fried Arugula (first time having it fried- thought it was interesting!). Overall, the food and atmosphere was great but the food was a bit too heavy and greasy for my taste. Wine is a must, now that I think about it.

Old Vine Cafe
2937 Bristol St. Suite A-102
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

I’m loving animal prints these days: If it seems too wild, you can always tone it down with a jacket and tights/leggings like I did.
Buy it here

my beloved Bally bag. I think the last time I switched bags was like six months ago. gah… lol

Vivid dreams. Been having a lot of those lately.

Animal prints with a twist- literally. ha!

Lovin’ these leggings. They are so thin and soft that they look and feel like tights but they are much warmer and comfortable (and footless, of course). just can’t take them off- in fact, I still have them on. LOL

in need of a cute gold pendant necklace- no luck today as you can see. boo~

Looking forward to another beautiful day tomorrow. :)

Hello, Autumn.


A worthy investment for this fall- Flannel Shirt. A good one can be so versatile that it can go from the office to a party. Personally prefer one with a vintage look, yet never worn; in cotton please.