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Seoul Fashion Week Spring 2013: Dominic’s Way

Didn’t actually know what to make of this gangster-inspired collection at first but I soon found myself enjoying the show, must have been the repeated f-word in the hip-hop music playing in the background that put me in euphoria… No, I’ll be honest, it was Key from Shinee sitting right across the room. Lots of K-Pop idols were in attendance at this particular show, including aforementioned Shinee, MBLAQ, Nu’est, and A-Jax. I’m assuming it’s due to the personal relationships they have with the designer. or is it her long pink hair.. which is pretty awesome- it reminded me of unicorn for some odd reason, in a good way.

It was a fun show. Lots of bling, sheer fitted shirts, bright prints, creepers, skinny jeans, metallics, vinyls, crystals, and a white leather overall and a jumpsuit. The word “Dope” pretty much sums it up.

My absolute favorite piece of the collection, floor sweeping shirt (which looks almost like a lady’s night gown of some sort) with lots of badass gansta tattoos.

See-through shirts and white leather pieces were really good, just not digging the jeans with the brand name printed all over, sometimes in not-so-appropriate places.

Just look at the way the gown moves. hawt.

Ok, this man made me hyperventilate when his shirt came off and the leather overall almost came off soon after. Just look at Jonghyun’s face. He felt the same way.

Six-pack was part of the collection. Every single model had it, I kid you not. Made the show much more entertaining for sure. No, but in all seriousness, this model was the hottest of the bunch. Oh shoot, am I talking about the model again instead of the collection? Oops. Not my fault, it’s designer’s. She’s definitely got a good eye for good looking men, haha.

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Seoul Fashion Week Spring 2013: Kim Seoryong

Oh, brocade… need more of these in my life.
Metallic polka dots? Absolutely yes.
These “hot” shorts took some time to get used to, but I realized that they look super hot on guys with long, skinny legs… note that I said guys with “long, skinny legs” lol
What a clever way to finish off such a structured look as flip-flops loosen up the business-casual look quite a bit.
Loved the color of this summer suit, the green is not the typical green you see in shows held in other countries but reminiscent of one used in Hanbok, the traditional Korean clothing.
In love with this skinny fit I’m seeing on guys. It makes them look leaner and taller. The geometric pattern improves the effect by  distracting viewers from focusing on a specific part of a body.
Love the feminine details on this shirt and pants- round collars and soft colors make this a perfect outfit for pretty boys. By the way, polka dots seem to be sweeping the runways of Seoul Fashion Week.
I need the name of this model, pronto. So much charisma, the camera couldn’t handle it.
Elegant decay, Korean style. Reminds me of Chogajip, traditional Korean house which has a roof made with dried straws and wooden floors in a hue used in this suit. 

A fun spin-off of the usual flower print, this suit is an art in and of itself.

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Photo by Justin Shin, fashion photographer Seoul Korea

Seoul Fashion Week Spring 2013: CY Choi

Today marks the first day of Seoul Fashion Week. Despite the pouring rain, thunder, and lightening (we could barely find our way to the venue), it was a successful opening day for the event, and of course the shows were wonderful which was made even better by various celeb sightings including the K-Pop group Shinee and Brownie, the character doll from the popular comedy show, Gag Concert.

Seoul Fashion Week SS 2013 Cy CHOI

Since we didn’t get to the venue early enough to set up, let’s go straight to the second main show of the day, CY Choi.

Lapelless blazers, large leather totes, polka dots, vertical stripes, cuffed slacks, platform shoes, and some sporty elements, too.

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Photo by Justin Shin, Fashion Photographer Seoul Korea