Behind the Scenes

It’s Not Easy being a Rock Star.

I mean a K-Pop Star.


Fortunately or unfortunately, many of the rehearsals go on in full force until there is a few minutes left to the start of the show at Seoul Fashion Week. It is usual for security to forbid access at the designer or the producer’s request, but Big Park was gracious enough to let some of us in, which I personally see as a great marketing opportunity for the designer house as it’s another chance to be “exposed” to public (through a media coverage such as what you are reading right now, but it is acknowledged other perspectives exist as well in which the concern is they prefer to keep the collection and production secret and unreleased until the official start of the show). While I always enjoy watching the rehearsals as observing group dynamics is my natural inclination and a forte, Big Park‘s show carried a bit more entertaining value, thanks to Uee, the popular pop star and actress.


When a designer decides to hire a celebrity for his/her show, it’s a calculated decision, one in which he/she believes it will benefit the brand in one way or two. It creates a “buzz” you know.


For that reason, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to have a few celebs on the runway… unless they are really, really bad at the job itself and don’t possess any basic walking skills which is kind of hard to come by, unless you’ve never walked in your life, and I don’t mean the model walk.


On that note, it was hard watching Uee get yelled at in front of the models… I’m not sure of the reason but the production manager said some humiliating things in her face loud enough for everyone else to hear, something along the lines of, “We are never going to hire a celebrity again.” The uncomfortable situation continued with her calling Uee “Celebrity” instead of her name when she was referring everyone else by their names.


She’s smiling here because that’s not Uee… uh..


I’m not sure how the celebs deal with this kind of treatment on a daily basis and still maintain a composure with a smile on their face. I know that was probably the least offensive attack she’s received in her time as a celeb. Korean people can be mean, very much so. They will pour out all the love they’ve got one minute and the next, will not only turn their back but start spitting on you like you committed a crime; they can be very bipolar when it comes to relationships, and that includes the (often imaginary) one they have with their favorite celebrities. If they “believe” they gave much, they expect the same or more in return, such as maintaining a good reputation (which can mean a lot of things including staying single forever, remaining pretty as you age without receiving plastic surgeries, continuing to excel in your craft, etc). But when you do not meet their expectations, they are quick to turn their back on you… You are lucky if it ends there but people can be harsh and abusive (especially with words), and the problem is that they don’t realize verbal abuse is not much different from its physical counterpart, which is often worse in that it affects the victim permanently. I’ve developed a new respect for these young celebs. You’ve got to be tenacious yet humble and extremely dedicated at the same time to survive, which is definitely not an easy combination.

See Uee in Action at Big Park S/S 2013