Seoul Fashion Week Spring 2015 Day 1 Outfit

SFW SS 2015: Day 1

This bomber jacket is everything you need for a lazy afternoon: neon geometric patterns paired with pinstripes add a sporty touch while an asymmetrical wrap miniskirt with a zipper detail is most definitely entertaining. It’s a Friday afternoon pick-me-up; a coffee break, that fat piece of chocolate cake, a 3PM tea-time. Do it with caution…

New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 Day 6 Outfit

NYFW SS 2015: Day 7

A little behind but only if you knew how many runway pictures are yet to be revealed… trying our hardest to get caught up though, I promise. This was the last day of NYFW after Ralph Lauren in Meatpacking which has quickly become a new favorite. The last time I was there (prior to this trip)…

New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 Day 5 Outfit

NYFW SS 2015: Day 5

Fifth day of New York Fashion Week was spent wearing this pretty ensemble from Lie Sang Bong’s S/S ’14 collection. Also vaguely on mind is being interviewed by some media company with a funky name. Oh, and how can I fail to mention the pain that was unimaginable presented by these magical red pumps. Thanks,…

New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 Day 4 Outfit

NYFW SS 2015: Day 4

Borrowing from the boys has always been my thing, and this vest jacket by Caruso seemed just perfect to be turned into a dress. (worn by Sejin here) Probably one of my favorite Fashion Week outfits.  Wearing Men’s Vest by Caruso by Chang Kwang Hyo, Jeffrey Campbell ‘Ouzel’ pumps, Clutch by Jinny J.

New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 Day 1 Outfit

NYFW SS 2015: Day 1

There are clothes that make you feel better than you feel, more glamorous than you are, more powerful than you ever have been- those that make you feel stronger and empowered.One that which makes us want to go out and conquer the world- and that is when you know she’s a keeper. This blue dress is one…

Her Oak Tree


Life is part hair and part clothes. There needs to be other elements mixed in as well. Other elements that physically compliment my look are muscles and a lean mean green T. Life can put you in a corner. But just turn around and scowl. And if scowling doesn’t work, be charming. Green & Blue…

Little White Dress

karen to-13

Strangely been intrigued by things that are relatively muted, simple, unostentatious lately- if I may, perhaps this is my own interpretation of ‘normcore’ although it’s probably still considered extravagant to those who embrace the true definition of the term, whatever that may be. Compared to its long-term rival, black, white seems to signify things that…