Snow Wonderland


I’m away on a sort-of-last-minute mini vacation at the moment. Had one of the best runs ever today since Aspen more than two years ago though the snow isn’t as great (it is no longer Winter, after all). So awesome how the slopes are almost empty, though not so happy about having extremely limited choices…

Less is More


Says Mr. Kelly Was at LACMA last week with Mr. P for Ellsworth Kelly’s exhibition who is famous for abstract art. I personally am conflicted when it comes to such subject because it always seems that the description is more interesting than the work itself… but then again, that may just be me.   Ellsworth…

Back to Reality. And Boy, Does It Feel Good


I don’t think I’ve ever said this before, but it actually feels awesome to be back to reality. Praise the Lord! Oh, by the way, finally sharing some shots of Sam Cheong Dong taken in Winter. It’s so nice and warm in Seoul now. Lovin’ it!

Seven Grand


“There is definitely a bookish, masculine vibe to the place… the kind of joint you’d find in Fitzgerald, Hemingway or Miller (Henry, not Arthur)… a great place to drink bourbon, puff on a cigar and pretend to be in an imaginary boys club. Even if you’re a girl.” – LA WEEKLY “Boys Club” is probably…

It’s a Small World


Was in Las Vegas last week. Though we did take our Canon with us, there weren’t many opportunities for photos. Anyhow, these are what I have from the trip taken on my iPhone. In a nutshell, the trip basically consisted of strange yet interesting sightings including a giant Prada luggage, a dragon, the Statue of…

A Walk to Remember

Two days before we left Korea, it snowed so much that everything in Seoul, and I mean everything, was covered in snow. We happened to be on the 8th floor of Doota in Dong Dae Mun when it started snowing so we were able to witness the beginning of it all. After grabbing a few…

Culture Shock

The more I learn about the Korean culture, the more my heart breaks. 5-year old kids who are sent to English classes, single ladies who would do anything to get married (including plastic surgery, studying their butt off to get into a good college, etc.), the guys who max out their credit cards to buy…

The Past and the Present

Insadong-gil is “well known as a traditional street to both locals and foreigners” and represents the “culture of the past and the present”.  It contains a mixture of historical and modern atmosphere and is a “unique area of Seoul that truly represents the cultural history of the nation.” One question I ask myself regularly is,…

Home, Sweet Home

These photos were taken about a month ago a few days after our arrival in Seoul. So far, my experience has been more interesting than exciting. I’m actually not sure how to accurately describe what I’m feeling towards it. I feel at home but at the same time I could not feel more awkward at…

Fist Rice


 That’s what these are. Best 묵 I’ve ever had (acorn jelly? That doesn’t sound very tasty but it’s actually quite good) at Duru (두루) in Cheong Dam Special thanks to my lovely unnis (female friends who are older than me) in Korea