Rolling in the Deep


If I had to choose one of my favorite go-to dishes ever, it would undoubtedly be rolls. Yes, rolls, as in California rolls, and all of its variations. I’m not a big fast food lover and have a hard time digesting anything fried and/or dipped in MSG but anything and everything Asian (not the Oriental…

Food for Thought


It’s hard to believe that there’s less than six months left of the year. My first official summer in Korea has been both eventful and a bit tough: lots of exciting projects yet this tropical rainforest weather is just something that will take a long time to get used to. I thought Hong Kong was…

Pizza in Seoul


…and no, that is not an oxymoron. Seoul is no longer how I remember it from back in the days; it’s full of great international cuisine and cool places to hang (many of them a lot cooler than the ones in the States, sorry friends. hehe). You can just about find anything you want whenever…

Fist Rice


 That’s what these are. Best 묵 I’ve ever had (acorn jelly? That doesn’t sound very tasty but it’s actually quite good) at Duru (두루) in Cheong Dam Special thanks to my lovely unnis (female friends who are older than me) in Korea

snack time


Where I can be found these days. I had three of their walnut waffle in one seating just the other day. Their green tea gelato is a winner too.

It’s a Boy


A friend just had a baby boy over the weekend. To celebrate, picked up a dozen special edition cupcakes from Sprinkle’s, my absolute favorite cupcake bakery. They were obviously too cute to be eaten but next thing I know, they were already in my belly. Congrats to Kara & Roy on their beautiful little one!…

Passion for Food


It’s been exactly a day since my return to the States yet I’m still on Korean time which means that my body’s finally fully awake after an 8-hour work day spent as a walking zombie. After a missed bus and a flight, another almost-missed-flight, a nausea, a breakfast that tasted like rubber, and a six…



I was in utter shock when we arrived in Busan because it was nothing like how I remembered it. With skyscrapers and department stores occupying the area, it was far from what I had in mind, but at the same time, I found myself excited and proud to be born in a country that is…

Cheong Dam Dong


After grabbing a homestyle Korean lunch in Yeok Sam Dong, we headed to a lounge called T6 in Cheong Dam Dong where Foreus Collection was having a sample show. Besides the ladies who were excited to finally get their hands on the premium American brands that they were only able to meet online previously, a…

Love at First Bite


You are probably saying, “Wait.. didn’t she wear this in the previous post?” Yes, you are correct, but only partially. I have a different jacket and shoes on, which makes a whole world of difference. Trust me, you can transform an entire outfit by just switching up outerwear and/or shoes. Give it a try! I…