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New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 Day 6 Outfit

NYFW SS 2015: Day 7A little behind but only if you knew how many runway pictures are yet to be revealed… trying our hardest to get caught up though, I promise.

NYFW SS 2015: Day 7This was the last day of NYFW after Ralph Lauren in Meatpacking which has quickly become a new favorite. The last time I was there (prior to this trip) was eons ago when there used to be a Korean club. Yeah, let’s just keep it at that.

NYFW SS 2015: Day 7Not only was the show dreamy (coverage coming real soon), I had the pleasure of running into beauties from all over the world afterwards- some of them so influential in the realm of blogosphere my Instagram almost exploded when some of these pictures were posted. (Above with Sara Donaldson of Harper and Harley and Margaret Zhang of Shine by Three)

NYFW SS 2015: Day 7 NYFW SS 2015: Day 7Kristina Bazan of Kayture

It’s amazing what these ladies have accomplished and how far they’ve come with something created out of pure passion and joy. If you ever need inspiration or motivation, or are just having one of those days, check out their blogs- these girls are on fire.

NYFW SS 2015: Day 7NYFW SS 2015: Day 7 NYFW SS 2015: Day 7I don’t think I missed Korea as much when I was in NY or LA, even. Going through these pictures has confirmed my hypothesis that a part of me indeed had never left the city back in 2004. Who wants to join me on a teleport ride?

NYFW SS 2015: Day 7TAOL9452Wearing Lie Sang Bong & Silver Aloyna lace up sneakers




New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 Day 5 Outfit

NYFW SS 2015: Day 5Fifth day of New York Fashion Week was spent wearing this pretty ensemble from Lie Sang Bong’s S/S ’14 collection. Also vaguely on mind is being interviewed by some media company with a funky name. Oh, and how can I fail to mention the pain that was unimaginable presented by these magical red pumps. Thanks, Mr. Francesco Russo, for making a girl’s life complete… just wishing there was a way to do it without the pain but anything good in life comes with a bit of discomfort.

NYFW SS 2015: Day 5 NYFW SS 2015: Day 5 NYFW SS 2015: Day 5 NYFW SS 2015: Day 5 NYFW SS 2015: Day 5 NYFW SS 2015: Day 5 NYFW SS 2015: Day 5 NYFW SS 2015: Day 5 NYFW SS 2015: Day 5 NYFW SS 2015: Day 5Her Mugunghwa print full skirt & jacket by Lie Sang Bong, Studded sunglasses by Italia Independent, Wine patent leather pumps by Sergio Rossi, 2.55 Reissue by Chanel

His white button down & silver metallic accent shorts by JKOO, Women’s coat by Lie Sang Bong, Creepers by 1-900, Sunglasses by Warby Parker

New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 Day 3 Outfit

NYFW SS 2015: Day 3So.. how come nobody told us to check the weather?

NYFW SS 2015: Day 3Oh the consequences of being inattentive to current events. but really, it just had been a long time since I had been in New York during this time of the year. I thought it would be fall by the time fashion week began- who knew summer would stick around for so long? and of course, after a day or two of sweating my butt off in my decidedly F/W pieces, fall decides to finally show up. #fail

NYFW SS 2015: Day 3 NYFW SS 2015: Day 3Well, at least we matched, in a completely unplanned, coincidental way…

NYFW SS 2015: Day 3“Show me your model walk..?”

NYFW SS 2015: Day 3Definitely having a hard time keeping this coat on. This is far from posing.

NYFW SS 2015: Day 3Thanks for the blister that lasted throughout the entire week, new shoes. but you are forgiven because you look good. Seriously though, beautiful things including humans and objects have it way too easy.NYFW SS 2015: Day 3His vest, long button down shirt, leggings & combat boots: Caruso by Chang Kwang Hyo.

Her top, pants & coat by Lie Sang Bong. Silver ‘Aloyna’ sneakers by Jeffrey Campbell. Sunglasses by Celine. Bags by Jinnie J.

New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 Day 2 Outfit


nyfw7-1So this was Day 2 of New York Fashion Week and I pretty much walked out of our Upper West Side apartment in my most frequented black bra and not much else. nyfw75If you follow me on Instagram, remember the post I made a few days before leaving for New York? About my anxiety towards things that could go wrong during Fashion Week? Guess what. It happened!

Funny thing is, it wasn’t one of the zillion things that crossed my mind- and of course, even with a wardrobe malfunction, Tomimito got to be creative! Thankfully however, it happened after we had left the venue… you know the one where gazillion photographers camp out.

nyfw75-2Can you guess what? Yeah, the unthinkable, the unmentionable, the unimaginable happened… the zipper on my skirt broke. hahaha. Thank God for the clutch. Should have walked instead but you know, the heel situation. It’s fashion week after all though, when anything is possible and even the most ridiculous accidents are forgiven. Fashion… must… go on.

More outfit shots here in which I forgot to suck it in. Oops- but then again, there is a reason why I never succeeded in becoming a professional model, remember?

Both in JKOO from their S/S ’14 collection. See them here.

Her “Scandal” heels by Jeffrey Campbell, His creepers by 1-900. Her sunglasses by Celine. His by Warby Parker.

New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 Day 1 Outfit

NYFW SS 2015: Day 1There are clothes that make you feel better than you feel, more glamorous than you are, more powerful than you ever have been- those that make you feel stronger and empowered.NYFW SS 2015: Day 1One that which makes us want to go out and conquer the world- and that is when you know she’s a keeper. NYFW SS 2015: Day 1This blue dress is one of those that not only makes me feel like a princess but a woman of class and glamour- especially favored are the lace sleeves which drop perfectly at the center of my hands. The delicate details of the vibrant blue lace accentuates femininity while the elastic underlayer adds a fun casual flair.NYFW SS 2015: Day 1 The dress served me well throughout the first day of New York Fashion Week while being perfect for attending Yuna Yang‘s F/W ’15 runway show as a guest (coverage coming soon). Her dresses always have a way of making me feel like a woman, a beautiful one at that. <3 NYFW SS 2015: Day 1On the other hand, it was nice being back in New York. NYFW SS 2015: Day 1It always is, but this time around, I found a piece of me that never left the city. I guess whoever said ‘Once a New Yorker is always a New Yorker,’ was right…NYFW SS 2015: Day 1which is quite unexpected coming from a person who vowed to never look back when she left him so many years ago. NYFW SS 2015: Day 1What have you done to me, New York?NYFW SS 2015: Day 1We shall reunite… one day. NYFW SS 2015: Day 1Until then… NYFW SS 2015: Day 1 NYFW SS 2015: Day 1 NYFW SS 2015: Day 1Blue lace dress by Yuna Yang (F/W 2014 collection), Clutch & Tote by Jinny J, Aloyna sneakers, Scarf by Hermes, Chanel Rouge Allure in 99 Pirate

Little White Dress

karen to-13Strangely been intrigued by things that are relatively muted, simple, unostentatious lately- if I may, perhaps this is my own interpretation of ‘normcore’ although it’s probably still considered extravagant to those who embrace the true definition of the term, whatever that may be.
karen to-20Compared to its long-term rival, black, white seems to signify things that are sweet, lovely and graceful, hmm… if it were a person, it would be someone who is amiable, approachable, and congenial yet incredibly sophisticated and classy…karen to-27In short, I find white mysterious.

I mean, ‘Is it a color even?’ one might ask. If we are able to give it a name, my guess is that it probably is.karen to-25And these Air Force 1s.. I don’t even remember when I got them; probably seven years ago. I just started wearing them again early this year and suddenly, I began seeing them everywhere from streets of Seoul to runways. Here’s a quick tip for you- never, ever throw away branded items, especially if they are classics, high-end, limited-edition, Made in Italy or France, etc.. but you knew that. karen to-35-2I was so frustrated when my mom told me that she sold her vintage Korean designer clothes at series of garage sales for less than $10… Out of respect, I won’t mention names but yeah… pretty devastating. Thankfully however, she had kept my prom dress which I’m considering wearing to the designer’s show at Lincoln Center this coming Fashion Week. Amazed on multiple levels: it still fits perfectly after all these years- actually it looks better now that my body’s more fit, and secondly, it still looks gorgeous. Lesson two: when possible, always opt for a high quality option rather than buying multiple low-end things. In the end, buying expensive stuff does pay off.karen to-35-4White cutout halter neck dress by Topshop, Miansai leather bracelet, Qlocktwo watch, Nike Air Force 1

 Photography by Sangtene




When birds sing and flowers bloom

Today's OutfitAs one of those rare people who doesn’t know how to deal with water, I can confidently say that I never felt comfortable in bikinis.
Today's OutfitAlright, maybe that isn’t the only reason… I’m secretly an extreme conservative when it comes to fashion (I know- what am I talking about?) in terms of how much skin shows when I put on a particular piece. Yeah… isn’t that funny coming from a person who allegedly works in fashion?Today's OutfitIt’s been bothering me, honestly, this thing I always had against “sexy” clothes… There were so many times when I wanted to walk out wearing a simple slip with nothing underneath, when I wanted to rock that scandalous hoochie mama dress for no particular reason, when I felt the urge to let myself go… free.

Today's OutfitI’ve learned over years of experimenting that the only way to get out of a rut is to face it head-on, because true freedom is only allowed to those who seek it.

Today's Outfitand this time around, I decided to give my body freedom, freedom to see the sun and… humans, finally.

Today's OutfitIt took some time, though, for it to be ready.

Today's Outfitand we are talking about seemingly endless physical training (including but not limited to spinning, yoga, pilates, weight training, running, you name it), a dramatic change of eating habits, and some dealings with mental issues, even.

Today's OutfitI honestly never felt confident enough to wear something so tiny. Even after losing a significant amount of body fat and gaining muscles and what not, I still have insecurities and am not sure if I will ever feel completely confident about my body, but I’ve learned that it’s actually not the body itself that matters, but who I am as a person. If I love myself, then that’s enough to feel confident to do things for myself, things that make me happy no matter how trivial or substantial it may be, because unless I know how to truly love myself, there is no way I will ever be able to genuinely love someone else. Today's OutfitIt hasn’t been an easy one, but this journey has been certainly rewarding and enlightening, if not something I absolutely needed at the moment. Today's OutfitI’ve realized that no matter what, I come first… because without me, there is no more of anything.

Today's OutfitI’ve decided to give myself a bit more credit, a bit more love, and a bit more pat on the back… and these shots in the most revealing pieces you’ve seen me yet are just a beginning of what’s to come, a step towards a place of freedom where I can finally be myself, and where dreams come true. It’s a reminder to myself to be thankful to be who I am, that it’s okay to be comfortable in my own skin. On that note, should you ever feel like you aren’t good enough, count your blessings… and start focusing on yourself. And while there, press the ‘reset’ button.

Today's Outfit

Bandeau Neoprene “Winnie” Bikini in Polly Python courtesy of Triangl Swimwear

Photography by Justin S.






Breathe you in

Today's OutfitTotally, completely spontaneous is what these shots are.Today's OutfitWe were on the way to Las Vegas when a sudden urge to stop, jump out of the car and shoot emerged. I blame it on the sunset and the cacti. Today's OutfitExcept for the ants… call it an oxymoron or irony but they were some giant, scary looking ants. I had never seen such huge ones in my life… and they were fast- yeah, definitely not your ordinary ants. Watch out if you ever decide to stop and explore the nature here in Nevada…Today's OutfitJumpsuits… are probably one of the most comfortable “trendy” things that I actually don’t mind rocking, except when I have to use the ladies’ room, hence buttons or a zipper in the back, like the fly on mens’ trouser never sounded so intriguing.Today's OutfitOn another note, weight lifting has become a daily routine. After years of exploring, I think I’ve finally found what works best for me. Nothing beats that feeling you get when your legs shake and your booty wants to kill you… If you know what I mean, you are on the right track, my trainer says.Today's OutfitWhile I’m a regular in Vegas (due to work), I learned something new this time around- that I’m officially allergic to it, especially the air, or the lack of it inside these extravagant hotels, which is done on purpose in order to make you lightheaded so you are not able to think clearly because if you do, you would not be sitting at that poker table or in front of that gambling machine for hours mindlessly letting it eat your hard-earned money. Wake up, people (says the person who lost $5 doing the exact thing, oops).

Today's OutfitJumpsuit by Love Tree Happens

Welcome to the hood

0809-3I’ve always loved parks of all sorts; it’s become a little habit of mine to take a walk at a nearby park to unwind, recharge, and to get my creative part of the brain to start working again. 0809-0So when I unexpectedly came across this park located between Korea Town and Downtown, I couldn’t help it but decide to make a stop, until the idea came to a halt when I was told that it’s a pretty dangerous place full of drug dealers and homeless people.0809-4Despite the initial few moments of hesitation, I decided to give it a try, because after all, it was barely five o’clock and the sun was still hard at work.0809-00I parked the car at a meter… but being the scared little girl I am when it comes to driving in LA (remember this incident?), I walked out of the car to check the sign to make sure I was allowed to park in the spot. Weird though, I suddenly felt like I became illiterate because even after reading what the sign said multiple times, I still didn’t have a clear idea of what it was saying. I think it’s safe to call it a side effect of getting a traffic ticket, or simply a trauma of having been the “chosen one” (thanks, LAPD). 0809-1Naturally, I approached this man that was “attempting” to walk his Pit bull,

“Excuse me, is it okay to park here?”

to which he kindly responded, “Yes, it’s free after six.” 0809-01Honestly, being a self-proclaimed country girl (or 촌년), I was a bit frightened when I saw his tattoos and bald head at first… add his muscular Pit bull to the equation along with his creepy white van with no windows (aka molester van), trust me, it does get kind of scary.0809-2But then again, who am I to judge? I mean, who knows, people might think I’m creepy with my half blond hair and pants that look like they belong in the trash. In fact, a friend’s two year old asked me the other day why my pants were falling apart. The only answer I could give was that it was fashion. hmm..?

Anyways… he was nice. I mean, he was just like everybody else, courteous, didn’t do or say anything strange or inappropriate… he was just like everyone else enjoying a peaceful Saturday afternoon with his favorite dog. 0809-7This short encounter made me think, why are we so quick to build walls around ourselves? Why are we always categorizing people and places, turning normal, friendly people into ones that are bad, sometimes inferior even, without getting to know them?
0809-8The parks that I’m used to are something like this: Central Park in Songdo, Incheon where I live in Korea, or the numerous parks all over Irvine, CA where I used to reside.0809-5Now, these are places that you can go any time of the day and are guaranteed to be clean, peaceful, and all around perfect for unwinding. There are occasional animal encounters that they are rather friendly.0809-9but the first thing I noticed when I arrived at Mac Arthur is the smell…. yeah… the sweet scent of urine. and the bird poop that sort of adds spice to the entire place… and the people, a lot of them… mostly speaking Spanish which I thought was nice (I kind of missed hearing Spanish after being in Korea for a while).

All in all, this was a completely different experience for me especially as someone who’s so used to living in a quiet, picturesque neighborhood where you rarely run into people. I loved seeing the diversity, and how each group or individual seemed to be enjoying their time at the park in their own way not minding what other people think… There were families having a picnic, couples taking a nap on the grass, a guy selling popsicles (Paletas!), geese and ducks having a party (or a poop party, rather), homeless people with their shopping carts organizing their belongings… 0809-10but regardless of their social identity and unlike what others have told us, it turns out they are the same people that we are… they don’t bother you unless you say something that’s disrespectful… unless they are completely drunk out of their minds or high off of whatever they are smoking. 0809-13At the end of the day, I felt at peace and was actually excited that I got to experience MacArthur… because it really isn’t fair to be stuck in my own bubble and never experience what’s out there just because of this “image” that others create for certain places and people… which reminds me of the flat I stayed in while visiting Paris a few years ago which turned out to be located in a slum (I had no idea obviously)… but that’s another story.0809-11I have to mention though… Something’s really wrong with these pants- they are size 24 and about to fall off. I’m all for comfort but this one’s kind of risky.0809-12Almost stepped on a $4,000 equipment (or murdered a really talented photographer) while channeling Godzilla…


Cropped top and fedora by Forever21, Leopard print kimono (kind of weird how they call it kimono..) by H&M, Distressed Boyfriend Denim by One Tea Spoon, 2.55 Reissue by Chanel, Qlocktwo watch, Miansai bracelet, Chevron rings by Tom Tom Jewelry, Jeffrey Campbell Maris

Photography by Sangtene