Yuna Yang S/S 2014 Collection Launch Party


We were invited to New York based Korean designer Yuna Yang’s party in Sinsa this past week to celebrate the launch of her new collection at Han Style in collaboration with jewelry designer, Cindy Yoon.


Yuna, known for her exceptional skills in harmoniously balancing traditional couture with a modern perspective, her Yuna Yang collection can be best described as high-end ‘Young Couture’ targeting women who seek elegance and beauty that is long-lived. These are pieces that you buy as a special gift for yourself, to be worn for the rest of your life on those special days. In that sense, Yuna is all about creating pieces that take you places, just as her journey as a fashion designer was perfected through her experience in three different continents: she was educated in Korea, Italy, and England.


On that note, each design is considered an art piece with a story, inspired by different cultures and people she’s met along the way.


Not that Yuna’s collection is already fantastic enough, this collection is a collaborative effort with Cindy Yoon, known better as a singer and actress, who also happens to be a talented stylist and a jewelry designer. Apparently, Yuna was the one who approached her first after seeing her piece, asking if she would design some jewelry to be given to guests at one of her shows. When that went well, Yuna suggested that they collaborate for New York Collection, and just like that, “I” became “We” and this collection is not only a reflection of hard work but a beginning of something new and wonderful for both Yuna Yang and Cindy Yoon.


It’s always so much fun trying on clothes. Oh, the perks of being a girl. Wearing Yuna Yang silk skirt.


Actress Jeon Hye-bin (who, by the way, was absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous) and her fan boys.


It’s all in the details!


Had no idea but this top & skirt combo happened to be the same outfit actress Byun Jung-Soo wore to actress Lee Bo-Young’s wedding a few weeks ago. Click here for photo.

I felt so pretty in them!


My childhood idol, actress Hwang Shin-Hye, who now follows me on Instagram! Omg. You have no idea how excited I was when I saw her ID pop up on my feed. She’s so sweet as opposed to her rather “cold” image she’s known for (due to the roles she usually plays in dramas, not her fault!)… I’m now even bigger of a fan… and trust me, she does not age! She just doesn’t, period.


Gold Silk Tulle Dress as worn by actress Han Chae Young paired with Cindy Yoon pearl necklace.


Cindy’s beautiful handmade jewelry pieces consisting of pearl, metal, and stone to reflect Yuna Yang’s ’1920′s shape meets modern art’ concept.


In Yuna Yang plaid pants as worn by Kendall Jenner in Seventeen magazine.

4428Amid celebrities (there were actually Lee Bo-Young and Oh Yoon-Ah at the party as well, who kindly refused to be photographed- bummer), there was one woman who singularly stood out… a make up artist who dresses in vintage Comme des Garcons… Kind of never imagined such person would exist… I don’t know, it’s just a super rare combination. Amazing style, absolutely amazing.

Check out Yuna Yang x Cindy Yoon Collection at

Han Style

Seoul Gangnam-gu, Sinsa-dong 645-26 2F

Fashion Kode 2013

So dreams do come true after all. I had always wished for a fashion trade show in Korea possibly in a size similar to the ones held actively overseas ie Project Las Vegas, Coterie New York, Milan, etc. because seriously, Korea has so much to offer yet there weren’t enough outlets or channels to showcase them to the world. But it seems that’s changing- with Fashion Kode launching this year, things are about to take a turn for the better. With G-Dragon, EXO, Big Bang, Super Junior (and more, of course) becoming more than just another Korean boy bands (if you haven’t noticed, K-Pop stars are kind of becoming world famous…) it’s easy to assume that there are probably a lot of you living overseas who are becoming a bit curious about other aspects of Korea as well, such as fashion… and if you are in the fashion business, trust me, Fashion Kode is where you want to be. Just had a walk through today and I must say it’s one of the most interesting and innovative trade shows I’ve been to- it may not offer as many brands as Project but it offers something those shows don’t: design that’s distinctively Korean and not in an obvious way, but the studied, evolved, and developed version. They are not only wearable but represent the Korean culture, a part of who we are as Koreans… how we got where we are now.

With Fashion Week starting tomorrow, our team at TOMIMITO unfortunately won’t be able to attend the remaining parts of the event but if any of you are traveling in Seoul and are interested in Korean fashion (not the Dongdaemun kind but the REAL Korean fashion stuff that’s happening right now), check out Fashion Kode at Coex Exhibition Hall C.

Today marked the first day of the event and it started with none other than the talented designer Songzio’s menswear collection featuring the HOT (or HOTTEST) models of the moment: Soo Hyuk Lee (you probably recognize him from the recent drama Shark, and we all know how big of a modeling career he has, having walked for Balenciaga, JW Anderson, and opening for Juun J), Won Joong Kim (no need to mention this guy- he’s such a well known model in Korea that they like to call him ‘King Won Joong’: his modeling career includes walking and shooting for Prada, Tommy Hilfiger, Kenzo, etc), Jong Hyun Hong (actor and model), and bunch of many other good looking male models plus Sora Choi, the winner of last season’s popular TV show, Korea’s Next Top Model Season 3.

Hew… Was that long enough of an introduction or what. Shall we move onto the hotness overload, I mean the collection?


So the unfathomable happened… we were so caught up in our chit chat with friends we randomly ran into that we didn’t even realize the show had started. So of course, I had to stand and Justin had to kind of improvise, probably annoying the heck out of the other photographers who were already stationed comfortably in their spots. I could barely see but could recognize famous faces, so that didn’t turn out to be a complete fail, after all.


Won Joong Kim… I see that he got a tattoo. Kind of wishing the tatt trend would go away. Like many of you, I once wanted it too (so bad that I actually once walked into a tattoo parlour with a friend who ended up actually getting one herself… and of course I chickened out… This was when I lived in New York so it was quite a while ago… but in any case, I was there to watch her go through the pain.. the blood.. and the rest of the exciting aspect of getting your skin scarred and colored… ouch) but now that I’m older and hopefully wiser, I’m glad that I chose not to do it, because when you are 60, whether you want it to or not, it’s going to get wrinkly and ugly- I mean, there’s no way it’s going to look the same as it first did… also, even trends come and go… there’s no guarantee that what looks good to you today will look just as good in 30, 40 years. Plus, there is a good chance that there will be a day when you will want that it didn’t exist. The point is, think hard and long before you do anything to yourself, especially if it’s permanent.

Anyhow, I liked how this collection was a continued series from Songzio’s last collection which you can see here. I had really enjoyed the distressed printed leather fabric he had used for his last collection and kind of wished that he’d do more of them- and bam, he comes back with more, this time with thinner, lighter, Springier version of the same print. Smart.


These sandals, as much as they remind me of the two months that I was bedridden thanks to my broken foot, they were cool- in a way that they are grotesque and strange enough to be perceived as a cast from afar. Yes, I’m that kinda girl.

2 7

This was probably my fourth or fifth time seeing Su Hyuk Lee (or Lee Soo Hyuk whichever works- this is what being in Korea does to you, I now am more used to placing last name first) in person… and I must admit, he gets prettier every time. It must be the ‘Camera Massage’ as Koreans like to call it… (Metaphor for describing a person’s improvement in appearance whether naturally or surgically or whatever it takes due to his/her desire of wanting to look better on film, photos, and screen as the more you work in the industry, the more opportunity there is for you to evaluate your appearance which apparently translates into wanting to have that camera-friendly face that looks good from every possible angle).

Check out Fashion Kode 2013 (Note that registration is required to enter)

Out and About: Myeong-dong


While Myeongdong isn’t my usual hangout spot, I don’t mind it once in a while for shopping, food, and just all around fun. If anything, the energy is incredible there.


The reason why I don’t frequent the area isn’t because it’s any less fun or exciting than Hongdae or Garosugil (if you like shopping, this IS the place!), it’s just that… it gets way too busy and crazy thanks to tourists from all over the world (but then again, it must also mean that it’s the place to be, so exciting that it’s globally known).


But yeah, other than that, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Myeongdong, especially all that street food. Oh. My. Must try the hurricane potato chip thing that every Japanese girl and their friends take pictures with. They make it on the spot with fresh potatoes. Still trying to figure out what kind of skill is required to cut them in that shape.


This was the day actress Ryeo-won was launching her collaboration project with Mag/Mag, a concept store chain in Korea.


Many celebrities showed up, including 4Minute (no Hyuna in sight, unfortunately) and… some new girl group… and.. famous people.


Soon after our arrival at the shop, I’m told that Ryeo-won is in the house and but had gone upstairs for a quick meeting. Then I suddenly feel the urge to run to the bathroom (which was conveniently located upstairs), so I start walking up the stairs and bam, Ryeo-won happens to be walking down the same exact stairs… and within seconds all the photographers and fans gather to get a glimpse of her, and in the process, they are totally blocking my way… when all I’m trying to do is.. to take care of business. She looks at me… and I look at her… trying to send a telephathic message along the lines of ‘I have to go… Can you get out of my way?’


She definitely looked slimmer in person as with all other celebs… it was a bit surprising because I had always thought that she looked super skinny in pictures and on TV… and she turns out to be even skinner in person… Didn’t know that was possible. Totally felt fat next to her.


It had rained earlier in the day… glad the umbrella is not looking so completely out of place.


New for the Fall… is the chains… and houndstooth.

Silk button down shirt by Mag/Mag, Black shorts by Yes I’m French, Boots by Jeffrey Campbell, Purse by Chanel, Umbrella by Moschino.

Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival

Had the pleasure of shooting the opening ceremony of PIFAN (Puchon International Film Festival, one of the largest film festivals in Korea) before leaving Seoul which was filled with celebrities, reporters, press, and screaming fan girls, lots of them. Oh, and yes, the heat… oh wow, didn’t realize how much work it is to stand in the sun for hours… (‘First come first served’ means everything for press at events like this, I see.)


First up was Sooyoung from SNSD aka Girls’ Generation and actor Shin Hyun Joon who were selected as MCs for the night. I knew all the girls from SNSD were pretty skinny but not like this… I mean, this girl is so thin it just doesn’t make sense. She looked beautiful though, that navy blue dress was majorly classy and elegant, and the color just looked amazing on her. The fit was also perfect. I’m just a bit bothered by her silver heels but I guess they meant to match them with her necklace..?



 Lee Hyun Woo and Fujii Mina for whom the fan girls went literally crazy… to be exact, for Hyun Woo… Well, it’s all good that he’s a big star and all but what’s up with this mismatched couple look? I mean, didn’t they know that they were going to be walking together? He’s totally going for the summer marine look while the girl’s got the whole fancy evening gown thing going on… Even when they were walking down the red carpet, it was obvious that Lee was only concerned with getting good shots of himself because in every shot, he’s standing in front of her if not walking in front of her. I know Korean men generally lack manners but would somebody give these young men some tips? Being cute is important but having great manners is everything, if you know what I mean.


Ok, so most of these people, unfortunately, we do not have their names… but let’s assume that they are actors/actresses who are in at least one of the films shown at PIFAN. Let’s talk fashion now, shall we?


I mean, nothing really is wrong here… she’s got gold all over which is festive and somewhat fitting to the occasion, complete with matching accessories and all… even her hair is matching. It’s just that the dress doesn’t look all that expensive not that it needs to be expensive literally, but this one looks more like a prom dress of some sort in a strange way… but definitely good job with gold accessorizing.

7Veteran actor Ahn Seong Gi and legendary director Lim Gwon Taek.

Like that Ahn sported the head-to-toe-blue look along with suede loafers.  but you know what was even more amusing? That flying camera thing. Woah.


 You and I know lace is the hottest thing right now when it comes to evening dresses/wedding gowns…  and this dress… is quite awesome especially with that visual effect that makes you look twice.


I’m sorry… I don’t care how long and slim your legs are… this blue… reminds me of the Miss Korea bathing suit… and it just doesn’t look trendy… and the shoes… hmmm…. not all that appetizing, to be honest.


It is true that you can’t go wrong with black, but this dress and styling… is just boring… wait… are those shoes… not black? what happened here? *confused*


Lee Su Hyuk… who is always right, always… just perfect. The reason why there’s hope in model turned actors. Seen him numerous times at fashion shows both as a model and guest but he has yet to disappoint. Always looking sharp and professional.


The guy from SNL Korea… gets an award for best poses, Seriously.


This dress actually looked much prettier in person, it’s more like apricot color… just wasn’t digging the white inner layer thing and her shoes that were also white or beige… because they made it look like her slip was showing although it was a decorative part of the dress.


Think she was Japanese… Totally loving the bangs, make up, the dress, clutch and everything… yet her smile has got to be what really completed the look. Gorgeous.


and the queen entered… Jun Ji Hyun or Gianna Jun (oh how I loathe this name… doesn’t it seem pretentious? Why not just keep the Korean name? I mean, her last name is already a stage name to begin with: her real last name is Wong). Anyhow, yes, she was everything everyone expected her to be, beautiful, elegant, tall, professional, pretty, what else… She didn’t seem like she wanted to talk though. Seemed like she was caught off guard by the interviewer’s request to leave a greeting for the audience. Must be the diva in her which is totally okay, because she’s.. umm… big.


Not too sure but thinking her name is Soy.. In any case, how pretty is she in red? Obviously, she’s not tall but that 50′s hairstyle, red lips, black suede platforms (not shown) paired with richly red lace dress was clearly the best choice ever.


 Star of Hollywood action flick, RED 2, Lee Byung Hun aka Hero (only applicable in Korea)… So this man is both the most hated and envied man in Korea right now as he prepares to marry one of the few “goddesses of Korea,” Lee Min Jung, an actress popular for her sweet, innocent image. Apparently, the wedding is coming up real soon (like real soon… in a few days), and there’s a lot of speculation as to where they will be going for honeymoon, what Min will be wearing for the big day, etc. In any case, truly happy for them… I’ve personally heard many stories regarding this man’s past but the past shall remain in the past…

Real briefly on his fashion that day: it was definitely a smart move to wear all white considering that he’s not the tallest of the bunch… In fact, some of the rude reporters/photographers (domestic of course) didn’t hesitate to call him short, loud enough for him to hear. Guess celeb life isn’t just about fun and fame after all.


 I personally like this kind of styling, in which there is one simple main piece (the dress in this case) funkdafied with striking accessories like those animal print platform shoes. While at it, kind of wishing she carried a matching clutch or something though her pretty face pretty much makes up for it.


Park Sang Min, famous movie star and actor who is also infamous for beating his wife… oops.


Jin Ji Hee known for her “Bbang Ggoo Ddong Ggoo (not too sure but it definitely has something to do with fart)” phrase from MBC’s Drama High Kick from a few years ago sported a lovely embellished dress and ballet flats while carrying a smile all the way through. A perfect example of sophistication and style that is totally age-appropriate.


The lady’s outfit… well I don’t have much to say because it’s neither boring nor striking but the guy…as cheesy as his Ferragamo belt is, I’m kind of liking the strategic use of accessories here, complete with sneakers, hat, and bow tie. It’s refreshing to see someone be creative with red carpet fashion especially when men are generally expected to wear the same old suit and tie.


So, for some reason, this lady’s blue dress didn’t look as cheap as the other girl’s (one mentioned above), probably because of the fabric, design, and the difference in the tone of color. You know what a huge difference such a tiny little detail can make in fashion, and this is a great example. It also helps that she was great at posing and held amazing confidence all the way down to the photo wall. I can’t emphasize enough- Girls, fashion really is all about confidence! (*wink*)


Umm.. I don’t know… is it really that hard to get sponsored for a dress..? I mean, if it’s an once-a-year thing where you expect to see thousands of people and cameras with a possibility of its being the only chance to get yourself known to the entire nation of Korea, I’d expect you to wear the nicest, most amazing dress ever existed on earth. It may literally be a once-in-a-lifetime occasion and man, if I were in their shoes, I’d do everything in my power to look the best I can… but some of these girls look so lost… I just don’t get it. Doesn’t this dress look like something you can pick up at Forever21?


Well, while that yellow is daring, I’m not so sure about the cut outs… especially when your body isn’t all that cooperative.


Park Shin Hye who was surprisingly so, so, so pretty in person. Bad news is that she isn’t the most photogenic… ;(


So I have no idea who this girl is, but please, do refrain from wearing a body con mini dress to an event like this especially if you are scary stick figure skinny… and girl, those shoes gotta go… *cries*


Someone please tell me this man’s name… he looks amaze… the hair, tie, the suit… wow.


While I’m not a fan of red dresses on red carpet (it just doesn’t sound right), this is one graceful woman in one pretty dress.


 Yes, how pattern on pattern should be done. Pretty sure he was a model at some point.


Please, no more boobs on the red carpet. grr.


Gold and black… shiny things… they are not bad… just wishing it wasn’t so bright out.. she would’ve looked so much better at night.


Wearing white is always a daring choice… because while you may look ‘angelic’ from afar, up close, you risk looking like a bride, which she unfortunately succeeded at…


Anybody know her name? She walked towards the end but was the fiercest of all. So much confidence, she was literally shining! Loved her hair… her face was a bit reminiscent of Suzy’s (from Miss A) too, which is a great thing. ;)


Another bride who looked pretty from afar… well, you know what, maybe it isn’t all that bad after all… with her hair down and black like that, she actually looks quite pretty even in white… I guess the key to wearing white on red carpet is to keep everything else simple.

It’s getting late over here… plus, I’ve had a bit too many of those Almond Cherry Clusters… Sorry this post is totally late and I have the worst excuse ever… I’ve been enjoying the laid back SoCal life little too much lately I’m slowly going back to my old cali girl lifestyle… please bear with me while I transform. Have a great weekend, everyone!



Dear Seoul: Zara Flagship Opening Party


It’s like the flu that’s extremely contagious. Any “hot” international brand will land in Seoul and as soon as it’s “hotness” is certified by the few, it will immediately take off- and I mean take off. As much as “Korean Fashion” seems to have gained serious popularity around the globe, Koreans will always have a soft spot for multinational brands, and for Zara, it’s been quite a fun ride. It’s been so fun that they decided to open a flagship store (sadly not the first but a second one in Asia) none other than in Myeongdong, known as the most expensive real estate in Korea. While doubt was among the first to fill my head initially, it soon subsided after realizing that’s where Uniqlo’s Asian Flagship is located as well. Yes, Myeongdong is indeed the place to be.


So these modelesque ladies are ones who helped us get into the party after our identity was “verified” by putting these special bracelets around our wrists… which made us feel kind of special especially after seeing many getting turned down at the door. Actually felt pretty bad for them, but well, that’s life… I guess..?


Many models showed up, including familiar faces from Seoul Fashion Week.


and then, there were a whole bunch of foreigners. I had never seen so many of them in one place, so naturally, I couldn’t stop wondering where they were from, etc. What a sight it was… I later found out that most of them were students.. hmm..?


Lovely Joyce of Mango Plate, a new social networking app developer for food lovers in Seoul which should greatly assist many in deciding where and what to eat, which is often the toughest point at issue.


Sarah Kate of Urbanwit looking beautiful as always.

6 7

in Asos shorts that totally looks like it belongs in a spaceship, completely see through button down by Mag N Mag, Juicy Couture denim jacket which is the only Juicy thing I own, Fringed clutch by Pucci, and Jeffrey Campbell Deetz sandals that I’ve been abusing for the past few weeks.


Models… who made me feel like a dwarf next to them.


Choi Seung Jeom, photographer of popular Korean street style website Streetper.co.kr being a pro that he is. Always courteous, always hard working.

So tired my eyes are about to pop out.

Good night or Good morning depending on where  you are! xo

Seoul Fashion Week Spring 2013: Welcome Reception Party at W

Following Lie Sang Bong’s show last Wednesday, a welcome party was held at W Seoul Walkerhill. Wasn’t actually planning on going until later but that was also only because it’s near where I live. Not expecting much, we walked in, on a hunt for food… yes, food, because after an entire day spent at the shows and press room with cookies and muffins as the only source of nutrition, your body starts wondering what is really going on… Thankfully, finger foods along with free beers, wine, etc were offered which were still not sufficient for my hungry stomach but helpful for sure. I usually don’t drink much but the wine cooler (is that what they are called? been too long!) couldn’t be more appropriate for the occasion, at least for me.
While the food was nice, it really was the numerous friends we made that night which made it so unexpectedly special.
Internationally known Fashion Designer and the president of Korean Fashion Designers’ Association, Lie Sang Bong, giving a welcome speech.
Italian Vogue editor Elisa Bellini, who is not only extremely sweet but apparently multilingual- I mean, she did say “Cheers” in four different languages.
Here’s to a successful week!
with Senior Editor at WGSN
Korean pop singer, Bada from the old school girl group SES showed up as well. Always been a fan of her lovely voice!
Models… in lots of eyeliner.
Fashion Designer Lee Jae Ho, who is the creative brain behind the menswear brand Jayho Homme D’esprit.
Kenny & Andrew from the awesome Singaporean brand, Depression.
With Hwang Jae Keun, designer of the menswear brand Ze Quun Homme, who is also famous for competing on the third season of Project Runway Korea.
Ran into Designer, Song Hye Myung  송혜명, of Dominic’s Way on the way out, looking gorgeous in her pink hair.

Kate, who was glowing in Lie Sang Bong‘s beautiful dress. She is married to the established Korean architect, Baik Ji Won.

Style Nanda

was at Style Nanda‘s flagship store opening party Friday night which is considered quite a feat in the industry because there has never been another online shop that’s gone offline… or let me rephrase that- there has never been one to build an entire building from scratch. As popular as online shops are in Korea, there isn’t one comparable to Style Nanda which has been consistently ranked #1 in Korea for many years. Once known as a shopping spot for cheap DongDaeMun-style products, it’s evolved into a full blown fashion company that not only carries designer products, but designs and produces its own items. I personally am not a big fan of Dongdaemun products mainly because the sleeves tend to be a tad bit short for my arms and the design is usually too feminine or cutesy for me, but Style Nanda is a different story- I LOVE LOVE LOVE their clothes. I’m obsessed with their fall jackets right now… sort of regretting not getting one that day as everything was 30% off.
I must admit that it was quite tricky to find the place as it’s not located on the busiest streets of the Hong Dae area that I’m familiar with. Good thing we decided to cab it, otherwise we would’ve never found the place. I noticed that there was a shuttle service running from the train station to the store which was totally creative!
There were lots of celebrities visiting, too bad I didn’t know who they were… Found out later that these were a new girl group called Evol. Super cool hair styles.

Style Nanda has their own makeup line as well called 3 Concept Eyes which is supposed to be pretty good. Definitely gotta give it a try.
Yess! Jeffrey Campbells!
Another girl group, Nine Muses, who dined with us upstairs at the rooftop party. Well, maybe not exactly “together” because we weren’t really talking as I couldn’t find the right timing to break the ice but they were sitting right next to us, so technically yeah. hahaha

In addition to these girl groups, there were models, actresses, and singers most of whom I didn’t recognize (of course)… One girl I recognized was Bae, Seulgi who gained popularity many years ago for her bokgo or retro (복고댄스) dancing.

I was hungry but completely lost appetite after seeing how beyond skinny these girls were. seriously, I have no idea what they eat (if they eat at all, that is). One of the girls looked like she would comfortably fit into size triple 0 if such existed.
Was asked if I was somebody famous. hahaha
My eyes were set on this tiger print blazer for the event but didn’t want to wear it the same way I did last time so styled it with my Sharagano bootcut slacks I’ve had for over ten years since I’m sensing the return of boot cuts in a very subtle way. These pants were my go-to-pants for clubbing back in the days as they are the most comfortable thing ever while offering a fit that’s nearly perfect. Thought $200 for a pair of slacks was too much at the time but after seeing them in perfect shape even after so many years, I have no regrets whatsoever.

Looking forward to future visits- from spiked snapbacks to oversized coats, it’s filled with so many cute things you will feel like you just met the love of your life- in my case, I had a hard time convincing myself that I had no more business there for the night. Can’t wait to go back, seriously. So excited to actually have found a place in Korea where I WANT to shop. Zara’s becoming played out now in my book… timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Tiger print blazer from Zara, Jeffrey Campbell Security boots, Sharagano Bootcut pants from a boutique in Soho, New York, Neon necklace from Hong Kong, Chanel 2.55 Reissue

FNO Seoul

Fashion’s Night Out is so much more fun when you can actually do boutique-hopping without having to worry about your car. I spent the last two FNOs in Los Angeles and neither quite met my expectations. For those unfamiliar, FNO is a global fashion event sponsored by Vogue which began in 2009 in an attempt to revive the fashion industry. Some retailers host parties, some offer discounts, and some both.   Was so glad that the weather was nice enough to finally wear my snake print maxi dress from last year especially now that it fits better (I’ve lost about five pounds since the last time I wore it).Thinking of getting eyelash extensions… but afraid that they are going to make my real lashes fall out thus it probably won’t happen.
Neon tube top from ASOS, Necklace from KM Play on Garosugil, HM snake print maxi dress, Army green anorak from Dongdaemun, Jeffrey Campbell Crown-2 in red, Kanken Backpack in Putty

I won a free waffle at Theory! Kind of weird to be eating a waffle at 8 at night but it was actually quite good…
DJ doing his thing at Zara
There was this random dude “attempting” to sing… but sorry to say, he was absolutely horrible… wasn’t sure why people were watching guess they found him somewhat entertaining? Whatever the case, I do admire his courage.

Remember what I wrote about Garosugil last time? I wasn’t disappointed this time either- came across a new store that had just opened that same morning, Around The Corner, a concept shop.

Seoul Fashion Week Fall 2012 Streetstyle

An angel appeared last minute and hooked us up with show tickets that were sold out. If you are reading this, thank you so much again! :) I promise to be more prepared and organized for the next event. I honestly didn’t expect the tickets to be sold out mainly due to all the rumors I was hearing. Anyhow, along with the unexpected celeb sighting (Ha Ri Su, the first ever transgender celebrity in Korea), I found the show fascinating primarily because it was an opportunity to experience the Korean fashion culture firsthand.

Then off to the streets we went which was an extension of the runway.

Skeleton tights and platform lace-ups. She had pink hair too. Exactly what Korea needs more of.

I saw this guy sitting at Starbucks and the first thing I noticed was his shiny bling loafers.

The outfit could have been painfully boring without the bright blue socks and the shoes. Nice move.

You can’t go wrong with black. Is that the reason why most people were in black at the event? Mind boggling considering that it’s (technically) supposed to be spring.
Anyhow, this beautiful lady caught a lot of people’s attention as you can imagine, most of them being photographers. Smart styling completed with JC Spike Lita and red lips.
Slightly giving off a Japanese aura, this girl seemed to be having fun experimenting with lots of different layers and textures. Aside from the fun outfit, I’m especially lovin’ her thick eyeliner and red hair.

It rained that morning which made the Wellies an inevitable and go-to choice yet again. It not only rained, it was amazingly chilly and windy as if the winter was back which made it especially challenging for me as I only have 15 pieces to work with (due to the 15/30 challenge I’m participating in until 4/15). While I feel like the colors are a bit too autumn, I had no choice as the rest of the pieces (which happen to be in spring hues) I had selected for my capsule wardrobe were too thin for the weather. Hope it warms up a bit tomorrow so I can wear something else besides the burnt orange coat I’ve been living in.

Hunter boots, Hermes scarf, Urban Outfitters pants, Tom Ford sunglasses, Zara cardigan, Chanel 2.55 Reissue, Club Monaco coat, Moschino umbrella, Chambray shirt from a street vendor in Seoul, Purple copper ring from streets of Paris used as a scarf ring, Macbook Air case from Black Market in Westwood, CA, Bracelets from Itaewon

Silhouette Launching Show in Itaewon

Justin and I headed to Itaewon Friday night to attend an eyewear launching party/ fashion show. Well, we weren’t attending as guests but to help out so we promptly reported to our respective areas of responsibility: I went straight to the back stage and Justin facing the stage for photos. Little did I know, I was about to face the most chaotic, and craziest 10 minutes of my life (or was it 15? I’m honestly not sure how long the fashion show lasted, totally lost track of time as well as my mind).

Taken way before the show, sharing styling ideas with the team having Jenny (known as 제니 불상 in Korea) as a fit model, the sweetest girl ever, by the way. I instantly recognized her from the last season’s Korean version of America’s Next Top Model, but it was actually her who initiated a conversation. I don’t really watch TV but ANTM has always been my favorite show and when I learned that there was a Korean version of it, I jumped for joy. Check it out if you haven’t- Korean ATNM Official Website (도전 수퍼모델 코리아 시즌2).


Models lounging before the show

Such a beautiful dress, and the model I worked with who totally rocked the show.

…and… the arrival of the diva, her name is Oh, Inhye, popular for… umm.. the controversy she caused due to an outrageously provocative dress she wore to a movie award a few months ago. If you haven’t seen, search “오인혜 부산영화제”… Be warned though… eek.

Anyhow, so after  learning that she was going to be wearing two outfits, I advised the styling team that she should go the more stylish route this time as well as adding a dash of mannish look in an attempt to show the public that she’s actually able to fashionably rock variety of looks without having to reveal too much skin… well, that was the plan, and I really didn’t know what the result was going to be until I saw this… if you haven’t seen on the internet yet, here you go (her name was among the most searched key words on Naver yesterday thanks to her boobs, I meant the outfit. :P):

I helped her put on the black dress that you see in the first photo and I actually liked that look better than this beige outfit. I thought she looked classy and stylish in it… but when she walked out of the dressing room in the beige outfit, I really didn’t know what to say because I believe it was not the designer’s intention to have her reveal so much skin… I wasn’t at the fitting session so I don’t know what they agreed upon but when I met with the designer (who by the way, is absolutely talented and kind) at her workshop/boutique last week, my impression was that her designs were all about the natural beauty of simplicity and form. And from what I’ve seen from their lookbook, this top is supposed to be more of an accessory, a layering piece- it wasn’t intended to be worn alone… perhaps a jacket would have been nice, but the reporters wouldn’t have liked it, of course.

That night, when I came home, I started seeing her photos popping up everywhere on the internet within a few hours after the show (I just cannot believe the speed at which these reporters work) which soon invaded the entire blogosphere… Don’t get me wrong, 오인혜씨 or Miss Oh, Inhye is a sweet girl, and I respect the styling team but I just don’t know how long she can last in the entertainment industry known as someone who seemingly carelessly enjoys suggestive outfits. When I told the team that it would be great for her to rock a pant-suit, I meant like a stylish all-white-suit (or black even) with a jacket, like the ones that Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston so stylishly sport regularly (fine, perhaps I shouldn’t mention them together in a same sentence but you get the point). Well, she got what she wanted at least: to grace the Top Searched Key Word list yet again and be the talk of the town.

As for my first backstage experience as a stylist, it could have been better if it was a bit more organized (it was the most chaotic 10 min of my life ever, wait, did I say that already?) but I had a lot of fun and it really felt more like 2 minutes (which may mean that I was enjoying all that craziness). It was fun to explore the other side of the back stage life as I’ve done some shows in the past as a model. I couldn’t believe it myself, but I actually liked helping the models get dressed, putting shoes on them and all that fun stuff. I just wish I had more control over the styling process… but that’s another story. Anyhow, exciting times. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!