Sejin’s outfits

BYE before the HELLO


Let’s toast to another publication- with the help of my good friends at Tomimito, I’ve been able to participate in a myriad of interesting events and projects- it’s easy to model when I have a willing photographer and established connections through the Tomimito family. I’ve waved the semi-long hair BYE and soon enough I’ll find you at HELLO.



I’ve been working on bumping up my chest. No undershirts please.


Caruso knows how to align his shirts with his models. Hope to meet you soon!

Styled in a long white dress shirt and black-spot patterned jacket by Caruso, Chapter capri’s, and I-900 shoes. That BYE attire is a sweater – just creatively inspired.

Shot by HEEHYUN!

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Her Oak Tree


Life is part hair and part clothes. There needs to be other elements mixed in as well.


Other elements that physically compliment my look are muscles and a lean mean green T.


Life can put you in a corner. But just turn around and scowl.


And if scowling doesn’t work, be charming.


Green & Blue are two colors that dominate our world’s landscape and can perfectly compliment a decent outfit. What is nature wearing? Sometimes New York can become too Oak – the black, white or gray that sell for $200- the stuff that you have to read the laundry tag on your shirts or else they’ll shrink to shrubbery. Dressing to impress is more about the fit than the fame and once you understand that, you’ll be more satisfied.

Wearing a guy’s striped blue long sleeve & girl’s cut off green T. Jean shorts @ jeans are also from H&M.

Shot by Heehyun!

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Long Strides into Darkness


I lost these shoes darnit, I lost these shoes. Back in LA, I used to catalogue for Revolve Clothing. I applied my model code: “revolve—–sejin” and purchased these shoes. I was a Revolve Man.


One way to be successful in NY is to walk with long strides.


I am my hero in 10 years.


Verizon should endorse me for my eyebrows. CHECK.


That lady is blocking a line of people wanting to chase me down.


One female breaks from the crowd. “Let me take a picture of him damit!”


I’m approaching opportunity; man hesitates to lend a hand, but God extends His hand to us. I’m still agency-less so I probably won’t be going to any castings, but NYFW, I’d like to walk!


Darkness is cast on those unwilling to discern and unwilling to be disciplined; But His disciples walk into darkness in faith and holy trembling.



Puddles and Picnic tables stop my long strides and I become a display of embossed anointing.

Enjoyed another visit to MUJI on 19th st; special thanks to Maria & the crew there. Also thank you, Miki @ ryuxmiki.com for shooting me during your short stay in NY!

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Work at it

20140414_sejin36893 copy

It’s good to be back- this post and the several following won’t align what I’ve done previously, but that’s because Hee Hyun is away in Korea for the summer. Let me update you: It’s been five months and I’ve yet to pick up an agency in NY- I’m also no longer with Wilhelmina LA – the details of which stem from my passionate pursuit to model in this city. I’ve also cut my hair – actually, 30 minutes before this shoot, Dana cut my hair on set, but that’s not the cut I’m referring to – I’ve CUT my hair; I’ll show you how it looks later posts.

20140414_sejin37099 copy

I came to the Bonobos studio on Sunday, April 13th excited to shoot an editorial - although these images never got published, I’m able to use them for my book; bone structure and a striped tee can accentuate any black & white photo.

20140414_sejin37463 copy


Late April, I picked up two part time jobs. I cater waiter for events in the city and I became a sales associate at a jewelry boutique called Miansai in Soho. Both are new experiences for me; in fact, I’ve never held any job only because I was never allowed to work legally- hence, when the opportunity came, I decided to approach agencies instead of HR. But here in NY, it’s a different story- the path to success isn’t born out of entitlement; it’s established in halt of desires and momentum of hard work.


When I first started these jobs, I was working around 40 hours a week; cater waitering is seasonal – Summer is lemonade compared to Spring & Fall. I work retail Wednesday, Friday, and Saturdays or I can plan any schedule I want but it’s worked out so far.

20140414_sejin36969 copy

When I’m not working, I’m either posing for pictures or lifting weights or playing basketball. I’m also involved with settling down at a new church community as well as meeting new friends.

20140414_sejin37099 copy2

Life is tough, but I’d have it no other way. Life has many beliefs, but I’ll only stand for the truth. Life is good, so be great. I’m working at it.

Special thanks to Kerri & Andrew for styling mostly with Bonobos, Dana for hair, Matt for photo assisting, and of course Ryan for shooting.

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Bedroom & Balcony

Sejin-7 copy

New York is known for their universally small bedrooms, but their perimeters extend to its vacant balconies. It’s awkward at first to take a friend photographer and expose her to shooting me in my underwear, but my portfolio needs a paradigm shift – more NY, less LA.

Sejin-15 copy

This shirt’s collar is a bit flat and the french linen gives an other worldly feel – it’s the perfect summer top.

Sejin-10 copy

Christmas lights wrapped around rustic metal – seems like the perfect staircase to Heaven.

Sejin-6 copy

I’m thinking about cutting my hair right below my jawline – what should I do?

Sejin-19 copy

Black & white makes my jeans look more denim than it actually feels.

Sejin-4 copy

Daydreams into deeper thoughts.

Sejin-8 copy

Shirts before pants.

Sejin-18 copy

Sometimes, climbing gets hard; it’s the journey that counts.

Sejin-20 copy

Black or white or bedroom or balcony, I am perpendicular to His passions and His pursuit.

Special thanks to Muji @ Cooper Square for the tops. Also wearing Jockey underwear and H & M jeans.

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Photography by Heehyun Oh

Model’s Midterms

SEjin-3 copy

My new haircut and I decided to take Muji to Columbia and show her the campus. She asked me if I had midterms. I responded, “That’s why I brought you here”.

SEjin-5 copy

“MUJI – in its deliberate pursuit of the pure and the ordinary – achieves the extraordinary.” For these looks, I coupled Muji’s Polos with their pajama tops delivering casual comfort and creative style.

SEjin-6 copy

Their duffle bags are every journeyman’s charm and every student’s secret to an impressionable day.

SEjin-8 copy

Muji sit here. I need to tell you something.

SEjin-9 copy

I’m wearing your navy blue pajama top and underneath I’m wearing your more formal aqua blue polo.

Muji: “I think it looks great”.

SEjin-10 copy

I thought so. Stare at my socks too. Then stare at the statue behind me. I’m a living form of Columbia’s pedigree and class.

SEjin-12 copy

I’m waiting for my classmates to come out – really, I’m not ditching.

SEjin-14 copy

Columbia, write me in your fashion section, yeah?

SEjin-16 copy

Now layering pajama tops with a hint of white polo cascading nearest to my skin, this change is complete – now look at the “change” on the newspaper.

“Call me Clever, Muji.”

SEjin-17 copy

Muji, before I leave, I want to see you again.

SEjin-20 copy

Class is now in session.

Special thanks to Maria @ Muji @ Chelsea for the tops and accessories.

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Photography by Heehyun Oh

The Urban Outfitter

SEjin-2 copy

From the changing room to the flagship retail floor, I became the Urban Outfitter.

SEjin-3 copy

Shoppers were spectating. “Urban Outfitters creates their look books with models in-stores.” Every discovery is “Brilliant!” – the two then clink their Guinness beers.

SEjin-4 copy

From books to bags to a comfy spring outfit, I’m acing my modeling midterms.

SEjin-5 copy

Finding a girl’s Adidas top from upstairs coupled with the men’s Koto shorts from downstairs, we have a pretty neat look.

SEjin-9 copy

An urban outfitter shops at his playground.

SEjin-8 copy

 P.S if anyone bought these shorts, can you return my headphones? Haha, I left it in the right pocket. Please and Thanks!

SEjin-10 copy

Use what’s given. If it’s not meant to be there, it shouldn’t be there.

SEjin-11 copy

Canned food was never a fresh idea- Urban, never has a rural idea.

SEjin-8 copy

There are little pockets in this store which no man is allowed. I’m glad we got these shots off quickly.

SEjin-7 copy

‘Wuthering Heights’ – an urban classic.

SEjin-3 copy

Simple white tees flock to my eyes sooner than some complex tops. No need to be too dramatic when paired with leather shorts.

SEjin copy

Sometimes, I’m “too many mind”. Each block in life is the devil’s way of saying I’m not good enough, not worth anything – a failure and disappointment. When the ship is sinking evacuate from those thoughts and make them your building blocks.


Pink Skargorn girl’s #61 shirt, Moss colored Koto fleece sweatpants, Grey Herschel’s backpack

White Adidas girl’s top, Blue Motif Koto fleece shorts, Green Herschel’s backpack, Vans

Someone-track-that-hat, Camo Herschel’s backpack

Damaged Goods’ leather cut-off, Zanerobe vintage denim joggers

Guatemala made white shirt, Damaged Goods’ leather shorts, Vans

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Photography by Heehyun Oh

Denim on the Top

1 copy

Give me a jean jacket and a guitar. I’ll wear the first comfortably and play the second naively. I once went in for a commercial audition as a musician- had the look w/o the confidence. Next time, I’ll be prepared. By the way, 5 seconds after this shot, a bird splattered his grungy matter onto my right. I was THIS close from experiencing embarrassment and metal-rock rage.

2 copy

I avoided the cleanup and moved to the corner. My agency should add this shot to my portfolio.

2-2 copy

Can you picture me with short hair? Rewind all my life before 2010. Those were the days for quicker showers but longer time spent in front of a mirror. Hair is much easier when it has no control.

2-3 copy

Making my way downtown… how many of you just thought of Vanessa Carlton’s song?

2-5 copy

Well, I’ll just continue the song for you since it’s already in your head.

‘Walking fast
Faces pass
And I’m home bound’.

2-8 copy

PROPERTY OF SEJIN; my recording studio.

2-9 copy

2-12 copy

The rigid outline with the sharp collar is fresh.

2-13 copy

Dark blue denim jackets compliment lighter inside shirts whereas light blue denim jackets compliment darker inside shirts. Fashion 101.

2-16 copy

Carry a cute tote if you can or want. Fashion 102.

2-17 copy

This session was about pluralizing thriftiness with creativity. Music by ‘Denim on the Top’.

Wearing: Two Levi’s jean jackets, basic tees, short sleeve Frank & Oak button-up shirt, H&M faded grey jeans, Eastland leather boots, and a thrift plaid around my waist.

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Photography by Heehyun Oh