I was in utter shock when we arrived in Busan because it was nothing like how I remembered it. With skyscrapers and department stores occupying the area, it was far from what I had in mind, but at the same time, I found myself excited and proud to be born in a country that is experiencing so much development and transformation.

Korean style sashimi at the Gwang Ahn Ri Beach in Busan: Freshly caught flounder is dipped in a special sauce then wrapped in a lettuce and sesame leaf along with a fresh garlic and green pepper. What you see above is actually a special type called “Seggoshi” which includes bones, making it extra chewy and savory.

A spicy stew is made with the fish bone after all the meat has been removed for the sashimi plate to be eaten with rice at the end of the meal.

Typical type of drinks you see on sashimi tables. My favorite is Chilsung Cider which tastes so much better than Seven up or Sprite. hehe

at Dong Baek Island by the ocean where the Nurimaru APEC House is located. I actually had a hard time understanding why it was such a big deal that a mere meeting room would be turned into a popular tourist spot but the more I read about it, I realize that it really was a huge step forward for Korea to be included in the list of countries hosting such an internationally significant meeting.

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