Yet we meet again.

House of Spiritual Retreat by Emilio Ambasz Emilio Ambasz originally designed the House of Spiritual Retreat in 1979 for an imaginary site near Cordoba, Spain. It was constructed only last year, on a hilly, arid landscape outside of Seville. Featuring two white walls situated at a ninety-degree angle and a long stairway descending into a…

Chill out

My visit to this place was long-overdue considering the length of time I’ve thought about paying a visit. Unusual, but my interest was sparked by public hype for the most part, thus I couldn’t help being a bit skeptical at first. ‘Is it overrated, or worth the hype?’ was the question of the hour. Urth…

Pop Art

by Roy Lichtenstein There was a time when I didn’t consider contemporary art as ‘art’, not to mention pop art until… I became acquainted with this girl.