Making a Difference One Life at a Time

Call it ambitious, but we dared to make a difference by taking small steps (perhaps not so small in this case) by holding a charity event which turned out to be a success thanks to all the helping hands. Here is a brief photographic recap of the event last Saturday:

the venue

beautiful jewelry by Sil

two artistically gifted ladies: Jessica Kim, graphic designer & Julie Kim, jewelry designer

partner in crime getting ready for the big event

Shop to make a difference!

My cousin who is a creative genius and her little one. I couldn’t have pulled it off without her help. Thanks for everything!

My little sister who managed the merchandise display. Another key person who made the event possible. Seriously, without her, it would have been a disaster. Thank you! :D

the grand entrance… lol

Bool makes the best tacos, period. try their Spicy Pork Tacos! impossible to just have one.


Julie showing off her skills. one mad talented woman.

shopping makes everyone smile, including husbands. :)

Introducing Sil jewelry’s new model

Thanks for coming out! :D btw, congrats on winning those movie tix!

I was just kidding. He’s actually a famous MC.


w/ bride to be

The gang (minus a whole bunch- it was getting late and a lot of them had left by then)

Thanks to everyone who helped out as well as those who came out to support the cause! I still have some wrapping up to do but this was definitely a great learning experience and I look forward to helping out in future events. Thanks Lina for the opportunity! Great job, everyone!

Love is all you need.

As some of you know, tomorrow is the day! My friends and I are holding a charity event in Korea Town tomorrow at the Madang Courtyard at CGV Cinema starting at 11AM. A percentage of proceeds from the sale of the Tomimito products will go to Rainbow Family Women and Children Shelter in Pasadena, which is a 12-month residential rehabilitation program providing restoration for abused women and children. There will be a raffle drawing, tacos by my favorite taco truck, a free makeup session by ROSEinthePARK, a live DJ along with a live singing performance, but more importantly, a shopping extravaganza featuring handmade jewelry, vintage clothing, and leopard print stuff and more by Tomimito! Have fun while doing good!

If you haven’t heard, we were in today’s paper:

Ok, I know I look hideous but it’s the thought that counts, or the cause that counts, not the way I look, ok? haha

Thankfully, I did have a privately hired photographer on site that day. For those wondering, yes, I do pay him from time to time… depending on my mood. ;)

Of course, everyone is on Korean time, but I don’t mind because I got Facebook, aka BFF. (note sarcasm)


“무조건 깔아”

Looks like I might be starting a new job- as Rose’s stylist.

We are pros-

thus we monitor.

Introducing a new girl group-


yeah, I wish.

The jewelry designer. Check out her handmade jewelry here

The makeup artist. Check her out here

Donate your stuff to Lina

See you all there! Muah*

When Art Met Fashion

It is so nice when you can sit with someone and not have to talk.” – from When Harry Met Sally

Attended a charity event consisting of live paintings, art/photography exhibitions and a fashion show which turned out to be an interesting combination. Really liked the outdoor venue at J Lounge.

The model with the cool hair

My girl Lina- please check out her website

Amused.. ‘Woah, He gotz skillz!’

Thanks to the Blended Group for customized T-Shirts!

Artist Jason Lee- His works reminded me of Lichtenstein, a popular American Pop Artist (one of my favorites). What’s most impressive about him is that the only tool he uses is a black marker. That’s what I call a talent.

Playing with magic bracelets that gave us a VIP treatment

I don’t know if you can tell but I learned that I actually lost weight over the 3-4 months that I wasn’t able to work out, of which two months were spent in bed. I was worried that I may have gained weight but I’m actually closer to my ideal weight now, though it’s probably the muscles that I lost. It’s time to get back to the gym! Hoping that my foot would stop giving me a hard time! ;T

Meeting Audrey

I got to attend Audrey Magazine’s fashion show a few nights ago which turned out to be a very interesting experience. I need to do some explaining before I write about the event though, because things were a bit too crazy for me that entire day. First of all, not only was the show being held on a Thursday, this week was the first week back at work for me (from being on a medical leave & working from home for two months), not to mention that I had not gotten any sleep the night before, thanks to my new addiction, Tapioca Milk Tea. Whatever happened that day is such a blur to this day… lol I don’t even know how I even got to LA.. and we actually got there on time! crazy. If I had known that the show wasn’t going to start until 8:30, I would have stopped by home to get ready… From the photos, you may have noticed that I looked a bit too “dressed-down” compared to others. Well, thanks to my swollen foot, I’m not able to rock any of the cute high heels I own so my outfit selection was extremely limited. All my slacks require heels, and skirts tend to be too long to be worn with flats so yeah, I had to come up with some creative styling ideas. The only shoes I can wear these days are my running shoes, Converse, ankle boots w/o heels, and a medical walking boot. So you get the idea. Anyhow, after much contemplation, I decided to shop my husband’s closet for a blouse, and voila, a baby blue flower print shirt! For some reason, I felt pressured to wear the pink blazer I wrote about this morning so I decided to layer it with my Club Monaco dress that I never wear (haha). The dress was a bit too long for my taste, so I shortened it using a belt which was turned backwards to hide the buckle. I wished I could rock my beige cowboy boots but since I couldn’t I thought I’d just match the shoes with my everyday bag. I know it’s a long story but yeah, there it is, if anyone was wondering. I’m a fashion conscious person and I would’ve never worn something so casual if my foot was normal. Towards the end of the work day my hair stopped being obedient so I had no choice but to tie it up. My bangs were a mess so was my makeup, hence the glasses. hahaha.. but all in all, it was a great experience and I would love to attend again. Dance performances were awesome while the star sightings were definitely something not expected. James Kyson Lee from the TV series, Heroes, Michelle Phan, the Youtube sensation, and Justin Chon from Twilight were in attendance along with many others. Michelle was much smaller than I had expected, but why should that matter when she’s one of the most coveted beauty gurus in the world? The girl’s got major talent! I also came across the beautiful and talented Arden Cho (Actress), as well as Sara Sohn (former Miss Korea & member of Sblush w/ Gahee from Afterschool), who were both absolutely stunning. I don’t know if I should consider them celebrities yet but the crew from Ktown Reality Show was hanging out at the front… I have gained enough knowledge about them to write a post but I’d rather not.. perhaps in the future (?). As for the fashion show itself, sadly I really didn’t find anything interesting, but watching the models strut their stuff did make me want to get on the stage again. :P

the girls

I don’t know whose collection this was, but I was actually slightly offended by the fact that the concept was “borrowed” from last year’s show by DSquared2. What’s up with that? Creativity is a designer’s forte, no?

There she is, doing an interview. Sorry, Michelle, I was going to ask for a pic but you had already left!

I looked so short next to her. She was literally 6 ft tall that night. :O

Really liked her makeup. Long and clean eyeliner all the way, baby!

I wish there were more events like this to showcase and celebrate Asian American talents, fashion shows in particular. :)

Photos courtesy of ROSEinthePARK

Fierce. Fashion. Fun.

Are you into Fashion? Always wanted to be part of the fashion scene? Want to meet the legendary Michelle Phan? How about beautiful celebrity actresses from popular TV series like “Heroes”?

Here is your chance to do them all!

Get your tickets here

See you there! :)

Tell me your wish

Took my niece to SM Town Live on Saturday at Staples Center. I won’t go into details but there really was no way for me to say no. So there I was, with my swollen foot, waiting in line with 1000′s of teenyboppers. While the show wasn’t so bad after all, my butt and foot were in pain only after an hour or so. Had I known that it would last four hours, I probably would have tried everything in my power to let go of the opportunity. Anyways, it was great to see familiar faces in person nonetheless, especially being a fan of Kpop and all. It’s awesome that Kpop has gotten so popular that we are now able to rent a world renowned venue like Staples Center, but what amazed me most was the fact that more than half the audience was non-Korean, something nobody would have even imagined just 10 years ago. I felt bad that my niece didn’t have anyone else to take her, especially because it reminded me of when I was her age. I was beyond obsessed with certain Korean artists and used to get really sad when nobody would take me to these concerts. With no further ado, here are some pics for your enjoyment:

Waiting. Can you tell that I was bored out of my mind? hehe, actually it really wasn’t so bad because I got to sit down while others stood in line for almost an hour. Oh, the benefits of being temporarily disabled. :P

On a side note, I heart my Ray-Ban Aviator. I got them earlier this year at discount only to be reunited with them at Club Monaco the following week. See why I call myself a trendsetter? lol

You know what was absolutely hilarious? The kids were so excited that they would scream every time somebody would pass by inside the building. They were literally lined up outside the building looking through the window, waiting for someone to pass by. They would scream at staff, yeah you heard me right, not the celebrities themselves, but staff. what the heck, totally uncool. and you know I’m only saying this because I got fooled too. haha

What the place looked like before people started pouring in.

After. The place was completely packed. I couldn’t believe my eyes. @.@

There was a bunch of people in red or hot pink sitting near the stage. At one point, I thought they were going to kill each other when SNSD and Super Junior came out. OMG. total madness.

SNSD performing “Tell Me Your Wish.” In case you are curious, my favorite is Tiffany. I found it cute that she confessed that she was nervous. haha

Boa performing Energetic. She was fantastic except for a sound system malfunction that caused her to stop in middle of a performance. I couldn’t help but think that she’s high maintenance considering her reaction. Instead of continuing the performance, she demanded a fix. Perhaps it’s too much to ask, but if she has performed the same song 100 times, shouldn’t she be able to do it without hearing herself?

Towards the end of the show, my foot and butt were screaming, “Get me out of here!!!”

Just a little photo of me and hubby. <3

Well, that’s all for this post. Hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend.