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A New Beginning


This post is for those who never gave up on me and this blog despite the long hiatus. While I’d rather not get into details of my life and the reason behind the gap, I wanted to mention that I really do appreciate your sticking around. Things have changed a lot for me the past few years and it’s taken a while for me to get back on my feet. There was a time when I wanted to never log into this blog ever again, but I realized the reason why this blog was ever even born was because of my love and passion for blogging (and this was when I didn’t even know what a fashion blog was). Now that I’ve finally got my equipment ready, let’s hope that I’ll get to share my new and exciting life in New York with you more often. I cannot promise anything as I’m still learning how to shoot and the equipment I’m working with is nowhere near the quality I used to work with but I’m going to never forget that this blog exists for my enjoyment and love for sharing information with the world, not for anything that I do not enjoy. It never existed so that I could become famous or make money off of it. While it’s unexpectedly given me a lot of exciting opportunities, I appreciate the people I’ve met through it and all the fun things that came along more so than anything else. The focus should always be that it’s fun and informative in some way. I don’t want to call it a hobby because it really isn’t anymore, but it’s fun for me and I hope you get something out of being here while at it. This blog will be taking a different direction; just the way it was meant to be from the beginning: providing helpful information while sharing a part of my life. I hope you enjoy your stay here, and thank you for reading!

IMG_1458Photography by @_dallim

When the time is right

jord_2 Can you believe that it’s already December? I can’t believe how quickly time passes. Perhaps it’s the age, but it’s definitely a time when all kinds of emotions collide, some of which are positive, and some not; however it’s important to focus on the fact that there’s always something to be learned even from experiences that may seem not so pleasant on the surface. On that note, I’m excited to be approaching the end of the year and welcoming the new year. And you know what that means! It’s the holiday season and I know many of you struggle trying to find that perfect gift for loved ones. I was introduced to these unique watches a few weeks ago and I just can’t get enough of my new watch. I mean, it couldn’t come at a better time because my 10+ years old Baume et Mercier has been giving me issues yet again. jord3 Made with real wood in St. Louise, the watch is light, smells and feels natural, and most importantly does the job perfectly while adding a fun stylish element to any outfit. My pick is the Fieldcrest in Zebrawood & Maple, and I just love the combination of the tan and light brown stripes that give it this unique appearance without being overpowering. I think they’d make a perfect holiday gift for both women and men, and to make holiday shopping easier for you, I’ve teamed up with JORD Wood Watches to offer you a giveaway via this link: https://www.woodwatches.com/g/tomimito Every person who enters the giveaway will be instantly emailed a $25 e-gift code to use on the site, so hurry over to the site to get yours! The giveaway closes 12/25/16 at 11:59pm, but the e-gift code won’t expire until 2/28/17. Merry early Christmas, guys, and best wishes!

This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches

Unique Watch

Layered to perfection

Post December1

Colder temperature calls for more things to put on- although less really is more.


On a typical five-level Likert scale, I’m the one that sits on the “strongly agree” dot when the question is, “You consider the time spent putting on clothes one of the most unproductive daily activities.”

Having spent longer than necessary number of years in LA doesn’t help either, where layering is reserved for true fashionistas.

But as with many things that have changed over the years… Seoul has done it again, with the arrival of the dreaded winter. Yeah, you.


After about three winters of feeling like a lost cat, I’m finally feeling a bit more confident about going out without a padding jacket, one with which I reluctantly maintained a love and hate relationship for the longest time.

So it turns out it’s all in layering, and the material: wool and cashmere are going to be my best friends this season, let me tell you that much.

Just letting you know, these shots were taken before we got our first snow here, and it was feeling more like autumn then, hence the pants. Probably going to have to rely on baggy sweats and ugliest leggings for the next four months, and you probably won’t see me for a while here unless you are interested in seeing me in hibernation mode which isn’t the prettiest version of me.

Black coat, Grey vest, Cashmere sweater by Post December, Kareem Hi sneakers by Adidas, Socks by Cres. E DIM, Faux leather pants by Work Custom Jeans, Ray-ban aviators, Scarf by Sisley.

Photography by Hugo Lee

Seoul Fashion Week Spring 2015 Day 6 Outfit

SFW SS 2015: Day 6

Gray looks so much more sophisticated when paired with its best friends: white and black.

SFW SS 2015: Day 6

The pleats on this dress (yes, what looks like a maxi skirt is actually connected to the top), if you look carefully, has varying shades of gray, silver, and black vertical stripes, spread throughout in an uneven pattern. I fell in love the moment I saw it because it reminded me of the Chinese calligraphy class I used to take back in school during my childhood in Korea.

SFW SS 2015: Day 6

The irregularities of the stripes were reminiscent of my not-so-perfect brush strokes, which made it all the more artistic when done on Han-ji, a type of rice paper typically used to paint and write in Asian art. The type of ink that is used along with it has a very thick, super dark consistency yet when met with Han-ji, gets immediately absorbed as if they are meant for each other. I remember how this distinct characteristic used to make me extremely nervous, as one small mistake meant having to start over.

SFW SS 2015: Day 6

I think… it would have been really cool if someone had taught me in my younger days that it is okay to make mistakes, and that sometimes, making mistakes is the only way to learn certain things in life.

SFW SS 2015: Day 6

Although, because I did not know this truth until later my life, I got to experience and learn it the hard way, which I am eternally thankful for.

SFW SS 2015: Day 6
SFW SS 2015: Day 6

And with that, this is how my journey at Seoul Fashion Week S/S ’15 ended. It’s always nice to meet new faces and go through what feels like a crash course on the newest fashion trends. To all those who worked day and night to make this event a successful one, I just want to say, “수고하셨습니다~,” and “감사합니다.” See you next season!

SFW SS 2015: Day 6

Dress & Coat by Post December, Jabbar Kareem high sneakers by Adidas, New Era snapback, Chanel 2.55 Reissue, Sunglasses by Italia Independent, Jewelry by Tomtom Jewelry, Miansai and Tiffany & Co.

Seoul Fashion Week Spring 2015 Day 5 Outfit

SFW SS 2015: Day 5You know, I’ve finally learned to use the flat iron that came with a blow dryer that I got almost three years ago at Costco in Seoul. Yeah, it only took that long. Just another story of my technologically/mechanically challenged life. I didn’t realize what awesome results it can actually bring about, even with my severely damaged triple-bleached hair. You’ve just got yourself a new loyal customer here, Mr. Flat Iron.

SFW SS 2015: Day 5And yeah, I think I was going for this “I just woke up” look which really is contradicting with my flat-ironed hair but you know, it was for fashion week.

SFW SS 2015: Day 5

Designer Imseonoc has her unique way of making even pajama-inspired pieces look remarkably stylish. I mean, just look at the way these dropped-crotch pants fit. How about the shirt? While it’s clear that they are more utility-focused, it’s undeniable that they are the most fashion forward garments you may come across these days. And we all know she only uses one type of fabric which is high-quality neoprene and that her philosophy is to minimize waste, hence making her brand more desirable. If one is able to achieve such success without having to tap into the world of luxurious materials or even any other besides her usual neoprene, it certainly gives hope to those who seek to build their own brand using limited resources.

SFW SS 2015: Day 5SFW SS 2015: Day 5SFW SS 2015: Day 5 SFW SS 2015: Day 5

Because sometimes you are tired of wearing the same outfit all day.

SFW SS 2015: Day 5

Grid pattern pieces all by PartspARTs by Imseonoc, Aloyna sneakers & Muskrat ankle boots by Jeffrey Campbell, Round “Frieda” reflective sunglasses by Illesteva

Seoul Fashion Week Spring 2015 Day 4 Outfit

SFW SS 2015: Day 4

It was day four, and it rained… but that didn’t stop us, fashion people, from dressing properly.

SFW SS 2015: Day 4

As much as I’m a big fan of big clothes, it is not the easiest style to work with, because as you can imagine, it can easily make you look something like five pounds heavier.

OUTFIT Day 4 (5 of 7)

Which is why it’s important to go with pieces designed by experts who design with the potential side effect in mind.

SFW SS 2015: Day 4

Enter J KOO Street, a new casual street wear line of J KOO.

OUTFIT Day 4 (1 of 7)

The culottes and shirt/jacket combo is the best denim ensemble I’ve encountered lately not only in terms of style but the way they fit… and the comfort! They are perfect everyday pieces that can be styled in so many different ways that they’ve quickly become staples in my wardrobe. (No, this is NOT a sponsored post)

SFW SS 2015: Day 4

They are part hip-hop, part casual, part swag minus the usual pretentiousness that tends to come with street wear.

In the meantime, I shall be waiting impatiently for the online shop to open. Make sure to check for updates on Studiojkoo.com!

SFW SS 2015: Day 4

Denim shirt & culottes by JKOO Street, Black Ouzel Pumps by Jeffrey Campbell, Cropped black top by Forever21, Hat by New Era, Sunglasses by Celine, Bag by Chanel.

Seoul Fashion Week Spring 2015 Day 3 Outfit

SFW SS 2015: Day 3

This is what a true father-son enterprise looks like in real life: Blue button down blouse by Lie Sang Bong, and wide leather pants by Chung Chung Lie who successfully launched his own label last season.

SFW SS 2015: Day 3

You know, being an introvert has many perks as well as disadvantages. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t always enjoy being photographed. My anxiety level goes through the roof sometimes hence the reason why I look so stiff in shots photographed by street photographers. If practice helps, I should be collaborating with photographers more often to get it under control. These are times when I’m kind of glad that I never made it as a model. Although, I kind of do wish sometimes that I had received professional training besides the ones that came with beauty pageants- you know, the kind that teaches you to be the happiest, most feminine woman on the planet.

SFW SS 2015: Day 3

Wide-leg trousers are… life. Try them once, and you’ll be hooked. Bye, Bye skinnies…

SFW SS 2015: Day 3SFW SS 2015: Day 3

So I was asked for an autograph for the third time for the record. Maybe it’s time that I came up with one that doesn’t resemble one on my birth certificate, because you know, identity theft. J/K- I love it when you show love, I just don’t know what the heck to do with myself, that’s all.

SFW SS 2015: Day 3SFW SS 2015: Day 3

Shirt by Lie Sang Bong, Leather pants by LIE, Shearling “Dulce” pumps by Jeffrey Campbell, White leather hat from Amazon, Blue reflective sunglasses by Illesteva, White leather PS1 backpack by Proenza Schouler, Rings by Tomtom Jewelry, Watch: Rolex.

Seoul Fashion Week Spring 2015 Day 2 Outfit

SFW SS 2015: Day 2

I’m all about versatility when it comes to dressing… and it doesn’t get any cooler than being able to share pieces with men- although, I must make it clear that such doesn’t necessarily work out all the time.

SFW SS 2015: Day 2

But when I do come across a brand that is able to offer things that are one-size-fits-all and unisex that are beautiful both on men and women, that’s when I know I’ve just found a soulmate.

SFW SS 2015: Day 2

Mr. Chang Kwang Hyo is not only famous for having paved the way for Korean menswear, but his eye for finding talent is like none other in the industry. Many of the top actors in Korea made their debut at his show in the early days of their modeling career, and you can be assured when I say that I learned a thing or two by sitting next to him during a model casting. It’s all about the turn, guys, turn. You know when models walk towards the camera and make a turn? It’s that very moment that he considers most important. He says there needs to be a certain kind of attitude when a model turns his face away from the camera. That’s one of the main qualifications he seeks in a new model. Taking notes yet?

SFW SS 2015: Day 2SFW SS 2015: Day 2SFW SS 2015: Day 2SFW SS 2015: Day 2

I had the honor of participating in his S/S ’15 collection by assisting with the pamphlet content in which I basically rewrote the English version when I was asked to edit (You know, I’m “that” type: the overachiever ;P). My focus was on delivering the message as he had intended in the Korean version which he wrote himself, without sounding forced or awkward. I can’t wait to share the piece with you. Coming soon to TOMIMITO.COM along with the collection coverage!

SFW SS 2015: Day 2SFW SS 2015: Day 2

Double-breasted blazer specially made for TOMIMITO by CARUSO by Changkwanghyo, Men’s open-back sleeveless shirtdress & Tuxedo Bib by CARUSO by Changkwanghyo, Bowtie by Club Monaco, Stan Smith by Adidas sneakers, Sunglasses by Celine, PS1 backpack by Proenza Schouler, Fedora by Eric Javits

Seoul Fashion Week Spring 2015 Day 1 Outfit

SFW SS 2015: Day 1 SFW SS 2015: Day 1 SFW SS 2015: Day 1 SFW SS 2015: Day 1 SFW SS 2015: Day 1 SFW SS 2015: Day 1 SFW SS 2015: Day 1

This bomber jacket is everything you need for a lazy afternoon: neon geometric patterns paired with pinstripes add a sporty touch while an asymmetrical wrap miniskirt with a zipper detail is most definitely entertaining. It’s a Friday afternoon pick-me-up; a coffee break, that fat piece of chocolate cake, a 3PM tea-time. Do it with caution though, these heels are deadly.

Wearing Bomber jacket & skirt by JKOO, Strappy wedge boots by Jeffrey Campbell, Clutch by Zequun, Sunglasses by Celine, Snapback by New Era Korea