Money Can Buy Happiness(?!)

Happiness cannot be bought with money, of course. If it does, it’s short-lived and even those beautiful things you paid thousands of dollars for become stale after a while (I’m sure you know what I mean). While I’m glad that I’m aware of this fact and that I have an assurance that I can be happy even in tough times in life because I have a good understanding of what life is really about-  and it’s all good, unless art pieces like these come along:

jazz leopard

Jazz Leopard Print Pump by Jimmy Choo

leopard bootie

Leopard Bootie by Christian Louboutin

Wait… leopards?! .. and I never thought that I’d consider leopard beautiful… is this a sign of aging, or are they just in style these days? I’d like to believe that it’s the latter. :P

Anyhow, and one more… Really had a hard time letting go of this one- Navy blue fitted ruffle dress (not an official name; not sure what it’s called; can’t even find it online) by Ted Baker:

ted baker dress

As much as I loved all these, knowing that the love would only last couple months if not days, I decided to detach myself from them before it was too late. As I said good-bye to these beauties, I decided to please my tummies to fill the void:


Started off with Octopus Suckers w/ Ponzu Sauce and ended with Vanilla Ice Cream w/ Hot Red Bean Sauce… had no chance to take pictures of sushi as they went straight into my tummy. Tried Scallops with Pumpkin Sauce for the first time and absolutely loved it. This is a must-try place for sushi lovers. It’s a tiny place so make sure you make a reservation! Highly recommended for special occasions or when you just feel like having some great fish- No soy sauce needed.


735 Baker St. Ste C

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

(714) 556-7822