Breathe you in

Today's Outfit

Totally, completely spontaneous is what these shots are.We were on the way to Las Vegas when a sudden urge to stop, jump out of the car and shoot emerged. I blame it on the sunset and the cacti. Except for the ants… call it an oxymoron or irony but they were some giant, scary looking ants. I…

Long Strides into Darkness


I lost these shoes darnit, I lost these shoes. Back in LA, I used to catalogue for Revolve Clothing. I applied my model code: “revolve—–sejin” and purchased these shoes. I was a Revolve Man. One way to be successful in NY is to walk with long strides. I am my hero in 10 years. Verizon…

Welcome to the hood


I’ve always loved parks of all sorts; it’s become a little habit of mine to take a walk at a nearby park to unwind, recharge, and to get my creative part of the brain to start working again. So when I unexpectedly came across this park located between Korea Town and Downtown, I couldn’t help it…

Take my breath away


When it comes to versatility, “Nothing beats denim,” some will say, but I must disagree- my years of experience in shopping and dressing tells me that if I had to pick one piece that goes with just about everything, it’s got to be a slip dress that’s dainty, featherweight…  It’s an easy yet versatile base…

Confessions of a Convoluted Mind


Do you ever feel like there’s just too much going on in your head that you are unable to choose which to share with the world? That’s me all the time. Life of an INTJ… No wonder I’m always so darn tired. I was thinking earlier today about the concept of “overthinking.” I mean, people refer…

Starting over


I don’t know which is better (or worse): to do wrong and not get caught yet never even realize that you’ve done wrong, or get caught immediately and receive punishment so that you never do it again.Just a few minutes prior to arriving at Arts District in Downtown LA for this shoot, for the first time…

Girl in New York


  So I don’t normally enjoy putting my hair up, especially with my forehead looking so naked. but since the photographer insisted, there it was, my poor forehead finally getting some Vitamin D. After an overpriced brunch consisting of uncooked eggs and fancy fries in midtown (we paid for the view, not the food… although it…

Be still, my soul.


How much does perfection cost? According to my favorite store, Bergdorf Goodman, $7,000. Mind you, that’s the cost of Celine’s oversized coat in the most beautiful grey ever… and other professional fashion folks from around the globe agree: Celine’s coat is one of the most coveted pieces for fall according to the latest issue of…

A Perfect Getaway


As a place that was once called home, New York has a place in my heart like none other- if it needed to be defined, the relationship would be best compared to one I have with this bodycon dress (which, by the way, belonged to someone else prior to this trip)- it’s nice once you…

View from above


Just another morning in the city… More to come. Distressed boyfriend jeans by One Tea Spoon, Sneakers by Onitsuka Tiger, V-neck by Alternative, Watch by Qlocktwo, Sunglasses by Celine Photography by Cherry J.