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my attempt at compensating for lack of posts lately.

Someone looks studious… or is she falling asleep? Typical me. :P

You knew I had a sweet tooth, didn’t you? yes, I ate four in one sitting. Fail. ugh. :T

Wanted to see what the hype was about.. to only be encountered with a ***load of flies and nasty shaved ice with umm.. ice- but seriously, where were the fruits? so yeah, you will never see me walking in here ever again. Mochilato is the way to go. YELP, you LIAR!!!

in Carlsbad wearing dad’s camouflage hat which totally ruined my style for the day but I had no choice- would you get a sunburn or be ugly for the day? I choose the latter. but yeah, besides looking like a bum, it was a fun-filled, somewhat relaxing weekend. Gotta Lo-ve my Bazaar. :D and no, I don’t usually enjoy mixing patterns. risky indeed.

Star Sighting, Relaxing Weekend, and more

Can a person really be perfect? well, maybe… this girl is a good example that such may indeed exist- presenting Michelle Wie.

I got to see her up close and personal (?) over the weekend. Couple things pleasantly surprised me- she’s huge (from what I hear and saw, she’s about 6 ft) yet very fit and slim for her height. She’s got long, tan, muscular legs and arms… with a really small oval face that every Korean girl would die for. She carries herself very well and is stylish. She also has showmanship: she changed her hair style 3 times during the game. I understand that’s a lot of info yet I haven’t even touched upon her background. She’s the typical “daughter of mom’s friend (I wrote about this when I did a post on Kim, Yuna): she comes from a well-educated family (her father is a professor– and she gets 50 pts for this fact alone in the Korean community :P), goes to a prestigious school (Stanford- ugh like another 50 pts), is hugely talented (world-class golfer; ok she’s already exceeded max pts but yet deserves another 50), is well-mannered and beautiful. uhh… so is God really fair? In her case, I don’t know… lol but anyhoo, although she pretty much bombed the game yesterday, I still enjoyed watching and following her around though my feet hurt like crazy (bad idea to be wearing chucks). I wished I knew more about golf, but with an “almost pro’s” help (aka dad), was I not only able to learn a bit about golf, but enjoy it like an experienced gallery should. :)

While golf and Michelle Wie’s all good, I’ve been craving a weekend that looks something like this:

palm trees, beautiful sunny cali weather, nice occasional breeze, a bottle of water, sound of water trickling down a water fountain, and my favorite fashion magazine… too bad I only got to enjoy it for ten minutes yet it was absolutely rejuvenating and relaxing!

After the game, headed back to Orange County to pig out…


I wanted to take my parents here ever since my first and last visit a few months ago. I was thoroughly impressed with the craftsmanship and quality of food and expected the same, if not more, for dinner… yet I regret to say that I was not 100% satisfied. While I admit that the sashimi/sushi were some of the best I’ve had, other dishes were just average. What frustrated us most was the service. It took a good 15 minutes for one dish to be served and let me tell you- after walking around the golf course for 4-5 hours, we were dead tired not to mention starving. oh and the portions were unbelievably tiny. Probably won’t be going back for dinner anytime soon. Maybe.. for lunch. I still do like their lunch combination. Bottom line is that I can probably find plenty of other places that serve better sushi at that price. boo~:P

Confessions of a Foodaholic

One of my favorite places to hang out in LA is Larchmont. It’s filled with cutesy little stores and good eats. Although the village consists of only a few blocks, I always end up discovering something new. This time wasn’t an exception and we treated ourselves to wonderful Caribbean cuisine at Prado where we were pleasantly surprised not only with the food, but a 10% discount offer to celebrate their 20th year. We ordered Carioca Chicken and Seafood Paella which was their special of the day. I lo-ved the sauce on the chicken. It had chunks of tropical fruits which made the chicken not only burst with flavor but very soft. I’m not a huge chicken fan but this one was a definite winner. btw, service couldn’t be better- the waiter was just impeccable. and you know, it’s all about good customer service. This place gets a 10 just for that.

Carioca Chicken

Seafood Paella:
Actually liked this dish a bit more than the chicken probably because I’m an avid seafood lover. lol. It was very moist, extremely flavorful, and the seafood pieces (shrimp, lobster, scallops, fish) were HUGE. Not as good as the one I had in Spain (with a whole lobster) but I’d go back just for this. uh.. I. want. NOW! :T

The night ended with a Tiramisu Cupcake from Crumbs, a Red Velvet Cake & Grapefruit Green Tea from Bricks and Scones, and Starbucks. Lovely. <333

On another note, finally feeling better. Hallelujah! :)

King of the Tacos

While in the area to pick up some delicious cream puffs, stopped by Chronic Tacos to see what the hype was about; however to my dismay their fish taco turned out just “ok”- I’d say average, maybe even less- a moment in which King Taco was once again proven invincible. :D*** (drools)

To get, or not to get: that is the question.

bah~ FAIL.

Sweet Temptation

Rich, creamy custard & juicy strawberry covered in flaky, crispy crust- delightful indeed.

Craving Strawberry Croissant from:

Cream Pan
602 El Camino Real
Tustin, CA 92780

Pink Knows Hot Dogs.

For those of you living in Orange County who don’t enjoy driving 50 miles just to be greeted by 100′s of others waiting in line under a scorching sun while being continuously harassed by the delicious aroma and visuals of just-off-the-grill hot dogs, now you have the luxury of picking one up in the hood:

Pinks at Knott’s Berry Farm

*Hot Dog Stand Image Source: Google Images

I love LA.

One of the reasons why I love living in SoCal:


After weeks of unlikely heavy rainfalls, the sky finally cleared up to bring peace back to LA.


Fell in love with their famous ice cream sandwich (More specifically, the Chocolate Chip Cookies w/ Walnuts & Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich)
Diddy Riese
926 Broxton Avenue
Westwood, CA 90024

Chillin’ with my iPhone at Urth Melrose.. uh, I mean… my hub’s iPhone.. :(


My most favorite Green Tea Latte in the world! Starbucks’ is a close second but this one’s not as sweet- just the way I like it!


Urth Salad: Healthy & Yummy!

After scoring a pair of cute boots & a vintage flannels on La Brea (for which I will be doing a post shortly), headed back to Melrose for some mouthwatering cuisine
7469 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Great selection of wines, wine pairing service, & creative dishes. Notable is the by-the-glass option.

vinoteque1 vinoteque2


Shoes+Clothes+Food= Bliss

Like a little kid in a toy store, my mind enters euphoria the minute I set my foot here:


Fyi: No, I was not lucky enough to find a pair b/c they had already run out of my size by the time I arrived- boo~!

After hours of roaming around, we got hungry and decided to grab lunch at a French bistro recommended by a coworker for some luxurious course meal.


IMG_0669 IMG_0675 IMG_0676 IMG_0677

Great, relaxed atmosphere, good service, and best of all, excellent food- all for $25 . For someone like me who rarely does course meals, I think it’s definitely worth it. Course menu changes daily; we had scallops and pork, which were both excellent. Great for a weekend brunch/lunch.

March Moderne
3333 Bristol Street (Inside South Coast Plaza on Third Floor next to Christian Louboutin)
Costa Mesa, CA 92626-1837
(714) 434-7900
* Reservation highly recommended.

After unwinding a bit, the journey continued at the other side of the building:

IMG_0687 IMG_0691 IMG_0694

I’m deeply in love with this leopard dress & the boots… lovelovelove!!! <333

All by Miss Sixty except for the socks… :)

Seafood Galore

After a Magic Straight Perm, a hair cut, a bag of Chrysanthemum Bread, and a tour of Beverly Hills, we decided to head back to Korea Town for some good seafood:


one happy family :)


Appetizers which include a salad, spicy rice cake with seafood cooked on a table grill, dynamite, Korean pancake, sweet potato tempura, porridge, mussel stew, stir fried udon, etc.


After you finish the clams, scallops, mussels, oysters, grilled shrimps, octopus, and squid, the waiter cooks rice in one of the shells with spicy sauce and seaweed… heavenly.


Seafood galore for $39.99

We ate until we couldn’t breathe anymore, then took some home for lunch the next day.

I had always wanted try a clam place (it’s very popular in Korea), yet didn’t think I would be able to see one in the states anytime soon. So glad I discovered this place. I would choose clams over meat anytime.

Chungdam Jogae; 청담동 조개구이
Chapman Plaza
3465 W 6th St

Los AngelesCA 90020

Go Mexican Tonight

Fajita, Tomimito-style

Made in 30 minutes.

Steak Fajita1

What you will need:

1. Sauteed Veggies: 2 Bell Peppers in Red & Green, 1/2 Yellow Onion (use rest for salsa)

2. Meat: Ribeye Steak or Chicken Breast (Mine’s from Costco- 1 slab is good for 2 people; Costco’s pack comes in 5-6 slabs, so it’s only like $3 for 1!)- Cut into bite-sized or small pieces

3. Salsa- 4 Roma Tomatoes, 1/2 Yellow Onion (both diced), 1 Cilantro bunch, 1 Lime, Pepper, Salt

4. Lawry’s Seasoning Powder & Pepper for seasoning both veggies and the meat

5. Flour or Corn Tortilla (or your favorite kind)

6. and.. my favorite hot sauce, TAPATIO!


Cut meat into small pieces and stir fry it in a pan… when it’s half way cooked, sprinkle Lawry’s seasoning powder, or your favorite Fajita or Taco seasoning!

bell peppers

Cook the veggies in a separate pan the same way as the meat, just don’t overcook it!


Homemade salsa made in 15 min: Dice Tomatoes and Onion. Add chopped cilantro, squeeze some lime juice (I use 1 whole lime), add salt and pepper to taste. Voila, you are done. I added Kiwi as well the other day to give it a sweet twist.


My favorite Mexican man

Warm the tortilla on a pan for about a minute, flip, & do the same for the other side.

Place it on your plate, toss some of the grilled/sauteed veggies, add meat, top with salsa. Sprinkle Tapatio, wrap it, and eat it! There, you’ve now arrived in Fajita heaven!