Feelin’ Japanese

After our usual eye shopping deal at Southcoast, headed over to Mitsuwa for some white bread, where we were unexpectedly greeted with some amazing goodies:


Ijinkan Maki: “a delicate dessert of soft mochi and red bean paste wrapped with thin Japanese pancake”

Ahhh so good!! Only if it was a bit less pricey- paid $7 for 4 pieces (!!!)


Okonomiyaki: a Japanese version of pancake; made with flour, eggs, cabbage, and various toppings (my fav is octopus!) $5 a piece- it’s actually very easy to make, so decided to skip.


Desserts- no idea how they taste- has anyone tried them?


More goodies… Not sure what’s in them; Korean versions usually come with chestnut or red bean fillings.


Japanese sweets- If I had stayed in the aisle for another minute, I would have grabbed something… glad we were able to escape in a timely manner.


Love the way Japanese chocolate tastes… It has its own unique taste… not too rich, not too sweet… and better yet, they have a special talent of turning everything good with chocolate! Above is a good example… usual corn snack covered in Japanese chocolate- completely melts in mouth… mmmmm~~

If you are in town this weekend, be sure to stop by Mitsuwa for an introduction to Japanese snacks.

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Chill out


My visit to this place was long-overdue considering the length of time I’ve thought about paying a visit. Unusual, but my interest was sparked by public hype for the most part, thus I couldn’t help being a bit skeptical at first. ‘Is it overrated, or worth the hype?’ was the question of the hour.


urth salad

Urth Salad- The first salad that actually tasted better than steak.


Prociutto Panini- yet another best I’ve had.

Greentea Latte

How can you resist Green Tea Latte that looks like this?! Purrfect.

Spanish Latte

Ever-so-popular Spanish Latte- lived up to the hype; liked the mild better than the strong, though.

bread pudding

Sorry about the intruder- my fork became a little impatient. Introducing ‘The-Totally-Melts-in-Your-Mouth-Bread-Pudding’


After a satisfying meal and a wonderfully relaxing time at the cafe, the exploration continued on the other side of the city at The Grove where I was encountered with pretty little things:


Zara Fall 2009 Collection

While the collection was obviously influenced by Chanel’s tweed suits and Balmain’s strong-shouldered jacket, I nonetheless heart Zara b/c they transform ridiculously expensive goodies on a wish list into something more wearable and affordable, all in decent quality and with elegance. Their high-heeled gladiator sandals are always a favorite on my list along with cute jackets and coats. Love them! Unfortunately, I didn’t end up bringing any home this time b/c there’s just no way that I’m paying over 9% tax, but it was fun while it lasted. My night ended with a book on today’s hottest architectural designs. Stay tuned for more on this.

So to answer the question of the hour- Is Urth over-rated? I don’t think so, at least not the one in Downtown LA (Well, if rating was entirely based on food; if ambiance and location were part of the equation, Melrose location would be a better choice.). Just one thing that bothered the heck out of me is that I wasn’t getting wifi at neither location. Perhaps one’s got to be creative to enjoy Urth to the fullest: Get the Green Tea/Spanish Latte to go at Urth and just chill at Starbucks…


tea time


also good for people watching & delicious sandwiches

1929 Hillhurst Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027